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healthy chinatownHealthy Chinatown
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We may not necessarily love the health remedies our grandparents doled out to us while we were kids, but we still accepted it anyway. After all, it is done in the name of health.

Now more than ever, keeping your body in tip-top condition is especially crucial. And to encourage this, Chinatown Singapore will be organising Healthy Chinatown – an initiative that will be taking place on 21st & 22nd March 2020 from 2PM-7PM.

Other than a sharing session from a herbalist, expect traditional street games and heritage tours to bring you on that nostalgic #throwback to the past. Best thing is, these activities are all free – so all you need to do is head down and have some fun.

Disclaimer: Temperature screenings and contact tracings will be conducted at the respective registrations. Do ensure you’re also practicing social distancing at all times.

Relive your childhood with traditional games like hopscotch


Every Singaporean would remember the time where we’d play games like chapteh or Five Stones with our neighbourhood kakis. And while smartphones have taken over our lives now, we still fondly look back upon those days.

Here, you can relive those memories by playing the numerous old-school games set up for your nostalgic pleasure. Look forward to activities like hopscotch and aeroplane chess which will hurtle you all the way back to your childhood days. 

Traditional Street Games
Date: 21st & 22nd March 2020
Time: 2PM-5PM
Locations: Pagoda Street, Sago Street, and Trengganu Street

Tour around Chinatown and appreciate Singapore’s heritage

sri mariamman templeSri Mariamman Temple
Image credit: @rutaleo

We all know that Singapore’s heritage runs deep, but when we’re constantly buried in work or school, we rarely take the time to appreciate it properly. 

Here’s how you can, though. There’ll be a free health and beauty tour conducted by the Society Tour Guide Singapore that will take you to spots that are brimming with history – like a former opium den as well as the Sri Mariamman Temple.  

trishaw tourImage credit: @thegoodguysbarber

Alternatively, you can take it even more old-school with a trishaw tour – also FOC. All you need to do is register, hop aboard, and you’ll be given a 10-minute heritage tour of the area. 

Health and Beauty tour
Date: 21st & 22nd March 2020
Time: 2PM-2.30PM & 4PM-4.30PM (30 minutes each)

Trishaw tour
Date: 21st & 22nd March 2020
Time: 2PM-4PM (10 minutes tour)

Learn how to make coffee the old-school way at a coffee workshop

coffee singapore

No matter how many Starbucks outlets pop up, nothing – and I mean, nothing – will take our love away from the local coffee culture. And if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at making coffee the Singaporean way, swing by the free coffee workshop.

Hosted by Nanyang Old Coffee, you’ll learn the in-and-outs of crafting your favourite blend of Singaporean coffee. There’ll also be refreshments in the form of kaya butter toast and traditional Chinese snacks, and at the end of it, you’ll walk out of it feeling like a local food connoisseur.

Coffee Workshop
Date: 21st & 22nd March 2020
Time: 3PM (30 minutes)

Pick up tips to keep healthy at the herbalist sharing session


No matter how old you are, we’ve all been plagued by mysterious aches or illnesses at some point. To find ways to prevent its return, be sure to pop by the herbalist sharing session. 

During this talk, you’ll discover the different herbs that can potentially build up your immunity, as well as the oils that combat various ailments. To attend, simply register at Eventbrite or Peatix for $2 and you’ll receive a wellness goodie bag worth $10, which consists of 3 surgical masks, anti-bacterial wipes and a bottled herbal drink.

Herbalist Sharing Session
Date: 21st & 22nd March 2020
Time: 5PM (30 minutes)

Healthy Chinatown at Chinatown Singapore

healthy chinatown streetImage credit: @vanessalowlp

Ensuring that our bodies remain fighting fit is extra crucial given the COVID-19 situation the past few months. Aside from staying hydrated, eating right, and getting some exercise, a few herbs or supplements on the side will also go a long way.

For additional ways to keep yourself healthy, be sure to hit up Chinatown Singapore on the 21st & 22nd March 2020. From 2PM-7PM, pick up some new health tips at their herbalist sharing session after soaking in all the heritage and culture the area has to offer. 

Apart from these activities, there’ll also be promotions aplenty waiting for you, such as Super Dream’s 1-for-1 yogurt rice drink as well as Gelatotiam’s $1 off for selected gelato flavours on Trengganu Street. Enjoy these deals while it lasts with a trip down to Chinatown this weekend!

Healthy Chinatown
Address: Smith Street, Chinatown Singapore
Date: 21st & 22nd March 2020
Time: 2PM-7PM

Find more information about Healthy Chinatown here

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Event Information
Healthy Chinatown
21 - 22 Mar 2020
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Things to note:

Smith Street, Chinatown Singapore

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