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 So Chinese New Year is just round the corner and you don’t feel like dealing with kaypoh relatives. Or maybe visiting isn’t on your to-do list. But don’t waste the long weekend – instead spend that precious time belting out K-pop hits or even shooting zombies at Suntec City.

Here’s what you can jio your friends to instead of lounging about at home.

P.S. Read to the end and find out how to get on the guest list to a themed club!


1. Shoot zombies at Zero Latency


Sure your Xbox is pretty cool, but have you tried VR multi-gaming? At Zero Latency, get ready to kill zombies or see your avatar defy gravity in a fantasy land.  

As we were briefed for the game, we were given a backpack with headphones and VR goggles attached to it. I felt like a ghostbuster in that get-up. We were ready to shoot some zombies!

Shooting zombies at zero latency suntec city

We played 2 games – the first being Engineerium, where we had to defy gravity and solve puzzles as a team to proceed. 

Zero Latency Suntec zombie survival

Next, we played Zombie Survival, a 15-minute game of utter chaos. We had 2 main tasks: defend our base and kill as many zombies as possible. If you like Counter-Strike, you’ll enjoy Zombie Survival. The best part? We got to use a “rifle”.

The gameplay is rather simple too, just shoot at the green targets to rebuild your safe house and aim at any zombies approaching. The player with the most kills win. 

Suntec City Zero Latency Room

This immersive experience is surreal and you may even walk out of Zero Latency with a distorted view on reality. Definitely would pick this over sitting on the couch and tampering with a mobile device.

Game Packages:
1. 1x Engineerium and 1x Zombie Survival (30 minutes): $59/pax
2. 2x Zombie survival sessions (30 mins): $59/pax
3. 1x Singularity session (30 mins): $59/pax

*All above stated are limited period introductory price.

Note: The first 88 pairs to book online at Zero Latency with quote “PERFECTPAIR” will enjoy $10 OFF**! Now, how’s that for an auspicious start to the new year!

**Only valid from 1 Feb to 28 Feb 2018, with a min. booking of 2 pax. Other T&Cs apply.

Address: #03-346/347, East Wing (Between Towers 3 & 4) 
Opening hours during CNY: 15 Feb: 11am – 10pm, 16 Feb: 12pm – 9pm , 17 Feb: 10am – 11pm, 18 Feb: 11am – 10pm
Telephone: +65 6931 0331


2. Chat over a hearty meal at Mad for Garlic


Group activities usually comprise of a bunch of friends chatting over a nice meal. To that end, add Mad For Garlic to your list. This garlic-themed restaurant from Korea serves Italian cuisine with a Korean twist and will please foodies looking to try something new.

Mad for Garlic suntec city

Take your tastebuds on a wild ride with the Dancing Salsa Rice with Beef ($21.50) or the thin-crusted Garlic Snowing Pizza ($23.50) where you can eat many slices without that jelat feeling.

mad for garlic

(Left to right clockwise) Garlic Snowing Pizza, Yuja Ade, Wine Ade, Dancing Salsa Rice with Beef, Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza, Honey Dip, Orange Ade, Lemon Ade, Mad Party Platter

But for the truly hungry, order the Mad Party Platter ($88) to share. Sink your teeth into a tender rib-eye steak, BBQ Chicken, lamb chops, crispy garlic shrimps and pork sausages. With every order, you’ll also get a free Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza ($20.50)!

To wash it all down, try the crowd favourite Yuja Ade or speciality drink Wine Ade – a blend of soda and Cabernet Sauvignon; so you can toast to the new year in style. 

Address: #02-300/301, West Wing (next to Convention Centre) 
Opening hours during CNY: 15 Feb: 11AM – 3PM, 17- 18 Feb : 11.30AM – 10PM
Telephone: 6238 1930


3. Play to win at Cow Play Cow Moo


Cow Play Cow Moo

Cow Play Cow Moo is one of Singapore’s largest arcades and has more than 200 games available, including popular claw machines, basketball, fishing and even space invaders. 

Cow Play Cow Moo Spongebob and Wizard of Oz coin dozers

Spongebob and Wizard of Oz coin dozers are popular picks. 

The game machines here operate with tokens, which lends Cow Play Cow Moo just the right touch of nostalgia. 

These can be purchased in denominations of $2, $5, $10 and $20. By spending $20 on tokens, an additional $5 worth of tokens will be dispensed. This makes each token $0.16 – yup, that’s just a small percentage of all the ang bao money collected.

Cow Play Cow Moo Ball drop machine

With such a wide range of games, there are even a few “sure win” machines that you can play purely for the shiok feeling. For instance, this Ball Drop machine. All you have to do to win is have the ball drop and land on a big number. Extra tickets if it hits the JACKPOT hole!

Cow play cow moo prizes

Also, unlike smaller arcades, Cow Play Cow Moo offers legit prizes in exchange for your tickets. You could win this huge Toy Story 3 Lots-o’-huggin’ bear, Unicorn plushie or even a Rilakkuma mega plush

If stuffed toys aren’t for you, try your hand at tech goodies like the iPad Pro, OPPO A57 mobile phone, PlayStation®4 consoles and Skullcandy headphones!

