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It’s the age of the internet – cue epic futuristic music – and the IT industry seems to be the next big thing. Some tech geniuses are doing so well, their paychecks are bigger than doctors and lawyers – when our CPUs die, we all know that one IT friend who saves our lives.

If you’re interested in this intriguing industry but know nothing much about it, this article is here to help you out. Here are the 8 highest paying tech jobs in Singapore and what you’ll need to know to get started:


1. IT Director – up to $300k a year


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An IT director is similar to a film director, but instead of making films, they oversee all the tech-related operations in a company. This might include directing tech projects, supervising tech performance and generally making sure that anything tech-related is progressing smoothly.

And like a proud mama bear, they lead and nurture the IT team. In addition to technical know-how, IT directors need to have solid leadership abilities and great interpersonal skills. We can all agree that this role ain’t for the faint-hearted.


2. Database Administrator – up to $220k a year


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A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for maintaining a safe data environment. Think Guardians of the Galaxy, but instead of the galaxy, DBAs guard important data which includes customer profiles and sensitive information about the company.

Using their advanced knowledge on specialised software such as MySQL to safely store and organise data, DBAs have a pretty vital and impressive job. Oh, but there aren’t any cool spaceships.


3. Solutions Architect – up to $220k a year


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A solutions architect designs all sorts of applications or services such as the self-ordering kiosk at KOI to increase service efficiency. Similar to the usual architect, they come up with overviewing “blueprints” and action-plans together with a solution development team to deal with tech-related problems – kinda like a mastermind behind the scenes.


4. Lead Data Engineer – up to $250k a year


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A data engineer is just like every other engineer, except they play in the virtual field. They develop and maintain databases and processing systems within a company. So if data were food, then data engineers are the people who create the cutlery and utensils used to contain and handle the food.


5. Machine Learning Engineer – up to $250k a year


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True to its name, a machine-learning engineer specialises in machine-learning. They run experiments using programming languages such as Python to help software learn how to do things. These could range from tiny things, like recording interview information to bigger things, like calculating paychecks.

Think Artificial Intelligence, like Siri and Google Assistant – these virtual assistants most likely couldn’t have been created without the help of a machine learning engineer. It’s not an exaggeration to say that our futures are in their hands.


6. Software Designer – up to $250k a year


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A software designer is an expert in developing software. Many of them use Ruby on Rails, a web application framework to create well-known websites such as Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud and Hulu.

These people make high-level design choices in the creation or development of software and they decide most of the technical standards involved in the software’s creation. This could include coding standards and rules in Python, choosing what tools and which platforms to use. If you like setting rules and making decisions in life, this one’s for you.


7. Data Scientist – up to $300k a year


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A data scientist basically analyses data. Just like how a forensic scientist investigates crime and examines evidences, data scientists clean, prep and scrutinise data on a daily basis.

Expect to spend most of your time in front of a screen, trying to extract information and insights from any data handed to you. Data scientist might use data visualisation tools such as Tableau to aid in the research for a new project or to even empower your company’s decision. If you’re extremely meticulous and like to analyse things, being a data scientist might just be a perfect fit for you.


8. Chief Information Security Officer – up to $350k a year


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The Chief Information Security Officer is the overall head of the company’s cybersecurity team – the big bawse. They’re responsible for anything and everything related to their company’s cybersecurity system. These leaders make sure that their company’s information assets and technologies are safe and protected so in addition to being a tech genius, you’d need epic leadership qualities and a tight lip.


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Contrary to popular belief, these high-ranking positions are attainable and the IT industry can be as lucrative as the Law and Medical industries in Singapore. Coding and programming isn’t just for the hardcore IT geeks – anyone can try learning it.

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