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You open a history textbook with your kids and they immediately start fidgeting, or you try in vain to get them to be more polite to the bus uncle whom they see every day. Yet, such moral or historical lessons might not be palatable as they’re, face it, just not that fun.

But, there’s good news. On 2nd and 3rd March, there’ll be an SG Cares event at JCube that illuminates Singapore’s history as a caring people in a fun way. Junior will definitely be entertained as they learn as they can try out everything from mural painting to card-making workshops which thank the unsung heroes in our midst.

The best part: it’s all free.

Here’s why this is just the thing for parents looking to get their kids off the iPad: 


Show off your creativity at a free mural craft-making class


When we take our IG stories and boomerangs of the CBD today, it’s hard to imagine Singapore as a fishing village with wooden kampung houses. Yet, 200 years ago, our little island was very different, and to visualise that, a mural will be built by the public and students with special needs as part of the SG Cares project.At the JCube event, adults and kids alike can join in the fun to paint a part of this upcoming mural. Special needs artists will be there to guide you to paint 3D decorations that will eventually be mounted on the mural. Think miniature boats and batik-stamped sails. Time to unleash your inner Van Gogh!

Try your hand at batik printing too!

Bonus: If your creative juices are flowing, you can also try making your very own badges and bring them home as a reminder to care for others on a daily basis! 

Mural Craftmaking Workshops with Very Special Arts
When: 2 & 3 March, 1PM-4PM

Badge Making Craft Activity
When: 2 March, 4PM-8PM | 3 March, 11AM-1PM, 4PM-8PM


Thank the unsung heroes of Singapore at a free card-making booth


If you want to get to anywhere in Singapore, all you’ve to do is hop onto a bus or train and enjoy the smooth, air-conditioned ride. When you walk along the streets, you usually walk on clean pavements void of any litter.

That’s thanks to the unsung heroes among us – the folks in often overlooked occupations such as bus drivers, cleaners and nurses who play a part in making Singapore a great place to live in. 

Write a card to the unsung heroes of Singapore, like bus drivers. Or, even address these to your loved ones!

They are folks we shouldn’t take for granted – and we should pass along this appreciation to the next generation. So, grab your friends or kids and join the free #CraftForGood session. Showcase your creativity with hand-crafted cards and drawings to thank these unsung heroes for their efforts. 

Write a message and take home a free wristband. 

#CraftForGood with Be Kind SG
When: 2 March, 2PM-5PM | 3 March, 1PM-4PM


Take part in exciting stage games and activities and win freebies


At any event, there’s nothing like freebies to sweeten the deal. So, take part in the interactive games and activities hosted on stage by 987FM DJ’s Natasha Faisal and stand to win prizes such as tote bags and wristbands.

Drop by JCube for free activities that are both fun and educational


While the SG Cares event is filled with many free and fun activities for adults and little ones alike to enjoy, there’s also a deeper meaning – of caring for the community and to appreciate those among us. And so, it’s a worthy lesson for us to take a leaf from folks in the past who selflessly contributed to the community, and pay that forward through teaching the next generation.

Learn about the culture of care since 200 years ago too! Read more here.

It doesn’t have to be limited to families, too. Do your friends an act of kindness and get them to come down too (especially if they live in the West). After all, we could always use a gentle nudge to be a little kinder to those around us.

Find out more about the SG Cares Event

SG Cares “Celebrating Our Care” Launch Event

Date: 2-3 March 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: JCube Atrium (Level 1) 
Opening Hours: 11AM – 8PM 

This post was brought to you by SG Cares.
Photography by Pichan Cruz. 

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