8 Low-Cost SG-Edition Halloween Costume Ideas To Up Your Dress Up Game

Halloween Costumes: Singaporean Edition

Whether you like to plan your Halloween outfit months in advance or are one to DIY something last minute, it’s once again the time of the year for us to dress up and go around  SCARING SOME KIDS getting spooky.  

Forget the Squid Game get up that’s bound to be worn by many or the overused superhero fit – this year, we’re gonna help you up your dress up game. Taking inspiration from what’s been trending in 2021 so far, here are eight low-cost Singapore-inspired costumes that’ll win you some points for creativity:

Disclaimer: This article was written in jest so take inspiration where you wish. However, note that we will not be held liable for any damages and injuries you sustain (real or otherwise) nor will we be responsible for any offences you commit while incognito.

1. Safe Distancing Ambassador (SDA)

Image credit: @grainfalls

This first costume inspo will have the peak hour crowds parting like the red sea because that’s right folks, it’s the one and only SDA uniform

While SDAs may not actually have the power to take enforcement action, this red attire will at least get you some space in shopping malls.

You can order this top online or better yet, DIY it for free using what you have at home. Find any red shirt you have, take out some white masking tape and start making those alphabets to spell out “Safe Distancing Ambassador” on the back of your shirt. 

Disclaimer: Please do not go around impersonating SDA officers lest you get the mata called on you!

Bonus: Safe Distancing Enforcement Officer (SDEO) – Less effort alternative to #1

Image credit: MEWR

No red top? No problem. Sometimes, less is more. Simply grab some red construction paper or cloth, tape and a white marker to make your own SDEO armband. 

Once people see this red baby at a suspiciously large social gathering, we guarantee they’ll siam faster than you can say “trick-or-treat”.

2. Corrective Work Order (CWO) Vest

Image adapted from: NEA

If your goal is to be a paikia this Halloween, posing as a recalcitrant litterbug in our fine city could be right up your alley. 

The key to this look lies in a cheap yellow and pink traffic vest you can easily get online, the thickest masking tape you can find and a red marker to make the “CWO ” and number labels. 

To up your game even further – especially if you’re a guy, head out to a public area and pick up some trash while you’re decked out in gear. If there’s one thing that gets the ladies more than a bad boy, it’s a bad boy with the capacity to change for the better. 

3. Mr. Coconut

Images adapted from: @leslie.koh, Mr. Coconut, SHEIN  

This modest Mr. Coconut outfit is literally the saying “you are what you eatcome to life in a costume.

With people going crazy for Mr. Coconut shakes these days, maybe they’ll go (coco)nuts once they feast their eyes upon you too. 

The best part is that turning this popular drink into your #OOTD only requires three things: A plain white shirt, a printed Mr. Coconut logo and some safety pins or tape to strap the logo onto your top.

Bonus: Coconut shake with metal straw

Image credit: @adriennelucina

For some, the mantra is to go hard or go home. To complement the rest of your costume, roll up some silver or grey wrapping paper to make a giant metal straw – like the one this little fella has on – and stick it onto your head.  

Or to be extra environmentally-friendly, just recycle toilet paper rolls for your costume prop instead.

4. Eggslut

Image credit: @eggslutsg

While we’re on the topic of hyped-up food trends, eggslut has definitely made the cut for our grub-inspired garments.

Show up to the party looking like a yummy snacc with just two things: a scanty mustard dress – the more revealing the better – and some white-coloured eggs – we recommend some real ones to look uber-fresh but fake ones are g too.

Image credit: SHEIN, DBS

If you’re on a low budget or don’t have time to scour the internet for the perfect dress, just get a plain yellow shirt, a pair of scissors and start snipping away.

Image credit: sneak-a-venue.com , amazon.com  

Ultimately, it’s not what you wear but how you wear something that matters, amirite?

5. Jia Jia, Kai Kai and Singapore’s baby panda

Image credit: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

One of the best news we’ve heard all year is the birth of Jia Jia and Kai Kai’s new baby, which has got us all cooing and aww-ing with every little milestone in his life. Don’t pretend you haven’t kept up with every kilogram this panda cub has put on, or each new tooth he’s grown over the past few weeks – this bundle of joy is hard to ignore.

Images adapted from: @alysie, @adheera.pediredla

Emanate some black and white fluffy cuteness this Halloween with your family by coordinating matching panda onesies with them. 

No worries if you don’t have a baby on hand, because you can always just dress your furkid as a baby panda or offer to babysit someone’s child for a couple of hours to get that Insta pic. 

6. PSLE Maths Question (Helen and Ivan)

Image adapted from: @memewatchsg

Sometimes, the scariest things in life come in unexpected forms. For Primary Six students this year, it was none other than the 2021 PSLE Maths paper. I’m sure we’ve all seen some version of this notoriously difficult Helen and Ivan maths question floating around the internet. 

However, instead of racking our brains all day trying to figure out the answer to it, spare your brain cells and get creative with this minimal effort #CoupleGoals costume instead.

Image adapted from: redbubble.com, redbubble.com, MAS

All you’ll need in order to traumatise some kiddos – and adults – are some makeshift name tags dubbing you and your partner in crime as “Helen” and “Ivan”; and some spare change – 20-cent and 50-cent coins would be preferred. 

7. Coffee shop uncle

Image credit: Nestia

Emulate the OGs of Singapore’s coffee shops by digging out your striped polo shirts and super short bermuda pants. Truly fuss-free, it’s a look so casual you don’t even need shoes to pull it off.

Image credit: @tres.vif.et.douce, OG Singapore

Simply grab a friend and get your manspreading pose ready for those Halloween photos. To bring on the uncle vibe even further, don’t forget to pepper your words and convos with tons of Singlish.

8. Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)

One of the most mind-boggling philosophical debates to ever exist is whether life imitates art or if art imitates life. This Halloween, the answer is the latter. 

With a couple more countries added to the VTL, plane tickets to certain destinations can be included in the list of things some Singaporeans die-die must get – even if it means waiting in a very long line for them. 

And what better way to encapsulate Singaporeans’ favourite pastime than DIY-ing a costume to represent the highly anticipated VTL countries many are flocking to?  
Image adapted from: ShopeeStockphoto  

The key to this masterpiece lies in a large sheet of A1 plain paper, a list of VTL-approved countries printed out and some laundry clips you have laying around to attach the A1-sized costume to your clothing. 

Wonderfully simple to throw together yet chic at the same time, this work of art is something you can strut around in like a model at Paris Fashion Week

Up your game this Halloween

With Halloween just days away, get ready to wow everyone with your local-inspired outfits. Whether you have all the items at home or need to dash down to the nearby Mama shop to top up some materials, start making these affordable and fashionable costumes ASAP.  

Even if social gathering restrictions don’t change by Halloween, at least we’ll look fashionably unique while stuck in a 2-pax group. After all, self-confidence is key.

For more things to do this Halloween, check out:

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @leslie.koh , Mandai Wildlife Reserve , @eggslutsg

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