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Brand Alliance announces Influential Brands Awards 2014

About Influential Brands



The Samsung versus Apple and Gong Cha versus Koi debates are over. Brand Alliance’s Influential Brands Award answers just that for all of us.

Recognizing the efforts of Singapore and Asia-based brand heroes to connect with its consumers, this award celebrates the brands who have clicked well with us – the local shoppers. 

One study revealed that we are exposed to 5000 brand messages each day and we are already wondering how these brands stand out from the non-stop blitz of advertising messages and clutter. 

Last year, brands like Coca Cola, Gong Cha and Old Chang Kee won the hearts of Singaporean youths. Interestingly, NTUC Fairprice was also recognised as the top supermarket among youngsters.


Highlights of 2013:


Determining the most Influential Brands in Singapore


If you imagine a panel of old men and CEOs in tailored business suits sitting around a table debating about the winners of the Influential Brands Award, you got it all wrong.

Decided entirely by face-to-face interviews conducted with more than 3000 respondents at more than 30 locations in Singapore, this is a one-of-a-kind award that includes an in depth research that seeks to understand our preferences.


Influential Brands 2014


This year, the award expanded to 36 categories and featured brands from F&B, fashion, electronics, insurance and because Singapore is a tuition-nation: tuition centres.

Some brands which have captured the hearts of both Gen Y in 2013 and Gen X in 2014 include household names such as ToastBox, NTUC FairPrice, DBS Bank, Gong Cha, Old Chang Kee, Din Tai Fung, Clinique and Watsons among others. 

While there were some stereotypes on the Gen X population in Singapore as being price conscious, they are also rather discerning when it comes to benefits, value and convenience in relation to prices. They are also less influenced by recommendations, except when making property decisions.

Gen X Singaporeans are also increasingly distracted on multiple screens: While print is still highly relevant as a source of news for them, online and social platforms are rising to be preferred news sources, with Facebook leading as top choice for digital news platform.

“With increasing shifts in consumer behaviour driven by technology and digital platforms, both local and international brands are communicating with a distracted group of consumers. The window to capture attention and purchase decisions has shifted from traditional retail to include alternative platforms and this spells opportunities for brands to increase conversion for online platforms or increase engagement through multiple channels at various points of a consumer decision journey,” said Mr Jorge Rodriguez, Director of Strategy at Influential Brands.



The folks from Brand Alliance also introduced the Influential Brands app, which allows us to have access to exclusive discounts to the winning brands. As if we need another reason to like our favourite brands, but we can’t say no to good bargains.

The list of top brands for 2014 are available on