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Those looking to level up their homes need not look any further than marble even a tiny hint of its veiny patterns can create visual interest and add a classy touch to an otherwise boring room. Whether through the glossy finish of marble tiles or investing in a statement piece, there are many ways to make it a part of your home’s design. To kickstart your brainstorming, here are 4 marble interior design ideas for a luxurious flat:

1. Have a marble statement wall 

If you want to wow your guests from the moment they step in, a marble feature wall is exactly what you need – it certainly makes a striking focal point that’ll immediately capture their attention.

Black Marble Wall
Image credit: Charlotte’s Carpentry

Want an even more lavish look? Opt for glossy black marble with white veins to convey a sense of luxury. While using real marble can add up quickly, alternatives like quartz, wallpaper or special-effect paint can mimic the same look at a fraction of the price. 

Black Marble Wall
Image credit: Third Avenue Studio 

The living room is typically a popular choice: it’s often the most spacious area and your eyes will immediately be drawn to the feature wall once you step in. 

2. Mix marble with complementary design elements

While marble adds elegance to any space, having too much might be a little overwhelming – so you should aim to find a good balance between marble decor and other softer home accessories like soft throw pillows and round metallic pendant lights.

Marble Design
Image credit: Bowerman

Another easy way to keep the marble look in check is to pay more attention to your choice of materials. Natural elements like wood and bamboo will keep your home looking classy and interesting, rather than one-note. 

Marble Design
Image credit: Bowerman

3. Choose marble flooring

Marble flooring adds a sense of luxury and elegance, similar to what you might find in art museums or atas hotel lobbies. While these types of floors are usually found in the living room, you can include marble in other parts of your home. 

Marble FlooringImage credit: Charlotte’s Carpentry

For instance, having marble tiles in your kitchen or bathroom offers a stylish aesthetic to where you least expect it. 

Marble Design
Image credit: Fineline Design

That said, it’s impractical to deck out your entire HDB flat in marble. One alternative is to use porcelain tiles with a marbled pattern as a practical substitute as it’s easier to maintain and more pocket-friendly for your renovation.

4. Use marble built-ins and furnishings

Marble Table
Image credit: Third Avenue Studio

Other than using marble as a cladding for surfaces, you can also use it to make parts of your home stand out with statement built-ins. For instance, an elegant marble top island or table can do wonders for the look of your dining area.

Alternatively, you can include marble as a subtle accent by getting marble-topped coffee tables or chairs. 

Marble Countertop
Image credit: Charlotte’s Carpentry 

You can also achieve a similar effect by using marble for fixtures, such as cabinets, doors or even a bathroom sink counter.

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There are few materials as effective as marble in glamming up your home. From walls to floors, you can use it anywhere in the home. But to get the most out of this elegant material, you should seek professional advice from trusted interior designers who have the know-how to make your dream home a reality.

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