Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Awfully Chocolate’s Harry Potter Mooncake Collection

It’s mooncakes galore every time the Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around. Even if you’re not one to salivate over snow-skin mooncakes or covet premium ones from the likes of Goodwood Park Hotel and Raffles Hotel, Awfully Chocolate is giving Harry Potter fans an even better reason to sink their teeth into a mooncake this year.

Potterheads, feast your eyes upon the Harry Potter Mooncake Collection. Make no mistake though, this is no ordinary Harry Potter-inspired nosh but an official collab with Warner Bros designed right here on our little red dot. From four unique flavours representing each Hogwarts house to limited edition keepsakes, here’s what you can expect to get your hands on:

Comes in vintage Hogwarts chest & comes with limited edition ceramic plates

harry potter mooncakes
Image credit: Awfully Chocolate

We’ve long known that half of the reason why mooncakes command such extravagant prices is the packaging. But packaging is one why you’ll want to shell out for the Harry Potter Mooncake Collection.

In true wizarding fashion, the collection comes in a gold-trimmed, vintage chest that’s emblazoned with the Hogwarts logo – much like a mini version of Harry’s personal Hogwarts trunk.

Just as there are four houses in Hogwarts, you’ll find four mooncake tins sitting squarely in the plush, quilted interior of the chest. Each one represents the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

To add a touch of authenticity to it all, each purchase comes with an official certificate declaring the chest as an official product of the Wizarding World, and not some knockoff from Knockturn Alley.

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The Harry Potter Collector’s Edition Chest

Image credit: Awfully Chocolate

Serious Harry Potter fans can opt to purchase The Harry Potter Collector’s Edition Chest which comes with four limited-edition ceramic house plates for you to place your magical mooncakes on to help you envision yourself dining in The Great Hall. 

harry potter mooncakes
Image credit: Awfully Chocolate

Certainly keepsakes you’ll want to add to your Harry Potter collection of memorabilia at home. Fastest fingers first though, only limited sets are available!

Different flavours to represent each Hogwarts house

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Image credit: Awfully Chocolate

It doesn’t matter if the Sorting Hat has officiated you as a member of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, with this Harry Potter Mooncake Collection, you’ll be putting your personal biases aside to indulge in every house’s flavour. 

harry potter mooncakes
Image credit: Awfully Chocolate

True to each house’s colour palette, Gryffindor takes the form of a Red Yam Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake; Slytherin, a Matcha Black Sesame with Black & White Sesame Seeds; Ravenclaw, a bewitching Blue Pea Pu-Er Lotus with Melon Seeds; and Hufflepuff, Pumpkin White Lotus with Double Yolk. 

All mooncakes are carefully crafted at Awfully Chocolate’s bakery, so it isn’t all show and no go either.

Harry Potter Mooncakes from Awfully Chocolate

We’re used to seeing many a magical concoction of mooncake every Mid-Autumn Festival, but none as enchanting as this Harry Potter Mooncake Collection by Warner Bros. and Awfully Chocolate. 

The Harry Potter Mooncake Chest comprising four mooncakes is priced at $128 (GST included), and The Harry Potter’s Edition Chest complete with limited edition ceramic house plates will set you back $168 (GST included).

Place your pre-orders now on Awfully Chocolate’s website before the 22nd of August and you’ll get to enjoy their Early Bird Discount that’ll shave 10% off your final bill. You can also choose to have the mooncakes delivered to your door, gifted to a friend or opt for self-collection.

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Cover image adapted from: Awfully Chocolate

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