Big Changes Start with Small Choices



I get snail-mailed bank statements every month. I open the letters, take a 5 second look at what I already know, then throw them away. It’s a pointless cycle I perpetuate. And it’s all because I’ve been too lazy to go to my bank websites and tick the box that says “have all paper statements delivered to you digitally.

I’m sure I’ve seen the banks prompt me with pop-ups whenever I log into my online account. But my anti-spam reflexs are strong and I click close before I even bother to read a word they say.

We may not know it, but small things like paper statements all add up. Because when millions of Singaporeans out there perpetuate this, it isn’t a small problem any more. Thousands of trees end up getting needlessly destroyed. I am no hippie tree-hugger, but one of the things I love about Singapore is how it’s so green and how we’re surrounded by so many trees.

This is just one example which will not apply to everyone. But there are many things we could do to help safeguard our environment. And it all starts with a small decision by us to make a big change.


How You Can Make a Change Today


When I think about it, there are plenty of things I do that hurt the environment. I feel ashamed so I try to distract myself and look at TSL memes. But it’s time for me to man up and make a change.

I’m going to be more conscious of my actions, starting from this very moment.

  1. I’m going to spend the next 5 minutes hopping on bank websites and ticking all those digital statement boxes. 

  2. I’m going to stop wasting paper by printing on double sided paper. And that starts by finding out how to do so. Because sadly, I never bothered to put in the effort before this.

  3. I’m going to buy that environment friendly bag at Cold Storage so I stop feeding the plastic bag industry.


Remember that it only takes a small decision to make a big change and that can start with one simple step to make a pledge that would help you stick to your commitment. Join me and make a wish now at the Kleenex pledge page.

This isn’t just some PR spiel. Because Kleenex has committed themselves to planting a real tree in Singapore for every 20 wishes they receive! Yeap, every wish you make is 5% of the reason a new tree is planted.

As part of its new FSC* certified product launch, Kleenex wants to help Singaporeans understand how small changes made in the household can bring about long-term benefits for the environment. 

*The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – an independent, non-profit organisation whose goal is to protect forests for future generations. 

This post is part of TSL community – our initiative to use our readership to raise awareness for charities and important social issues in Singapore.