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Duty-free shopping is like the cherry on top of the cake every time you go for a trip. And while most Singaporeans know about the tax-free liquor waiting for us, there are many other popular products that are going at a steal at Changi Airport.

From Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin to GoPro cameras, these goodies have actually been sitting right under your noses this whole time. We compared the airport prices to the prices outside and sifted out the best 12 items below. Make sure to take note of these lobangs the next time you jet off!

Psst, you can also shop for these items online on iShopChangi and skip the queues by picking all your purchases up directly from the Departure or Baggage Claim Halls. There’s even home delivery for selected items. Find out more below.


1. Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin (230G) – save $1


  iShopChangi Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin

Yes, Changi Airport hides not just one, but two Irvin’s stores! Skip the long queues at the regular Irvin’s outlets and grab your next bag of this super crispy and addictive snack at Changi Airport’s T2 or T3 departure hall the next time you take off for your trip. It works great at keeping your itchy mouth busy – especially if you are going on a flight without food.

While the regular ones cost $16, buying at duty-free saves you a good dollar at $15.

  Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin total limit

On top of that, if you feel that the usual limit of five isn’t enough for you, you can get up to 7 bags of any Irvins snack at the airport.

Get Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin


2.  Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette – save $18


  iShopChangi Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora is great, and is every makeup lover’s bae. But shopping there tends to be a bit of a splurge with Naked 3 Palettes going at around $83 (duty free: $65.70 – that’s a 20% discount!). Make the most out of your air tickets and snag some makeup products the next time you depart for or return from a trip. 

Other than Urban Decay products, other popular beauty brands such as Benefit, NARS and Bobbi Brown are all up for grabs as well.

Get Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

*available for delivery up to 30 days after arrival in Singapore on iShopChangi


3. Gopro Karma Drone – save $98


  iShopChangi Gopro Karma Drone

If you want to take your photography up to new heights, a drone will do the trick. For those sick birds eye view shots, invest in a good drone like GoPro Karma at  $782 (regular price:$880) with a detachable stabilizer – so you can get your flawless tracking shots on the ground as well – and is compatible with GoPro Hero 4, 5 and 6. 

mount faber drone

Get GoPro Karma

*available for delivery up to 30 days after arrival in Singapore on iShopChangi


4. GoPro Hero 6 Black – save $51


  iShopChangi GoPro Hero 6 Black

Action cameras are the new travel essential; perfect for capturing all those important moments in its compact from. The latest GoPro Hero 6 Black has touch zoom features and is supposedly twice is good as Hero 5. For more information on the cheem tech specs, check out the link below.

Going at $699 (regular price: $750), it comes with a one year international warranty as well; a bonus if you travel very often.

P.s.  iShopChangi is now running a promotion for GoPro Hero 6 at $556!

Get GoPro Hero 6 Black

*available for delivery up to 30 days after arrival in Singapore on iShopChangi


5. Absolut Vodka Blue (1L) – save $43.30


  iShopChangi Absolut Vodka Blue (1L)

Absolut Vodka: The number one duty-free item that your friends will Whatsapp you to request for everytime you go on a trip. This little gem is a given in any list of popular duty free products and each time you get it here instead of downtown, you save $43.

Flash your passport and flight ticket and you get your party booze at $26.70 (regular price: $70). The shopaholic in me would say just get a bottle of this every time come back from a trip- you’ll never know when you will need one.

Get Absolut Vodka Blue

Psst. The liquor purchase limit is 10L for departure flights from Changi Airport! 


6. Tok Gong American IPA Craft Beer (3 x 0.33L) – save ~$3


  iShopChangi Tok Gong American IPA Craft Beer

Even if your holiday is over, look at the bright cider life – at least you have tax-free beer. 

Archipelago is a local brewery that produces beers with a Singaporean twist. Try their Tok Gong American IPA Craft Beer, an ale-malt flavoured booze with a citrusy kick. It goes at $9.90 for a carton of three. If you are feeling Si Bei Ho or Ki Siao instead, there are bottles available for those moods too. 

Save at least $1.20 a bottle when you get it duty free – shiok anot?

Get Tok Gong American IPA Craft Beer


7. Awfully Chocolate Cookie Chip Chocolate – save $1


  iShopChangi Awfully Chocolate Cookie Chip Chocolate

Chocolate is life. If you are part of the sweet tooth nation, check out these inside out chocolate chip cookie from Awfully Chocolate. These are cookies that are coated in a thick layer of 60% dark chocolate, giving you a higher ratio of chocolate to cookie.

Although these best selling Cookie Chip Chocolates (S$15.00, regular price: $16.05) are only seasonally offered in regular stores, they are available in the transit area and on iShopChangi all year round. So if you want to grab some, you now know where to find them!

