Lobsters, Oysters, Wines & Spirits Festival


Christmas is coming in less than 2 weeks so if you’ve yet to begin holiday shopping, now’s a good time to start. With a slew of boxes to check off like presents and Christmas dinner shopping, it’s more convenient to get them from one place.

Enter habitat by honestbee.

From now till 26th December 2018, the high tech retail and dining space is having the Lobsters, Oysters, Wines & Spirits Festival which will take the festivities to new heights. From live seafood to wine classes and truffle-tastic Christmas dishes, here’s what you can expect.


1. Tuck into live premium seafood like oysters and lobsters


As much as we love oysters, there’s admittedly a limited variety being served in most restaurants. Thankfully, the ones sold here are farmed from a variety of countries, allowing for a greater range of flavour profiles.

We tried the Live Irish Premium Oysters, and loved how dense and creamy they were.

But that’s not the only live seafood here. From just $19.90, splurge on a big juicy Boston lobster. You can even get a chef to josper-grill it on the spot at Campfire for an additional $8 – making it the freshest grilled lobster you’ll sink your teeth into.


2. Drink and learn about the different types of wine through tasting workshops


More wine is always fine. This Christmas, gain a deeper appreciation for the stuff that makes office parties more entertaining with wine-tasting classes that’ll have you sampling the likes of a 2015 Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet and a Chateau Barde Haut 2016.

Classes* start from $5 but if you wanna go all out, spring for the masterclass with lobster and oyster pairing at $48.

*Tickets can be found here.


3. Snap a picture inside a giant gingerbread house, with life-sized gingerbread men


Hansel and Gretel have got nothing on the giant gingerbread house here. Standing at 4 metres high, it even has life-sized gingerbread men inside!

You can adorn the exterior with macarons and marshmallows by purchasing a Gingerbread Christmas Set ($15) which includes a gingerbread cookie, Christmas-themed drink and honestbee plushie.


4. Indulge in a savoury Christmas dinner that’s as good as a home cooked meal


Christmas dinner is one of those sacred things that needs to be executed perfectly. However, not all of us have the time or skills to whip up a Gordon Ramsay-approved feast.

Throw your guests into thinking they’re dining at a fancy restaurant with the gorgeous dishes you can get here like the Truffle Beef Short Ribs Fettuccine ($18.90) and Lamb Cutlets with Ras El Hanout ($26.90).

Braised for 12 hours in red wine and cooked in its own jus, the ribs were extremely fork-tender. Similarly, despite their charred finish, the cutlets were very moist and succulent.


5. Complete your Christmas shopping with groceries, cakes and giant candies


While you’re here, take advantage of the 60,000 square foot space and finish your Christmas shopping. Fill your cart with over 300 wine and spirits labels, gift hampers and decadent cakes.

You can even go ham on gigantic candies that’ll score you extra points like the Hershey’s Giant Kisses ($10.90) and Toblerone Giant Chocolate Bar ($9.90).


Celebrate Christmas with habitat by honestbee


This Christmas, give your heart to habitat by honestbee and get back a huge bundle of joy like live seafood, delicious holiday dinners and even wine tasting classes. For a greater reason to splash the cash, use the promo code “HABITAT5” on the ComfortDelGro app and get $5 off your ride when you travel to and from there, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Shopping there is also a thing of simplicity as everything is automated; so you can just push your cart into the checkout point and they’ll take care of the scanning and packing for you.

Find out more about The Lobsters, Oysters, Wines & Spirits Festival here!

This post was brought to you by honestbee.