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50 Reasons Singapore Will Always Be Home

Happy Birthday, Singapore


Credit: Sheng Long Photography

The great thing about the 9th of August is that it gives you a shameless excuse to celebrate the best things about Singapore — excessive food intake, loud noises and taking out that flag you keep in your bomb shelter for display once a year.

Despite all the imperfections of this nation and YouTube rants on why some people may not be proud to be Singaporean, we still have good reasons to love this place. In fact, we have 50. On our Nation’s 50th birthday, we give you a story on why Singapore will always be my home.


1. Welcome to Singapore




2. There is no shame in ‘public housing’ 


b2ap3_thumbnail_HDB.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_HDB2.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_HDB3.jpgLike these? Check out 15 Singapore homes so beautiful you won’t believe they’re HDB flats.


3. And public transport rides are not always awful



4. Every Singaporean kid has contributed to this garden city


b2ap3_thumbnail_BY3ziGGCQAAkPVx.jpgSource: Mumsgather


5. But some kids recognize others’ contributions as well


b2ap3_thumbnail_977617_672575036093302_1092550555_o.jpgLike this two-year-old who gives out sweets daily to construction workers working near his home. Read about it here.


6. We are a pretty confident bunch of people


b2ap3_thumbnail_anf.jpgSource: BicoastalBitchin


7. Who are unafraid of some PDA with strangers


b2ap3_thumbnail_1462603_669767769712838_2087746352_o.jpgSource: Humans of Singapore

Upgraded from free hugs to free kisses already.


8. Because we know that sharing is caring


b2ap3_thumbnail_1048054_401871739919253_1171048919_o.jpgSource: The People of Singapore


9. Our uniformed groups make us laugh


b2ap3_thumbnail_scdftwitter3.PNGb2ap3_thumbnail_scdftwitter2.PNGSource: Twitter 


10. And sometimes they make us slightly teary


b2ap3_thumbnail_1888720_686985074699014_1591352647_n.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_10153654_686985421365646_351145665_n.jpgSource: Republic of Singapore Navy Facebook

Heartbreaking photos of the Navy men bidding farewell to their loved ones before embarking on Operations Blue Sapphire for three months.


11. We hate to admit it but we are a little weird sometimes


b2ap3_thumbnail_chope.jpgSource: The Huffington Post 


12. Doing eye exercises before recess


Source: eye-exercise-for-good-vision


13. And the things that make us happy are definitely one-of-a-kind


Source: SGAG Facebook


14. We enjoy drinking our favourite beverages out of little plastic bags


b2ap3_thumbnail_kopitabao.jpgSource: Vanessa Poh 


15. And we eat bread with ice cream



16. We all tell white lies, sometimes.


b2ap3_thumbnail_excuse-me.jpgSource: The Little Drom Store 

Translation: Behind, Hot!


17. Love him or hate him, we have one of the greatest politicians alive


b2ap3_thumbnail_limpeh.jpgSource: skl0 


18. Who can be quite trendy


b2ap3_thumbnail_BQLNJ8KCMAAVXCn.jpgSource: Twitter

#newbalance #ootd


19. His son, our current Prime Minister, knows how to have fun sometimes


b2ap3_thumbnail_LHL.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_LHL2.PNGSource: Lee Hsien Loong Twitter 


20. We dance to the same beat



21. And when we come together we create a wave




22. And of course, FOOOOOOD


b2ap3_thumbnail_food.jpgSource: SGfoodonfoot


23. Our love for cheap, good food transcends generations



24. Despite the crazy amount of calories we consume, we are still one of the world’s healthiest countries



Source: Bloomberg


25. All thanks to The Great Singapore Workout, I guess?



26. Or the upgraded Great Singapore Workout?



27. We are very serious about education


b2ap3_thumbnail_apq2jd9_700b.jpgSource: 9gag 

Location: National Junior College


28. But we bend rules for the love of World Cup


b2ap3_thumbnail_10502117_10152256884677029_8233056087565670633_n.jpgSource: 987FM Facebook 


29. And we are happy to share this love with others


b2ap3_thumbnail_ST_20140627_VNAWCOWORLDCUP_443188e_0.jpgThis Singaporean moves his TV set outside his landed property so that everyone can enjoy watching World Cup. Read about it here.


30. We retain our sense of humour even in the midst of exams


Source: Twitter 


31. Superheroes are everywhere in Singapore


Source: Betshopboy


32. Everywhere


Source: STOMP 




Source: Language Log


34. Though sometimes, not without irony


b2ap3_thumbnail_batman.PNGSource: BBC 

It is a tough name to live up to.


35. Dear Justice, where art thou?


b2ap3_thumbnail_justice-tnp.jpgSource: The New Paper 


36. But you don’t need superpowers to do good


Source: Twitter 


37. To those we often take for granted


b2ap3_thumbnail_GtOrEot.pngSource: imgur


38. And even to the most unexpected ones living among us


Source: Twitter 


39. And non-living things



Source: Shocking Facts Archive 


40. Sometimes we can do it in unexpected ways


b2ap3_thumbnail_551yahoo_isaacandruby.jpgSource: Deborah Choo 


41. And it definitely is possible to love thy enemies


Source: STOMP 


42. There are definitely still sides of Singapore that we have not seen


Source: Justin Ng 


43. Stories that we have not heard



44. And people that we have not met



45. Perhaps it’s all about your perspective



46. The world may mock us



47. A lot



48. But this song will always get us



49. So much so that we did our own version



50. Happy birthday, Singapore