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These GrabTaxi Promo-Codes Let You Save $11/Day On Mon-Fri This Week

Don’t flag when you can Grab


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Gone are the days when we used to stand at the sidewalk desperately waving our hands at any taxi that drove by, despite the bright red “HIRED” on it. Instead, you now see a bunch of office-goers frantically switching between the GrabTaxi and other taxi apps, trying to book whichever is cheaper and faster. 

Whether you’re late for work or simply can’t haul yourself to the MRT station, you can save up to $11 each day with GrabTaxi this week. Just by staying informed about latest promo-codes, you can now take twice the number of rides you normally do for the same price – here’s how: 


Get $11 off your ride ALL day with GrabTaxi 


Grab screen

That moment when you’re broke but also too addicted to cabbing; we’ve all scrolled through dodgy websites looking for obscure promo-codes only to find out they’re invalid. I feel you – the heart pain is real.

Sleep in a little more and take a cab to work this week without having to worry about peak hour surcharges. Pay $6 less from 6am to 8am* and avoid playing the daily ‘guess-what-he-ate-for-breakfast-based-on-his-fart’ game on the crowded MRT? Sounds pretty worth it to me. Grab’s offering 2 codes this week, one for the mornings and one for the rest of the day:

PROMOCODE: AM6 (6am – 8am)

Grab’s promotion also extends to a $5 off from 11am to 11pm* if you need to rush to a meeting any time in the day without turning up as a sweaty mess. 

PROMOCODE: PM5 (11am – 11pm)

*Limited redemptions available


Cabbing is always better when its cheap 


With discounts all day errday, it’s hard to feel guilty about spending too much on cabs because it’s so worth it. Cabbing used to be a lot more expensive, but now you get to enjoy a taxi ride just by topping up a few dollars to what you normally would spend on public transport. Monday to Friday, 20th to 24th February – remember to grab the promotion before it’s over! 

This post was brought to you by GrabTaxi.