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Immersive Fort Tokyo -New cover image

A New Horror & Mystery Theme Park Is Opening In Tokyo Next Year, Set In A Defunct Shopping Mall

Immersive Fort Tokyo – Horror theme park in shopping mall

We’re ticking down the days towards 2024 for when we can get a fresh batch of AL. We’ll need them so we can hit all the new theme parks that are opening next year, like Escape Theme Park in Singapore and Junglia in Okinawa.

Also being added to the list? Immersive Fort Tokyo that’s set to open its doors in Spring. There are no roller coasters here, but you should be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions and surprises as you immerse yourself in theatrical performances. Here’s the scoop:

12 horror & murder mystery immersive theatre experiences

Immersive Fort Tokyo - VenusFort shopping mallThe VenusFort in its former glory.
Image credit: @peichi.77 via Instagram

Enter Immersive Fort Tokyo, and you might find the layout familiar, almost like you’re in a shopping mall. That’s because the theme park took over the now-defunct VenusFort, a previous retail centre that was built to replicate an old Italian town. 

Immersive Fort Tokyo - 12 immersive horror and crime adevnturesWhat the new theme park is set to look like.
Image credit: Immersive Fort Tokyo

The Roman columns, marble statue fountain, and even the domed ceiling painted to look like the sky remain. But the building has been given a slight makeover to make everything look and feel more sinister.

The place plays backdrop to the whole production, after all, where visitors will be immersed in 12 different horror and murder mystery experiences.

If you’re thinking of a walkthrough event like Halloween Horror Nights, then be prepared to be surprised. This place skips the same ol’ jumpscares and predictable plotlines and spices things up with theatrical shows where even the audience gets a say in directing the narrative.

Immersive Fort Tokyo - large-scale theatresImage credit: Immersive Fort Tokyo

Here’s the twist: you could have your Star Award-winning moment playing the part of a witness to a crime or be thrown right in the thick of a fight. It’ll then be up to you to figure out how to get the story rolling.

Immersive Fort Tokyo - Souvenir shops & restaurantsImage credit: Immersive Fort Tokyo

As a theme park, it won’t just be thrills and spills your entire time there. There are even restaurants and souvenir shops around for you to take a break at. Hearsay, one of those diners turns into an immersive show while you chow down, so maybe steer clear if all you want is just a bite. Otherwise, the surprise shows do make for an unforgettable dining experience.

There’s no word yet on ticket prices and what each of the 12 immersive theatre experiences is going to be like. But keep your eyes peeled on their official website for updates.

Would you dare try the Immersive Fort Tokyo?

Immersive Fort Tokyo flips the script on the usual theme park experience. Instead of standing in line for hours for rides that only last a couple of minutes, you’ll actually be part of making the experience with your acting chops.

If you’re itching for an experience beyond the serene Japanese onsen towns, make sure to check out this attraction next spring.

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Cover image adapted from: @peichi.77 via Instagram & Immersive Fort Tokyo