11 Most Interesting Road Names In Singapore That’ll Confirm Make Your Postman Go Hehe

Interesting road names in Singapore

You’d think we were done writing about roads. Yes. Roads. I mean, we’ve got haunted roads, dangerous roads, ulu roads… If you haven’t gotten enough, then you’re in for a treat. From fruit-inspired lorongs to cheeky street names that’ll give you a good chuckle, here are 11 of the most interesting road names in Singapore.

1. Jalan Sedap

Image adapted from: Google Maps

While it would have been perf if eateries galore lined Jalan Sedap, you won’t find anything to fill your bellies along this short street in one of the Tanjong Katong district’s many quiet neighbourhoods. What you will find, however, is the deliciously grand Stiletto House – an architectural marvel amid the more humble terrace houses in the area.

50 Jalan Seaview, aka the “Stiletto House”.
Image credit: EHKA Studio

Though technically along the adjacent Jalan Seaview, the Stiletto House is something you won’t be able to miss when in the area.

2. Happy Avenue

Image adapted from: Google Maps

Here’s a fun fact: Singapore is Asia’s happiest country. And where might the happiest place in the happiest country be? Why, Happy Avenue of course.

This is actually a collection of avenues (Central, West, East and North) in the MacPherson area. Getting here is easy too, with the neighbourhood being a quick 5-minute walk from Mattar MRT station.

9 Happy Avenue East.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

Like Jalan Sedap, Happy Avenue is a quiet housing estate. Take a walk around the ‘hood and you’ll spot 9 Happy Avenue East, a quirky house that sticks out against its neighbours thanks to its metallic exterior and unique pencil-shaped roof.

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3. Cheow Keng Road

Image adapted from: Google Maps

If you’ve ever been to the Joo Chiat-Katong area, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted Cheow Keng Road. Why is it funny? Ask any army bro and they’ll be able to tell you all about the subtle art of chao keng-ing; pretending to be ill just to siam duties and training. 

The road wasn’t named after the Singaporean slang, but one Wee Cheow Keng, a Hainanese businessman and community leader back in the good old days.

Fun fact: There’s also a “Keng Cheow Street” in the Clarke Quay area. Are they siblings? Who knows!

4. Sandwich Road

The road is said to be named after a town in England.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

Probably the ulu-est place on the list, Sandwich Road is a short stretch of houses in the far West of Singapore. Here, you’ll find some of Singapore’s remaining colonial bungalows – some of which are available for sale and rent.

5. Jalan Malu-Malu

Image adapted from: Google Maps

What do all the residents of Jalan Malu-Malu have in common?

They’re all easily embarrassed. 

And if you’re scratching your head at that, “malu” translates to feeling embarrassed in Malay.

6. Kay Poh Road

Is this where all our annoying relatives come from?!
Image adapted from: Google Maps

If residents of Jalan Malu-Malu are shy, then those at Kay Poh Road must be the opposite. Alas, the street wasn’t inspired by our beloved Hokkien word that refers to a nosy busybody, but a distinguished businessman from the 1800s named  Wee Kay Poh.

Just some landmarks you can spot here include Kay Poh Road Baptist Church and a cluster of atas condos. And if you’re lucky, maybe a group of kay poh aunties in the wild.

7. Jalan Sayang

“Sayang” can be translated to “dear” or “darling” in Malay and is often used as a term of endearment.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

Easties might have passed by Jalan Sayang while commuting without even realising – the street is a stone’s throw away from Kembangan MRT. This beloved neighbourhood is pretty nondescript, though you’ll spot some landed houses some of us can only dream of building on the Sims 4

8. Kallang Pudding Road

Kallang Pudding Road is just a 6-min walk away from Happy Avenue.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

Tucked away in an industrial area within MacPherson is the adorable Kallang Pudding Road. But don’t come here looking for desserts – though you’ll find some hidden gems like wholesale stores selling cheap goods here.

9. Rotan Lane

Image adapted from: Google Maps

Bruh, Rotan Lane? ROTAN?! 

Need I say more?
Image credit: Daily Quotes Singapore via Facebook

Luckily, those who decide to pay this place a visit will only be greeted by a bevy of Indian restaurants whipping up nothing but delicious food. 

10. Lorong Lew Lian

The road could have been named after nearby durian plantations in the past.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

Durians. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. No wondering how Lorong Lew Lian’s residents feel about the king of fruits – after all, lew lian is Hokkien for durian. And while you’re in the Upper Serangoon area, pay the nearby Lorong Ong Lye (Pineapple Alley) a visit.

Fun fact: There’s a Jalan Durian in Pulau Ubin.

11. Lorong Pisang Udang & friends

Image adapted from: Google Maps

Keeping up with the fruity theme is the Lorong Pisang bunch in Bukit Timah, with lanes named after various pisang (banana in Malay) species:

  • Pisang Udang (prawn)
  • Pisang Hijau (green)
  • Pisang Emas (gold)
  • Pisang Asam (sour)
  • Pisang Batu (stone)

You’ll even find their cousin Jalan Pisang in Bugis:

Image adapted from: Google Maps

Now that’s bananas.

Funny road names in Singapore

Most of our addresses might be boring with a capital B, but at least these funky roads add some razzle dazzle to Singapore’s streets. 

Except Rotan Lane. *Insert 90s kid flashbacks here*

More interesting things about the little red dot you probably didn’t know about:

Cover image adapted from: Google Maps

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