We Rank Simu Liu’s Stock Photos From Better To Best, Cuz Honestly They’re All Iconic

Simu Liu stock photos

Simu Liu. The man, the myth, the legend. We were first blessed by his presence on-screen as Jung on Kim’s Convenience, and Simu has since gone on to make every Asian parent proud with an A+ glo-up no child will ever be able to match; joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Shang-chi.

But before his role as master of the ten rings and car salesman in Kim’s, Simu was something, dare I say, even better: a stock model.

10. Where is Simu?

Image credit: Getty Images

I’m sorry to these people…but where is our boy?! Where is he?!

I’m putting this one on the list because of the feels. I mean, would background stock talent Simu have realised that he was going to star in a Marvel movie one day? Brb, sobbing.

9. There is Simu!

Image credit: Getty Images

It might not be much, but at least we’ve got Simu in focus this time. 

8. “Make Your Mother Proud At Uni” Simu

“He has a smile you’d bring home to your parents,” – a colleague who wishes to remain unknown unless Simu sees this.
Image credit: Getty Images

His face here is all of us in a group project: Just smile and pretend you know what’s going on.

7. “Make Your Mother Proud At Work” Simu

Image credit: Getty Images

Well then, it looks like the hustle paid off and he managed to land himself a sweet corporate job. Along with his OG teammates, even. #squadgoals

6. Exercise Simu

Image credit: iStock

Where was Simu with an exercise routine to save us from the stay-home rut during peak Circuit Breaker season? 

@Simu Liu, please make this happen, my dude.

5. Jack of all trades Simu

Image adapted from: Chambers Plan

Legend has it that when the corporate grind and being an exercise instructor didn’t work out, Simu turned to something a little more hands-on instead. 

Some even say that he dabbled in the art of valet parking for a while.

The stock photo gods thank you for your service, Simu.
Image adapted from: @simuliu

4. Busy man Simu

Image credit: u/ShrekMegaFan

He’s got things to do, places to be, and somehow lucky enough to score an empty bus during peak hour. We love to see it.

3. Team player Simu

Image credit: Getty Images

Pure and wholesome, but also:

Image adapted from: @SimuLiu


2. King sh*t Simu

Big boss energy
Image credit: Getty Images

He could literally be asking me to go home and water his plants with no chance of logging it into my KPI and I would do it.

1. Exercise Simu 2: The Sequel

Image credit: iStock

Two things:

  1. Why is he posing like that? What exercise routine are they supposed to be doing? So many questions, so little time.
  2. Simu Liu walked so Dame Tu Cosita could run

Images adapted from: Ultra Music, Getty Images, Kapwing

Plus, the iStock watermark makes this photo 100x better. 

Simu Liu – Stock photo model yesterday, Shang-chi today

Image adapted from: @SimuLiu

Some would consider Simu Liu an overnight sensation with the success of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and honestly, he deserves all the love he’s getting. 

If anything, his humble beginnings are inspiring. Who knows? The next Marvel superhero might be hiding in one of the photos above too. 👀

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Cover images adapted from: Getty Images, iStock

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