Address:  #03-372, East Wing (Between Towers 3 & 4)
Opening hours during CNY: 15-18 Feb: 11AM – 1AM


4. Enter beast mode at the Fight zone


Fight zone suntec city kicking

All that bak kwa, pineapple tarts and love letters could turn into some serious love handles if we don’t burn those calories. Thankfully, Fight Zone is there to help us work up a sweat and maintain our physique this CNY. 

Fight zone suntec city punching

At Fight Zone, you will learn 30 Muay Thai moves and burn 500 calories in 1 session. The holistic workout routine helps you work different muscle groups.

fight zone suntec city mountain climbers

When we weren’t at the machines, we did exercises like mountain climbers, planks and even jumping jacks.These are set across 9 stations which aim to get your heart rate up to 90% of your maximum, as that burns up more calories and increases metabolism.

fight zone suntec city heart rate board

Different colours represent the effort that users exert based on their maximum heart rate.

By tracking your heart rate with colour codes, the training gets far more effective!

Working out at fight zone

A few of the many exercises done in 30 minutes at Fight Zone.

Address: #03-327, North Wing (Between Towers 1 & 2)
Opening hours during CNY: 15 Feb: 7am – 4pm, 16 & 17 Feb: 11am – 3pm, 20 Feb: 7am – 7pm


5. Chill with friends at Olivia and Co


Olivia and Co

If you’re bored after a long day of playing poker or mahjong at home, head out to Olivia and Co, a fun all-day bistro that’s perfect for tea time with your friends.

Olivia and Co Iced Rose Latte, Green Matcha Milkshake,Tiger Truffle Prawn Pasta, C++ Fresh Juice, Rock & Rolla Waffles, Crabmeat and Scrambled Eggs, Rainbow Cake and Hot Chocolate

(Left to right clockwise) Iced Rose Latte, Green Matcha Milkshake,Tiger Truffle Prawn Pasta, C++ Fresh Juice, Rock & Rolla Waffles, Crabmeat and Scrambled Eggs, Rainbow Cake and Hot Chocolate 

Get your hunger sated with super instagrammable mains such as the Crabmeat and Scrambled Eggs ($14) – scrambled eggs with blue swimmer crab meat served on brioche toast – and the flavourful Tiger Truffle Prawn Pasta ($21).

Else, those with a sweet tooth can try the Rock & Rolla Waffles ($16), waffles decorated with fresh berries and topped with soft vanilla ice cream. Wash it all down with their Green Matcha Milkshake ($7.50) or some C++ Fresh Juice ($8) if you’re feeling a little more health-conscious.  

Olivia and Co Lucky draw

That’s not all, a  lucky draw voucher is given with every $30 spent. Stand a chance to win a trip to Paris for 2.

Address:  #01-481/481A/483/483A, North Wing (Between Towers 1 & 2)
Opening hours during CNY: 15 – 18 Feb: 10AM –  9PM
Telephone: +65 6337 2518


6. Jam to the latest hits at Teo Heng KTV


Teo heng karaoke room suntec city

Something about being in a tiny room with loud microphones helps you bond as you belt your best musical number, with no fear of judgement. Yes, no list of group outings would ever be complete without mentioning this classic activity; that’s right, it’s karaoke time.

suntec city teo heng karaoke exterior

From K-pop to Indo-pop, there is bound to be something at Teo Heng for everybody. There are 3 room sizes to choose from: small ($8/hour), medium ($10/hour) or large ($12/hour) – so you can even accommodate your entire extended family if you’d like. 

Note: Packages come in three hour blocks and have varying prices according to room size. So make sure you call to check and make a reservation before you drop by!

Address: #03-380 to 382, East Wing (Between Towers 3 & 4)
Opening hours during CNY: 15 Feb: 1pm – 5pm, 18 Feb: 2pm – 1am
Telephone: 6884 6266


7. Sing in a box at Mbar.SG Mini-Ktv


Sing in a box at Mbar.SG Mini-Ktv at suntec city

If you’ve forgotten to book your karaoke session at Teo Heng but die die must sing Jay Chou’s new song, check out these Mbar.SG Mini-Ktv karaoke booths planted around the mall. 

Mbar.SG Mini-Ktv at suntec city - friends singing karaoke

Don’t worry about not having a private room for you to let loose and sing because Mbar.SG Mini-Ktv is a sound-proof booth. You can scream the lyrics to your favourite songs and passersby would be none the wiser. 

Sing in a box at Mbar.SG Mini-Ktv Suntec city - screen lyrics

Sing to your heart’s content with a wide range of songs. Note: This option is better suited for those in smaller groups as it can get a lil’ squeezy. 

Single track– $3.99
15 minutes – $6.99
30 minutes –$9.90
60 minutes – $16.99


8. Try authentic Korean cuisine at BORNGA


Bornga suntec city

Even though oppa is not there to greet you at the door, you can still enjoy some authentic Korean cuisine at BORNGA from just $15 with your friends. 

