Home decor products based on Zodiac predictions 

Out with the old and in with the new. As the season for spring cleaning comes around again, it’s time to bid farewell to your half-functional table lamps and creaky wardrobes, and usher in new additions to your home instead.

If you’re clueless as to what to get, perhaps the annual Zodiac predictions can help inspire your shopping spree. Here are 12 home decor products based on your Chinese Zodiac predictions to add some huat in your house just in time for CNY.

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1. Year of the Rat – moon LED table lamp from Lazada

moon LED table lamp
Image credit: Lazada

Those born in the Year of the Rat will be thrilled to know that good career luck is coming your way – you may even be blessed with a promotion this year. Continue hustlin’ with the moon LED table lamp by your side, to fuel you through productive late-night sessions.

Not only is it bright enough so you won’t have to squint at your laptop screen, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic of your work table. You can switch between yellow lighting for a more romantic vibe and white light for reading, while the brightness is also dimmable – doubling up as a night light while you sleep.

Price: From $13.79
Cashback: up to 19%
Get the moon LED table lamp from Lazada.

2. Year of the Ox – 6L portable mini fridge from Shopee

6L portable mini fridge
Image credit: Shopee

Friendships and social connections are smooth-sailing this year for the Ox. According to predictions, you can expect opportunities to reconnect with old friends and even old flames that you’ve not spoken with in a while. 

With more gatherings on the cards and guests to entertain, invest in a 6L portable mini fridge to keep your drinks chilled and within reach during your house parties.

This mini fridge from Shopee can also double as a heater to keep your food warm. Plus with its lightweight feature at 3KG, it’s easily portable from room to room, and even to a friend’s house for dinner appointments. 

Price: From $52.25
Cashback: 5%
Get the portable mini fridge from Shopee.

3. Year of the Tiger – indoor swing chair from Lazada

indoor swing chair
Image credit: Lazada 

It’ll be a busy year for Tigers this year – be it tying the knot or getting an apartment of your own, many will be stepping into a new phase of life. Amidst everything that’s going on, a word of advice is to also set aside some ‘me’ time. That’s why the indoor swing chair will be just what you need for afternoon naps or a cosy reading corner.

The tassels are definitely what make this unique piece stand out from the rest, while adding a touch of tropical vibes to your living space. It’s also equipped with durable metal support to ensure it can support a weight of up to 90KG. 

Price: $30
Cashback: up to 19%
Get the indoor swing chair from Lazada.

4. Year of the Rabbit – nordic schedule board from AliExpress

nordic schedule board
Image credit: AliExpress

Rabbits changing their career or seeking a new job opportunity may just have a high-paying job in their cards this year, while others can enjoy career stability in their current position. Since your schedule looks to be jam-packed, consider the nordic schedule board to note down client meetings and KPI targets.

Made of felt and backed with cork material, this schedule board allows you to pin post-it notes, photos and cards to decorate your wall. Add-on hexagon boards are also sold separately so you can form a larger board – just like the one in the picture – to spruce up plain walls.

Price: From $2.16
Cashback: up to 5%
Get the nordic schedule board from AliExpress.

5. Year of the Dragon – multi-layer plant stand holder from Taobao

multi-layer plant stand holder
Image credit: Taobao

According to the almighty stars above, those born in the Year of the Dragon may witness more negative energy this year. To help you counter that and achieve a zen headspace, surround yourself with greens at home with this multilayer plant stand holder.

Available in a range of different sizes and colours, this shelf is a versatile statement piece to arrange your plants instead of lining them along the corridor of your HDB. Add decor pieces or books if you’d like to transform your abode to be Pinterest-worthy.

Price: From $28.59
Cashback: up to 10%
Get the multilayer plant stand holder from Taobao.

6. Year of the Snake – minimalist wind chime from AliExpress

minimalist wind chime
Image credit: AliExpress

If there’s any zodiac sign I’d trade places with this upcoming year, it would be those born in the Year of the Snake – predictions reckon you might make it big this year in terms of monetary wealth. Time to get all your money plants and zhao cai mao aka Fortune Cat out on display, and add this minimalist wind chime to your collection.

