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They say to choose a job you love so you’ll never have to work a day of your life, but it sure took me a really long time to find my dream job. That said, the excitement and satisfaction I felt at my first day seemed to make all the switching of jobs and toiling over endless application forms a little more worth it.

If you’re looking for a job in the service or retail industry, GrabJobs (Website/iOS/Android) is the latest job app in the market that does all the legwork for you. Filter jobs according to your preferences, and apply for jobs at a click of a button. But here’s the best part: you won’t even need to apply for jobs to get employers interested in you!

Here’s why GrabJobs is the job hunting tool you deserve:

1. Sit back and relax while employers make the first move


We all know the pains and struggles of the job search. Nobody looks forward to hours of endless scrolling and drafting cover letter a hundred times. Now imagine an alternate universe where the roles were reversed and employers were on the hunt for you instead. Imagine no more, because GrabJobs is making that a reality.

This is possibly the best news for someone looking for short term jobs like serving at banquets, retail for warehouse sales or being a waiter at restaurants. Grabjobs features a review system that allows employers to see if you performed well in your previous jobs.

By creating a Career Profile, employers will be able to filter their searches based on skill set and experience so they’ll be the ones reaching out to you instead.

2. Apply for a job on the go with just a click of a button


It’s no fun having to fill out details of yourself over and over, especially when some companies never call back. Skip of all that when you’re on the GrabJobs app and apply to all of the jobs that catch your eye with just a tap of your finger.

Since it’s on mobile, you can grab that job whenever you like! It takes less than a minute, and all there’s left to do is waiting for your future employer to chat you up.

3. Find your dream job faster (or even work from home!)


Work is supposed to get us cash, but when you spend $4 going to and fro from work, then dabao-ing your lunch, you would’ve splurged a good hour of pay.

So when I saw the option to work from home, I had to click it just to see if any of the jobs would interest me. There was only one listing for a full-time job, but GrabJobs is expanding their list of partnered companies as we speak, so keep your eyes peeled!

And if you’re someone who doesn’t fancy staying home, there are still many options for the different locations, categories and salary range. Finding the perfect job isn’t impossible after all.

4. Never lug your CV around any more


Ah yes. The beauty of having your Career Profile online is that it’s constantly available and speeds up the hiring process. You won’t have to waste paper, printing out resumes that employers will realistically only read once, nor worry about forgetting to bring your CV out again!

GrabJobs – your one-stop job search app

Be it a weekend job to chalk up some bucks while passing time or a new job that’ll give you a change in environment, GrabJobs is sure to get you one step closer. With partners like Club21, Harry’s, Brotzeit, Mex Out and Holiday Inn, you’ll find the right fit in no time.

From having your Career Profile readily available online 24/7 to having filters to make your job search a lot more specific, this one stop app makes job hunting a breeze. And since it’s an app, you can do it anywhere on your mobile!

Here’s an infographic on market trends in Singapore that job searchers might find useful:


Get GrabJobs today on the App Store or on Google Play, and be on your way to the job of your dreams!

This post was brought to you by GrabJobs.