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10 Ways Honestbee Will Change Your Grocery Shopping Forever



Honestbee is about to change the game of grocery shopping as we know it. Say goodbye to the burden of having to physically head down to the stores, scouring the confusing shelves to seek the handful of items you want.

With the mantra of “making time more valuable for everyone”, Honestbee’s fuss-free service will slash time wasted on shopping trips from travelling to waiting in mind-numbing long queues.

It’s more than just a delivery service, though. As Asia’s leading online grocery concierge service (sounds fancy, huh?), Honestbee brings great convenience, value and reliability all wrapped up in one awesome package. Here are 10 reasons that will have you bidding grocery trips farewell by the end of the list.


1. It’s super quick and accessible



We started shopping at 12:30pm and guess what? Their earliest delivery time was in just an hour on the same day!

Whip out your phone or hop online and select all the items you want on Honestbee’s app or webpage. That’s it. Your groceries are already on the way by the time you finish loading a Youtube video. It’s that simple!

Source  Your personal shopper will receive your order electronically and get what you need!

It’s like the pinnacle of laziness we’d always dreamed of achieving technologically, and it has actually come true. The future is now.


2. Get your groceries FAST without even having to leave the house


Source  Avoid unforeseen circumstances like these…

How great would life be if you didn’t have to trudge to the various stores, slowly scavenge for each item and waste precious minutes of your youth queuing up amidst cranky strangers?

Source  Get all your groceries delivered right to your doorstep instead!

Honestbee delivers all your groceries on the same day of purchase, as quickly as the next hour on the clock. That’s ample time for you to whip up a full meal even if you started out with an empty kitchen!


3. Simple interface so easy to use it’s ridiculous


No more lugging back heavy bottles of detergent and bulky tissue boxes painfully back home.

You don’t have to be a tech whizz to be able to virtually order all your grocery needs from the comfort of your own home. Or even on the go! Honestbee’s interfaces on both desktop and mobile platforms make it ridiculously simple.

Simply browse through the categories of items, complete with visuals, or perform a search to find exactly what you want. Tap to add to cart, and you’re pretty much good to go!


4. Save up with same store pricing



Grocery shopping in itself is already a taxing chore, nobody has the time and energy to stay on top of all the discounts and promotions available at each store at any given time. With Honestbee, all prices are the same as the ones in-store. This means no extra mark-ups!

Imagine looking through your receipt and seeing that you’ve saved a bunch of moolah without even planning to. Score!


5. There’s a craaazy wide selection



Variety is the spice of life. Even with things like basic groceries and everyday necessities, it’s nice to be able to try out different supermarkets and brands to switch things up and see what you like!

Enter Honestbee’s extensive catalogue of over 15,000 items. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice! It’ll be a piece of cake for you to rack up a substantial amount of items in your cart, which is great news seeing as delivery fees are waived for purchases over $30.

As a sweet little treat for all those trying it out for the first time, $10 spend will grant you free delivery.


6. Get more than just groceries!



Need some emergency toiletries on the double or some treats for your critter companions? Perhaps you’ve finished the last of your supplements and you just can’t afford to miss a dose.

We all have days where we simply don’t feel like leaving the house. Honestbee to the rescue! Apart from typical supermarket groceries, they also offer products from Watson’s, GNC and even the entire range of products from Pet Lovers Centre! With Watsons in the CBD area, you’ll get service within as quick as 30 minutes flat.

When supermarket offerings just don’t cut it, choose from Crystal Wines’ extensive selection to find the perfect accompaniment for your fancy dinner!


7. Personalised shoppers will pick out only the best items for you



Rid all images of factory robots collecting your products from some dusty warehouse and dropping them on conveyor belts. Honestbee is all about having that personal touch, carefully selecting each item on your shopping list.

This ensures that only the freshest produce and top notch items making their way to your doorstep. The service is propelled by specially trained “shopper bees” and “delivery bees”, how cute is that?!


8. Buy from shops you didn’t even know existed



The elusive Whale & Cloud, opening hours of which are said to be “random”.

Honestbee gives you the accessibility of purchasing from shops you normally wouldn’t venture to, or that you even know existed! One good example is Whale & Cloud, a top-secret cafe so elusive that their online profiles read: “many will seek but not all shall find”. Mysterious, indeed!

Other Honestbee merchants include stores that don’t have many outlets around the island, including Four Seasons Organic Market, The Butcher’s Dog and Gastronomania Gourmet Deli. Favourites like Jones The Grocer and Joe & Dough has also recently been added to the list!


9. No more last minute disappointment


Source  No more tears, little one.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out at the absolute last minute that some of the items you ordered are out of stock.

In the event that products you’ve ordered are not available, you can choose a substitute or Honestbee will contact you ASAP. They’ll even go the extra mile and suggest potential substitutes so there won’t be a dent in your plans!


10. Perfect for the occasions


The festive season is when you need the most help easing the stress of celebrations and party prep. Tragically, this also translates to insane crowds as well as stores that are closed for the holidays.

Honestbee’s services are always available, as long as it falls within the store’s standard operating hours. Yes, EVEN on public holidays!

On top of that, they have a slew of seasonal goodies that you can pre-order well ahead of time. From premium gift sets for Christmas to everything you’ll need to whip up a hearty reunion dinner, your get-togethers are going to be much less stressful this year.





To spice things up even more, Honestbee will be going district to district and giving the lucky customers a chance to have the full cost of their groceries waived.


How to Participate

Step 1: Place an order for delivery to the above selected districts during the outreach period.
Step 2: Do remember to enter the Coupon Code and click ‘Redeem’ during checkout.
Step 3: Select your preferred delivery timeslots over the next seven days, subjected to availability.

If you live within the selected districts as mentioned above, you’ll get to enjoy an exclusive discount with a minimum spend of $50.

Every 100th customer will also get their grocery purchase waived up to $100.

Cheers to more savings!


Busy As A Bee, Carefree You Shall Be



Crowds at the supermarket are pesky enough, and let’s not even mention having to dodge the perils of trolleys and baskets smashing into you as you maneuver across the aisles.

Honestbee removes all the hassle, saves you plenty of time and leaves you worry-free, knowing your grocery needs will arrive on the dot every time with no nasty surprises involved. All you gotta do is sit back, relax and wait for the doorbell to ring!

Get FREE delivery with purchases that are just $10 and over. Happy shopping! Buzz buzz.

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This post was brought to you by HonestBee.