Believed to be a bearer of good fortune and positive energy, the wind chime is also slim and chic to inject some modish flair to the house. Plus, you’ll get those ASMR tinkles that it makes when the wind blows – hopefully ushering prosperity into your home at the same time.

Price: From $11.38
Cashback: up to 5%
Get the minimalist wind chime from AliExpress.

7. Year of the Horse – acrylic weekly planner from Shopee

acrylic weekly planner
Image credit: Shopee

Even for the introverted, those born in the Year of the Horse may see themselves stepping out of their comfort zones and taking on more of a social butterfly role this year. 

Get ahead of your weekly appointments and dates with the acrylic weekly planner that can be written on with a whiteboard marker and easily erased. Plonk it on your desk or hang it up on your wall as minimalist decor, and you can even have your name customised on it for free.

Price: From $10.85
Cashback: 5%
Get the acrylic weekly planner from Shopee.

8. Year of the Goat – Scandinavian moon phase mirror from Amazon

Scandinavian moon phase mirror
Image credit: Amazon

For Goats single and ready to mingle, it’s time to jump right back into the dating scene – the stars hint that there’s a high chance you’ll find your “Prince Charming” or “Cinderella” this year. Look your best by adding this Scandinavian moon phase mirror to your vanity – it’ll ensure your makeup or styled hair is on fleek before you head out for date nights.

Not your average square or oval-shaped mirror, this 5-phase design will also instantly make your living space look more Instagrammable.

Price: $33.40
Cashback: up to 6%
Get the Scandinavian moon phase mirror from Amazon.

9. Year of the Monkey – modern multilayer bookshelf from Taobao

home decor products - modern multilayer bookshelf
Image credit: Taobao

Whether it’s the excitement from an incoming promotion or anguish over a lost friendship, the Monkey will likely be met with a rollercoaster of emotions this year. Amidst the fluctuating emotions, finding solace in books – be it self-help or fiction – may be a good form of escape.

Enter the modern multilayer bookshelf. It’ll safely display all your books, with a sleek oak wood finish to inject modern aesthetics into your home. Aside from paperbacks and hardcovers, you can even throw in some potted plants and stylish knick-knacks to elevate the overall look.

Price: From $47.98
Cashback: up to 10%
Get the modern multilayer bookshelf from Taobao.

10. Year of the Rooster – abstract art pillowcases from AliExpress

home decor products - abstract art pillowcases
Image credit: AliExpress

Another socialite of the lot, the Rooster will be hyped with a rise in social energy to mingle with clients and friends – which may also open up potential doors for financial growth.

If you’re planning on hosting gatherings at your humble abode, spice up your otherwise muted cushions with these abstract art pillowcases to give your sofa pops of colour. 

Price: From $5.20
Cashback: up to 5%
Get the abstract art cushion covers from AliExpress.

11. Year of the Dog – cactus piggy bank from Amazon

home decor products - cactus piggy bank
Image credit: Amazon

All’s looking good in the finance department for those born in the Year of the Dog. But don’t hold your breath for a winning lottery ticket – you’ll most likely just be enjoying a stable account balance without any large fluctuations. 

Save up for a rainy day with this cactus piggy bank that features a glossy finish. Small enough to fit on most desks and counters yet unique enough to catch attention, these little banks will serve as ornaments at home too.

Price: $21.45
Cashback: up to 6%
Get the cactus piggy bank from Amazon.

12. Year of the Pig – nordic geometric candle holder from Shopee

home decor products - nordic geometric candle holder
Image credit: Shopee

We all experience stress in various aspects of our lives, but those who are born in the Year of the Pig may find themselves pushed to the edge from work woes.

To cope with any incoming sky-high stress levels, let this geometric candle holder serve as motivation to light up a scented candle every now and then to relieve anxiety. The black and gold contrast adds a tinge of opulence to your space and encompasses minimalism with the slim iron frames.

Price: $9.96
Cashback: up to 5%
Get the nordic geometric candle holder from Shopee.

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home decor products - Shopback Cashback
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Whether you believe in Zodiac predictions or not, it won’t hurt to have some new additions in your house to change things up for the coming year, and prep for upcoming bai nians.

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Image adapted from: Shopee, Lazada and Amazon.

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