They are also exclusively offered on iShopChangi in a glass jar packaging instead of the usual resealable bag. 

Get Awfully Chocolate Cookie Chip Chocolate


8. Fjallraven Kanken Classic bag – save $9


  iShopChangi Fjallraven Kanken Classic bag

If you realise last minute that you need a carry on bag for your travels, “book” a Fjallraven bag for collection at the Departure Hall before you fly. Who would have thought the airport would be so trendy? Basic, lightweight bags like these are easy to match and great for travelling. 

Get them $9 cheaper than the market price at $129.27.

Get Fjallraven Kanken Classic bag


9. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder (4 piece set) – save $19


  iShopChangi Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder (4 piece set)

During the holidays, it is tempting to skip on touch ups but make sure to have one of these on hand to ensure that soft baby-like skin in your photos. Remember, laziness is temporary but photos are forever.

Exclusive to the airport is this set of four Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powders that goes at $20.50 (regular price: $10 each), meaning savings of up to 48%. Get one of these in the departure halls and split it with your travel buddies before your flight. If you are on your way back, these work as good souvenirs – your friends will never find out that you didn’t actually get them from Korea!

Get Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

*available for delivery up to 30 days after arrival in Singapore on iShopChangi


10. Marshall Acton Speaker – save $32


  iShopChangi Marshall Acton Speaker

As we all know, it’s really all about that bass. Speakers are a party essential and generators of good vibes. Marshall is a popular brand among Singaporeans because of its strong bass, and Acton is one of its bestselling models. Get it tax-free at $457.01 (regular price: $489).

For speakers like these and other items that are a little hefty, pick the delivery option on the iShopChangi to save the hassle of dragging it home along with your luggage! 

Get Marshall Acton Speaker

*available for delivery up to 30 days after arrival in Singapore on iShopChangi


11. Pandora Moments Silver Bracelet, Rose Clasp – save $11


  iShopChangi Pandora Moments Silver Bracelet, Rose Clasp

This sterling silver bracelet needs no introduction. You may have seen Pandora bracelets adorning your friends’ wrists and if you want one for yourself, here’s where to get it. This duty free Pandora Moments Silver Bracelet is priced at $148.60 (regular price: $159).

Of course, what is a Pandora bracelet without the charms? There are over 150 designs to choose from at the airport, so you’ll be likely to find one that is symbolic of your trip.

Get Pandora Moments Silver Bracelet


12. SK II Facial Treatment Essence (160ml) – save $53


  iShopChangi SK II Facial Treatment Essence

Beauty radiates from the inside; inside meaning 1) from your heart and 2) from under your skin. For those who want to invest in your skin, some products from high end skincare brands like SK II are available duty free at more than 40% discount. Get the Facial Treatment Essence at a fraction of the price at $159 (regular price: $210).

There are also travel-exclusive sets available if you are looking to get one for a short trip.

Get SKII Facial Treatment Essence

*available for home delivery up to 30 days after arrival in Singapore


Online shopping with iShopChangi


  Online shopping with iShopChangi

Travelers, duty-free shopping is no longer restricted to just the airport. You can now advance shop days ahead of your flight by browsing and purchasing tax-free products online on iShopChangi!

From the comforts of your home, check out the items from your cart and collect your purchased goods at the airport – that means less time trawling through the shelves and more time exploring the transit area.

  iShopChangi collection


How to shop on iShopChangi:

  1. Browse and add items into your cart
  2. Check out with your OneChangi ID or an iShopChangi account
  3. Key in your flight information
  4. Review order and make payment
  5. On the day you fly, just collect your purchases from the iShopChangi collection centres at the Departure Halls. Or from the Baggage Claim Halls upon your arrival back at the airport.

  iShopChangi Terminal 2 collection point

Terminal 2 collection point

There are over 10,000 products and more than 500 brands currently available on iShopChangi to choose from, so make sure you start browsing early. You can start purchasing your items online 30 days all the way up to 18 hours before your departure flight.

When returning to Singapore, your luggage full of clothes and souvenirs might be tiring to drag home. If you don’t want to add your airport shopping to that, there is the option of home delivery for selected beauty and electronic products with purchases of more than $380. You can even choose the date – from 2 to 30 days after your arrival in Singapore – for the item(s) to arrive.

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, there is a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

Till 16 March 2018, shoppers get to enjoy duty-free prices along with an additional 9% off with use of promo code SPRINGSALE9 at check out. Discount is capped at $50 and there is a limited number of redemptions available.

Get your Duty-Free products early on iShopChangi 

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