9 Roads In Singapore Most Prone To Accidents So You Can Be Wary When Driving

Dangerous and accident-prone roads in Singapore

Did you know that roads take up at least 12% of the land in Singapore? That’s more than I imagined considering how small our island is. But not all of them are created equal, with some stretches of roads being more prone to accidents than others.

Although no one is blaming the hubris of some drivers or the blind spots some roads have, everyone with their hands behind the wheel should be vigilant while driving, though more so on these nine roads in Singapore:

1. Braddell Road – Poor traffic especially during peak hours

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Despite having driven on Braddell Road many times, I still find it one of the toughest roads to navigate with all the heavy traffic and lane-changing required. The stretch between Bishan and Braddell is especially jeopardous. 

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Multiple incidents of drivers mounting dividers and having to perform risky reversing manoeuvres along with other fatal accidents have occurred over the years.

2. Upper Serangoon Road – Blind spots making turns tricky

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A multi-purpose vehicle and a car collided at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Bartley Road recently. Thankfully there were no fatalities, but after watching the video I could somewhat understand how it happened. That crossing has a mishmash of roads, turns, and traffic lights that could confuse even the most experienced drivers.

3. Yio Chu Kang Road – Multiple night-time accidents reported

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While drivers should always be vigilant when driving, it’s imperative to be extra cautious when driving at night. Unfortunately, there have been a number of accidents that have occurred at night along Yio Chu Kang Road. Some were due to complacency with the low level of traffic, while there are others related to illegal racing acts.

4. Sengkang entrance into TPE – Brash drivers cutting lanes

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The Sengkang entrance into the Tampines Expressway is prone to brash, impatient drivers who tend to change lanes rapidly as they enter the expressway. This can be dangerous as the area often has heavy vehicles coming to and fro. Smaller vehicles like motorcycles can also be pressured by lane bullies who don’t give way.

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An accident here could also create massive congestion. One lorry overturned here in 2018 and it created a jam that lasted more than an hour.

5. Upper Thomson Road – Plenty of construction work

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The long stretch of Upper Thomson Road often sees unusual incidents from cars colliding with deer to vehicles erupting in flames. It also doesn’t help that there have been plenty of construction works going on in the area due to the development of the Thomson-East Coast Line.

6. Thomson Road – Junction identified as an accident black spot

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A “black spot” is a part of a road that often sees a high occurrence of accidents. The junction of Thomson Road and Newton Road just outside Novena MRT is one of them, no thanks to its high traffic volume and frequent reports of traffic violations, according to former Traffic Police Commander Sam Tee.

Since the Land Transport Authority flagged it under their Black Spot Programme, two cameras have been deployed to spot illegal U-turns, vehicles turning in non-turning lanes, and vehicles stopping in yellow boxes. 

7. Newton Roundabout – Hard-to-navigate roundabout

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Unless you have an aversion to Orchard Road, odds are you’ve been through the infamous Newton Roundabout in a car or taxi. 

What might be the busiest roundabout in Singapore has seen its fair share of minor accidents and near misses because some motorists just refuse to give way.

Image credit: Jnzl

But it’s not solely their fault though. The Wall Street Journal has also reported that while roundabouts reduce fatal accidents and injuries, they can cause more fender benders due to congestion. Thankfully, a U-turn was added along Dunearn Road in September 2021 in hopes of easing the traffic at the roundabout.

8. Lornie Road – Speed camera hotspot

Image credit: Google Maps

Another road that has had construction going on since forever is Lornie Road. But the barricades and road works haven’t deterred speed demons from going above the speed limit and causing a ruckus. To catch the actions of these risky drivers in the act, there are multiple speed cameras installed along the road watching both sides of the road.

9. Alexandra Road – Site of many accidents

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It’s a little ironic that a street with many car showrooms is also a hotspot for vehicular accidents. Most recently on 3rd December 2021, a Ferrari crashed into a central divider at Alexandra Road by Park Hotel Alexandra.

You know you’re on Alexandra Road when you see Ikea and Park Hotel Alexandra
Image credit: Google Maps

While it was not mentioned if there were any casualties, it serves as a warning that even expensive cars aren’t immune to getting into accidents.

Stay vigilant on these dangerous roads in Singapore

One piece of advice my dad imparted to me before I started driving was to assume everyone else on the road doesn’t know how to drive. That’s because accidents sometimes cannot be avoided even though you’ve done all the safety checks your driving instructor used to nag you about.

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This post was brought to you by MSIG.
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