Bornga suntec city - korean cuisine

(Left to Right clockwise) Mansinchang Samgyeopsal in spicy sauce, Bornga’s signature Woo-Samgyup, Yeo-san Tteokgalbi, Saeu Gui

We tried Bornga’s signature Woo Samgyup ($28/200g), the star of the menu. Woo Samgyup, thinly sliced beef brisket seasoned in Chef Paik’s special marinade, is so thin that it cooked almost immediately on the pan. Add some soybean paste and radish kimchi in your wrap for extra flavour!

Tip: Following the paper placemats on our table, it taught us how to eat this dish – dipped in sauce or wrapped in a vegetable leaf.

Next, we had Saeu Gui ($32), a platter of grilled shrimp marinated with special sweet sauce. You can choose to barbeque this on your grill but we would recommend skipping that to really taste the tender meat of the shrimp. 

Bornga suntec city - drinking soju

Drinking can get expensive, but no Korean meal is complete without soju. At Bornga, soju is currently on promotion at $12, making it the cheapest in Singapore. 

And while you’re at it, concoct So Maek, a popular Korean mix of beer and soju in a 7:3 golden ratio! 

Bornga soju bomb - korean drinking game stunt

Heighten up the table atmosphere and mix up your own soju bomb! We tried this simple Korean stunt by stacking 3 shot glasses of soju on top of 3 cups filled with beer (Hite at $8/bottle) and in one swift motion, knocking the shot glasses into the cups. Make sure you have napkins on hand as a splash is expected!

Address:  #01-641/642, East Wing (Between Towers 3 &4)
Opening hours during CNY:  15 Feb: 1130 AM – 3PM, 16-18 Feb: 1130AM – 10PM
Telephone: 6836 3291


9. Watch the latest blockbusters at Golden Village Suntec City


Suntec city golden village cinema - theatre seats

With Netflix available in Singapore, some of us stopped going to the cinema in favour of staying in. But there’s still something special about the cinematic experience, especially when you head to GV Suntec City. It has 8 auditoriums equipped with the first-in-Asia ProBax® seats that are so comfortable, you have to try hard not to fall asleep.

empty theater in GV suntec city cinema

Who else is excited for Marvel’s Black Panther this CNY holiday? I know I am. In order to enjoy this movie in its full glory and revel in HD visions of your favourite superheroes kicking ass, book your tickets instead of waiting for the movie to be streamed. 

GV Grab and gold cafe at suntec city

Head down to GV grab & Gold® café for a quick snack and the usual post-movie review with your friends. 

Address:  #03-373, East Wing (Between Towers 3 & 4)
Opening hours during CNY: as usual, check for showtimes at Suntec City here
Telephone: 6653 8100


10. Enjoy a fun night out at themed club WAN


After a long day of visiting, what you need is a nice place to unwind. Make it one night to remember at WAN, a club that stands out with its luxurious interiors and oriental motifs. 

suntec city themed club WAN

Kickstart the night with WAN’s selection of shooters and cocktails.The flashing lights and pumping music create the perfect fun atmosphere for a night out with your friends. 

Suntec themed club - 60s concept

Wan will be all dressed up over the CNY weekend, taking inspiration from the golden 60’s by creating a tuckshop-cum-bar concept. 

And good news, there’ll be complimentary entry for TSL readers (scroll to the end for details and registration) and free flow shots on 16th and 17th February, from 10PM – 2AM inside the club! Think sour plum shots on Friday and lychee shots on Saturday. Wew.

Suntec city themed club WAN - drinks

If downing shots are not your style, then try their new bubble tea cocktails. Don’t be fooled by the adorable unicorn floaties, these Alcohol Bubble Tea($18) drinks are pretty lethal if I do say so myself. 

Crafted by an award-winning mixologist, you can pick from flavours like iced tea or even a grape yakult and whiskey blend, topped with some lychee balls. But our favourite was The Singapore Fling, a sweet coconut dessert blend with Gula Melaka, chendol jelly and red bean.

Price: $30 entry fee (inclusive of 1 standard drink)
Do note that the minimum age for entry is 21 for females, 23 for males. 

Address: #01-434/437/439/442, North Wing (Between Towers 1 & 2)
Opening hours during CNY
15 Feb: bar and club closed
16 Feb & 17 Feb: Bar open from 8pm, club open from 10.30pm
Telephone: +65 9171 2179


Celebrate the long CNY weekend at Suntec City


suntec city fountain of wealth

Sure, visiting can be fun but when it gets boring, popping by Suntec City to chill with your friends sure is a fun alternative that you’ll have you looking forward to more than just ang pow money. Besides, even if you don’t celebrate CNY, this is one way to make good use of the long weekend!

BONUS for TSL readersWAN is inviting TSL readers to celebrate CNY with them by offering guestlist (complimentary entry)* on 16th and 17th February if you register here

*Note that this applies to ladies only.

Find out more about the activities at Suntec City here!

This post was brought to you by Suntec City.

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