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Hari Raya gifts - cover

9 Hari Raya Gifts For Your Muslim Friends That Are Both Bougie & Practical From $19.90

Best Hari Raya gifts 

Hari Raya, or Eid al-Fitr, is right around the corner. That means house visiting, iconic songs like Satu Hari Di Hari Raya and Sesuci Lebaran filling the air, and feasting delicious traditional Malay dishes and kueh.

If you’ve been invited by your friends to go to an open house this Raya and they’ve already cooked up a storm, you may be wondering what gifts you can get so you don’t show up empty-handed. Don’t panic, here are some thoughtful Hari Raya gifts you can get your Muslim friends.

1. Quran bookmark ($19.90) 

Hari Raya gifts - quran bookmark
Image credit: The Islamic Gift Store 

If your friend is an avid Quran reader, this rose gold bookmark ($19.90) from The Islamic Gift Store makes a classy gift for Eid. It serves dual purpose, and can also be used as a pointer when they read the Quran.

The bookmark has gorgeous calligraphy detailing that reads “Rabbi Zidni ‘Ilma”, which means “O My Lord, increase me in knowledge”. The bookmark comes in a magnetic gift box, you you don’t have to worry about wrapping it up – plus, there’s also an option to engrave your friend’s name at the side for an additional $10.

Where to buy: The Islamic Gift Store 

2. Keto-friendly halal kueh (from $38.50) 

Hari Raya gifts - keto-friendly kueh
Image credit: via Instagram

Just because you or your friends are health conscious doesn’t mean you need to stop indulging in yummy kuehs this Hari Raya. Keto Junkie is a Muslim-owned kitchen where you can get keto-friendly goodies, which means they are high-fat and low-carbs.

If someone you know if FOMO-ing on yummy kueh tart and makmur this year, cheer them up by gifting Keto Junkie’s coffee sugee, almond-butter chocolate rolls, rotibaby, and ondeh ondeh rolls. Prices are upon enquiry, but a set of ondeh-ondeh rolls cost $38.50.

​​Where to buy: Keto Junkie’s Whatsapp

3. Travel edition oud perfume (from $55)

SIFR Aromatics
Image credit: @somakuro via Instagram

In case you didn’t know, Muslims are advised not to wear perfume scents with alcohol, especially when they’re doing their prayers. That’s where oud, also called agarwood, comes in. It’s extracted from the resinous heartwood of agar trees that are primarily found in Southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh. They’re also believed to have spiritual and therapeutic benefits.

SIFR aromatics
Image credit: SIFR Aromatics

Unlike the usual perfumes, oud is free from alcohol. SIFR Aromatics scents make a great gift idea for your friends. The travel editions (from $55) feature 10ml EDP bottles, available in sets of 2, 4, or 6 scents. Depending on your preference, choose from a variety of scents such as Ainur, Amber Bomb, and Amethyst.

Where to buy: SIFR Aromatics website

Address: 42 Arab Street, Singapore 199741
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11am-8pm | Sun-Mon 11am-5pm
Contact: 6392 1966

4. Eid Mubarak scented candle ($28.96) 

Hari Raya gifts - Eid mubarak scented candle
Image credit: Etsy 

Candles have the unfair reputation of being “basic gifts” – but this Eid Mubarak candle ($28.60) from Etsy might just change your mind. Not only will it give your their home a fresh scent and warm atmosphere, but it also comes in a gorgeous rustic package complete with mini candles.

Eid Mubarak candle
Image credit: Etsy

Depending on your chosen aesthetic, these candles come in a black or white jar with a wooden lid. There’s also a wide selection of scents including Fig & Lotus, Strawberries & Cream, Candy Cane, and Pomegrenate.

Where to buy: Etsy

5. Travel prayer mat ($29) 

Hari Raya gifts - sejadah
Image credit: Swingstore 

A travel sejadah, or prayer mat, is a great gift idea for that super disciplined friend who prays 5 times a day. Swingstore’s travel prayer mat ($29) fold into a 20cm x 12cm pocket-friendly square. This ensures that they can pray anytime and anywhere – whether in the office, when they’re out and about in Singapore, or while travelling.

They’re waterproof too, which makes them perfect for people who need to pray while outdoors like camping or picnicking.

Where to buy: Swingstore’s website

6. Travel telekung ($22.79) 

Hari Raya gifts - travel sejadah
Image credit: Shopee 

Besides the prayer mat, Muslims will also have to cover up when doing their daily prayers. Pair the pocket-friendly sejadah with an Alf Travel Telekung ($22.79), which comes in different colours such as navy peony, blackberry wine, albert green and deep teal.

Whether or not your female friend is a hijabi, gifting her a telekung is a thoughtful gift. The travel telekung is perfect for those who are constantly on the go, so they don’t have to bring a massive bag to carry their prayer essentials with them.

Where to buy: Shopee

7. Dates berries tea ($19.90) 

Tea Cottage
Image credit: Tea Cottage 

Hari Raya is often a time where your Muslim friends are constantly entertaining guests. They’ll appreciate this Dates Berries Tea (from $19.90), which would make a healthier alternative to the usual bottled iced tea that tend to be much sweeter.

It’s a blend of red dates, wolfberries, and dried longan, said to promote graceful aging. After all, it’s anti-oxidant, aids digestion, promotes youthful-looking skin, and is high in vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Hari Raya gifts - tea cottage
Image credit: Tea Cottage

Your gift for Eid will come in a beautifully packaged box and starts from $19.90 for 12 sachets – but you also have the option to get 18 at $27.90 or 24 at $35.90.

Where to buy: Tea Cottage

8. Colour Me Mats ($29.90) 

Hari Raya gifts - Colour Me mats
Image credit: The Islamic Gift Store 

If your friends have aspiring Picassos on their hands, these Colour Me Mats ($29.90) would make the perfect gift for Eid. The colouring page depicts kids celebrating Hari Raya, with symbolism like ketupats, mosques, and kids playing with sparklers.

Image credit: The Islamic Gift Store 

Once the young ones are done colouring in, the canvas doubles up as a mat with BPA-free silicone with raised edges around the border, ensuring little to no food spills. Plus, it can handle temperatures up to 230°C. It’s sized at 26 x 40cm, and is the ideal solution for hassle-free mealtimes.

Where to buy: The Islamic Gift Store

9. New Moon gift set ($59) 

Hari Raya gifts - lush
Image credit: Lush Cosmetics

You can’t go wrong with Lush Cosmetics when gifting. The New Moon Gift Set ($59) comes packaged in a gift box with colourful artwork by a Malaysian artist, with depictions of a crescent moon, a symbol usually seen during Eid.

The set contains the brand’s Oudhess shower gel made with oudh oil and Crescent Moon soap, both limited edition products for 2024. Trust us, your giftee will be smelling lush when going out Raya visiting.

Where to buy: Lush website or in stores. View a full list of Lush outlets in Singapore.

Surprise your friends with these Hari Raya gifts

You no longer have to think hard about what you should get your Muslim friends when going Raya visiting this year. Whether you’re getting them a gorgeous bookmark or rolling up with keto-friendly kueh and date berries tea, these Hari Raya gifts are almost foolproof.

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Cover image adapted from: Etsy, The Islamic Gift Store