How IPL works


I’ve always had gripes about my body hair. Waxing is a pain (literally), and shaving causes it to grow back at double the speed with a prickly vengeance. Worst of all, these hair removal methods only last a few days to a week. Like many other girls in the same predicament, I eventually resigned myself to my fuzzy fate. After all, permanent beauty procedures come with a hefty price – or so I thought.

Short for Intense Pulsed Light, IPL is a permanent hair removal method that makes use of light and heat emissions to kill off hair follicles. Zap, zap, zap! As the follicles die, the hairs grow back slower and finer over time, and eventually cease sprouting altogether. This non-invasive treatment also brightens the skin, combats pigmentation, and treats acne, making it an alternative to facials.


Only pay for what you use


Japan IPL Express is Singapore’s first and only express IPL chain which sells its IPL shots individually at $1.98 each. Instead of pushing packages, they give customers freedom of choice to only pay for what they need. 

As a quick guide, a person will need 6-10 shots for his upper lip, or 20-30 shots for his underarm per side. This is great because everyone takes to IPL differently; some see results within the first few sessions, while others take years and require more shots per area due to denser hair.

Turns out, keeping your unwanted body hair in check isn’t that difficult or costly. With Japan IPL Express, you can save yourself from a lifetime of hairy gorilla syndrome, and enjoy a virtually painless hair removal treatment that’s permanent, efficient, and easy on your wallet. 

Plus, in celebration of their 3rd anniversary, the IPL salon is offering FREE IPL all day long across all its 6 outlets on 3rd September.


A convenient beauty fix


Other than its pay-per-shot concept, what sets Japan IPL Express apart from other beauty parlours is that no appointments are needed. You can simply walk in as and when you’re in need of beauty SOS. This definitely beats having to fix appointments amidst a hectic schedule, and worrying about your preferred slots getting snapped up.

The treatment itself is also quick and fuss-free. All it takes is a few simple zaps and you’re good to go. To put things into perspective, underarm treatment takes just 5 minutes, and a brazilian, only 15.


Celebrate IPL Japan’s 3rd anniversary with free IPL all-day!


To celebrate their 3rd anniversary this year, Japan IPL Express is thanking their customers with a fantastic promotion: head down to any outlet on 3rd September 2016, and enjoy 100 free shots of IPL worth $198 on the spot (same-day usage only) – that’s enough for a brazilian! Mark your calendars, ‘cause this promo is simply too good to miss.


Japan IPL’s other year-round promotions


Even on a normal basis, Japan IPL Express offers various promotions all year round to keep treatment affordable for customers. Students enjoy 50% off on purchases of 100 shots and above, while everyone else gets the same discount on purchases of 200 shots and above.

Find out more about Japan IPL here, and follow them on Facebook for more updates.

Event details:

3 September 2016, 1030 am – 9 pm, all Japan IPL Express outlets.

Somerset MRT, #B1-04 | Holland Village MRT, #B1-02 |Raffles Place MRT, #B1-69
Boon Lay MRT, #B1-20 | Esplanade MRT, #B1-07 | Pasir Ris MRT, #01-21

This post was brought to you by Japan IPL Express.

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