Holey Moley Golf Club in Singapore

Stereotypical image of a golf hobbyist: pudgy male, over 50, in an old-fashioned polo tee tucked into high-waisted shorts a la Donald Trump. Not the most flattering. If you’re a young person like myself, you probably have this impression that golf is a yawn – and when you’re barely exerting yourself throughout the activity, is it even considered a real sport?

Now, naysayers, the answer to that isn’t important, because Holey Moley Golf Club – a 2-storey mini-golf cocktail bar at Clarke Quay – is here to swing our presumptions right off the teeing ground. Hailing from Aussie, it’s basically putt-putt indoors – but on steroids with over-the-top cocktails, delicious food including 1-metre long pizzas, and a labyrinth of 27 wacky themed holes to conquer. Prices are affordable too, from just $20 per session.

Update: Holey Moley has closed down on 30th September 2022.

Themed courses at Holey Moley mini-golf bar

There’s a stage that’s GoT-inspired, with a throne fashioned out of golf clubs

A far cry from the grungy dark interiors of its nightlife neighbours, Holey Moley is vivid and well-lit – which makes it way less intimidating for golf noobs. There are 3 courses in total, each one with 9 holes to beat. It’s all about having fun here, so everything is pretty beginner-friendly, with helpful caddies to guide you along if you require assistance.

It’s not mere child’s play though, so don’t let the colourful facade of the set-ups fool you. To shake things up, every course has a couple of particularly challenging stations that require more time and precision. And for a greater challenge, you’re supposed to let yourself have a max of 6 attempts per hole, so give it your best shot!

Pop culture references are littered all over, with a good number of stations featuring recognisable elements from shows like The Simpsons, Flintstones, and ET (or as they affectionately call it, E. Tee).

Pick the course on the first floor, and you’ll get to finish off your last 3 holes on a hella trippy note – in a dark room illuminated by glow-in-the-dark decor.

First, make your checkmate move on a neon-splattered chessboard, then get transported back to the 80s with Pacman. Finally, end it off by manoeuvring the ball across a giant pretzel.

“Baby’s got Pac”

There are locally-inspired stages specially for Singapore’s branch, such as one that looks like an upside-down hawker centre – complete with tissue packets for seat chope-ing – and another that resembles a Lego version of Marina Bay Sands.

Help…my bak chor mee…

MBS, with Godzilla instead of the Merlion.

All the set-ups here are designed to double up as photo spots, so don’t be shy – whip out your camera and strike a pose! Or 10. It’s a judge-free zone.

Look out for other photogenic areas within the sprawling grounds too, including a pair of neon angel wings against a cloud-painted wall, and a life-sized golf cart that you can actually climb into.

“Who’s your caddy?” 😉

Fans of witty wordplay will greatly appreciate the punny fluorescent signages all around.

“Get ready to kick some putt”

All equipment will be provided, from balls to putters and even visors, so just show up with some friends and you’re all set to par-tee. As a fun-sized individual who struggles with pool cue sticks, I was pleased to find that Holey Moley’s golf clubs come in different lengths – yay for such thoughtfulness.

Nope, not a gumball machine. You’ll be given a token to have your golf ball dispensed!

Fashionistas, fret not, you don’t have to dress like your grandpa to golf here. In fact, the staff told us that you can even play in heels, so come glammed up as you normally would at any other party spot!

The Caddyshack Bar

Unique cocktails at Holey Moley Singapore

All that swingin’ around is going to make you thirs-tee. So head to The Caddyshack Bar, and say “cheers” to Holey Moley’s crazy cocktails that could put Black Tap’s milkshakes to shame.

“Ready to putt loose?”

The Sugar Caddy ($19) is a fruity blend of peach schnapps, passionfruit, lime, and apple juice with Vodka. In a nod to our childhood days, this comes with a skewer of gummies and a packet of Pop Rocks.

While the cocktails are slightly pricier than what you might find at some bars, it was unanimous that they’re also stronger in alcohol content. Sizeable, too. I love how these OTT creations are palatably sweet without having a sickening syrupy taste.

Of course, there are regular drinks like Kaffir Lime Margaritas ($20) and Mai Tais ($21) for those who like their booze more “serious”. Draught beer, ciders, and wine are available too – it’s a tippling paradise!

Food at Holey Moley Singapore

In a place where food isn’t the main star of the show, you’d expect it to taste mediocre at best. But here, you can look forward to hearty Western grub that doesn’t compromise on taste or size.

We were wowed by the 1-Metre Mega Pizza ($58) for its sheer proportions – this gargantuan pizza can feed at least 5! Ours came in the cheekily-named Motherclucker flavour, with a topping of peri peri chicken, mozzarella, and capsicum. Other flavours include Beeferoni and 4 Cheese & Truffle.

Don’t worry, if you’re here on a first date and don’t want to unleash your inner food monster just yet, there are smaller 30cm Pizzas ($19-$22) which are good for sharing too.

We also recommend the Burgers, which come with coloured buns, alongside a side of fries and kimchi. The Hole In One ($25) was a winner among our meat-loving crew – with a tender beef patty, pulled beef brisket, cheddar, and smokey BBQ sauce.

Comfy booth seats with artificial greenery draped above

If you’re here just for bar bites, try the Tater Tots ($11), fried to crispy perfection and topped with cheese and garlic aioli.

View the full Holey Moley menu.

Game pricing at Holey Moley Golf Club

Inspired by Back to the Future

So, now that we’ve run through the course, here’s the big question: how much is the expected wallet damage?

Despite the common perception that golf is a game only for the wealthy, Holey Moley’s rates are reasonable, starting from just $20/person for a 9-hole session. Of course, the longer your session, the more value-for-money it’ll be; a 18-hole session costs $30/person, while a 27-hole one costs $40/person.

Teevel Knievel

Holey Moley golf bar at Clarke Quay

My first and only encounter with mini-golf prior to this was during a dreaded PE module back in secondary school, and I’m glad to report that this experience at Holey Moley has since given me a newfound appreciation for the game. While I still don’t see golf as a sport per se, I’ve since realised that it’s not just a retiree’s activity; There can be so much more to it than putting ball to hole if you go to the right places.

If bars with games and even bowling lanes no longer cut it for your nightlife-hunting clique, try your hand at the club – the golf sort, ha ha – and have a ball of a time at Holey Moley. Pre-bookings are needed, so do make a booking on Holey Moley’s website to secure your session.

[2022 update: The following promo has expired.]

Here’s an additional reason to head down to Holey Moley, especially if you’re a DBS/POSB Cardmember: from now till 31 March 2019, you’ll get 50% off^ your mini golf session for your choice of 9/18/27 holes. Simply enter the promo code LOVEDBS50 + the first 6 digits of your DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Card to enjoy the deal.

Even if you miss that window, take heart in knowing that there will still be a 20% off* promotion till 31 December 2019. Again, don’t forget to swipe your DBS/POSB Card in order to enjoy the promotion.

Note: Children under 18 are allowed in with adult supervision, but only till 8pm.

^Offer is applicable for both on-site purchase and online bookings.
*Offer is only applicable for on-site purchase.

Find out more about DBS’ promotion for Holey Moley here


Address: 3B River Valley Road, Singapore 179024
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 3pm-11pm | Sat-Sun 12pm-11pm
Contact: 3129 0000 | Holey Moley website
Nearest MRT station: Fort Canning

This post was brought to you by DBS.
Photography by Pichan Cruz.
Originally published on 4th December 2018. Last updated by Renae Cheng on 20th September 2022.

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