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Giant Hershey's chocolate honestbeeImage adapted from: @thanyatp

Some people seem to have everything under the sun, which makes it difficult to choose a gift for them for Christmas. But one thing’s for certain: you can’t go wrong with food – and we’re not talking about generic vouchers for pizza.

honestbee has a quirky Christmas range of edible goodies perfect for that secret Santa gift, or to stock up your party pantry stash with. And the best part is that you get to order everything from the comfort of your home. From giant 2kg candy bars to chocolate Scrabble sets flown in from all over the world, here are some of their unique items you’d be hard-pressed to find at most stores in Singapore:

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1. Scrabble milk chocolate

Scrabble chocolate honestbeeImage credit: honestbee

Your mom might have told you not to play with your food in the past, but in this case, it’s perfectly acceptable. The Games for Motion Scrabble with Milk Chocolate Pieces ($26.90) will let you have a wholesome round of fun – before you devour all the tasty playing tiles.

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2. Brandy- and cinnamon-flavoured Christmas coffee

Little's Christmas Coffee honestbeeImage credit: Dotteas

While a mulled cocktail sounds like the perfect way to start a morning, it probably isn’t a great idea getting tipsy so early. The next best alternative? Little’s Infused Instant Coffee in Christmas Spirit ($8.90) – a festive jar of Arabica with flavours of orange, brandy, cinnamon and vanilla. Great as a perk-me-up as you’re getting through the work day in a holiday mood.

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3. Non-alcoholic sparkling rose wine

Belvoir Non-alcoholic Rose Wine HonestbeeImage credit: Belvoir Fruit Farms

Guzzling drinks is fun, but the potential hangover and throwing up that follows isn’t. Stay classy during your house party with the Belvoir Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Wine ($7.90), which comes with the same fizzy buzz and fruity sweetness that regular pink vino has.

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4. Brandy butter caramel sauce

Joe & Seph's Brandy Butter Caramel Sauce honestbeeImage credit: @joeandseph

Take dessert time up a notch with Joe & Seph’s Brandy Butter Caramel Sauce ($12.50), a smooth, treacly mixture infused with double cream and 5% French Brandy. Drizzle it over ice cream, layer it in cakes as a filling, or simply spread it on toast – you decide!

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5. Panettone wrapped like a bon bon

Panettone bon bon honestbeeImage credit: Ocello

What looks like a giant bon bon here is actually a panettone, cleverly disguised in festive wrapping. Make someone’s day by presenting them with this Virginia Traditional Low Bake Panettone in Bon Bon Wrapping ($46.95), a cake-like bread loaf with dried fruit.

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6. Giant Crunch bar

Giant Crunch chocolate honestbeeImage adapted from: Ray Laquindanum

We all know a chocoholic who’s always seen with a chocolate bar in hand. When munching on the mini version isn’t enough, help them satiate their cravings with the giant Nestle Crunch Bar ($23.50) – an upgraded 453.5g version of the classic crisped rice milk chocolate.

Giant Crunch chocolate honestbeeImage credit: honestbee

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7. Gluten-free Christmas pudding

Matthew Walker gluten free Christmas pudding honestbeeImage credit: honestbee

What’s a Christmas celebration without some pudding? Tuck into the moist Matthew Walker Gluten Free Christmas Pudding ($23.50), big enough for a party of 4. Like any other good traditional pudding, this comes with glace cherries, mixed fruits, brandy, and sherry.

Tip: steam before eating for better texture and aroma.

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8. Dairy-free “eggnog”

Good Karma dairy free eggnog honestbeeImage credit: Good Karma

If you’re lactose intolerant but still wish to get a taste of eggnog, here’s the Dairy Free Good Karma Holiday Nog ($7.90) – an plant-based alternative that won’t give you the runs. This is devoid of soy and nuts too, so those with allergies can rest easy. What’s more, each cholesterol-free carton is packed with Omega 3.

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9. Unique marmalade flavours like pink grapefruit and lemon & lime

Mrs Bridges honestbeeImage credit: honestbee

If your spirit animal is Paddington Bear, you’d be familiar with marmalade, a citrusy jam that goes great with bread, cake, and crackers. While typically made from oranges, the Mrs Bridges Breakfast Collection ($15.50) brings the best of 4 zesty flavours in a gift-ready box set: Fine Cut Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Orange with Stem Ginger, and Lemon & Lime.

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10. Supersized 2.26kg Hershey’s bar

Giant Hershey's chocolate honestbeeImage credit: @thanyatp

Chocolate makes anyone happy, but supersize it and you’ll have them grinning like they’ve just won a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Hershey’s Big Bar Milk Chocolate ($88.90) isn’t merely larger than the average candy bar – it’s a whole 2.26kg slab of joy.

Giant Hershey's chocolate honestbeeImage credit: honestbee

To put things into perspective, a regular Hershey’s bar is about 40g, so this is exactly 56.5 times the size. Talk about massive!

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11. English sage and roast onion stuffing

Chicken or turkey stuffing honestbeeImage credit: honestbee

Skip the hassle of preparing the stuffing for your Christmas roast, and get the ready-made Shropshire Spice English Sage and Roast Onion White Crumb Stuffing Mix ($5.90) instead. With its fragrant herbiness, this goes well with chicken, turkey, and pork.

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Get giant chocolate, wine, and cakes on honestbee for Christmas 2018

honestbee Christmas collectionImage credit: honestbee

Christmas potluck parties and gift exchanges will be a breeze now that you’ve got a whole bunch of ideas from honestbee’s Christmas catalogue. And you won’t even have to leave your house to get these items when you can shop on their website or handy app (iOS, Android).

These are just some of the offerings in their virtual marketplace – there’s a lot more to check out, like stocking stuffers, festive decorations, and beautifully boxed snacks suitable for presents.

What’s more, new users get to enjoy $15 off a minimum spending of $40 with the code “TSLHB15”. This will expire after 31 Dec 2018, so make your purchases quick before the holiday season is over!

Find out more about honestbee’s Christmas range here!

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