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10 FREE Dance Classes To Sign Up For In October: K-Pop, Hip Hop & Pole Dancing

Get Groovin’ with Got to Move SG


As someone who’s hooked on reality dance shows, it’s unfortunate that binge watching Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance fills us with dance envy but doesn’t equip us with amazing skills. So when I heard that Got to Move, a nationwide dance movement organised by the National Arts Council featuring over 200 free dance activities that is back for its second year, I knew it was a sign. 

From jazz to hip-hop, forget about hiding in your room and attempting to coax your limbs into graceful lines. With a variety of workshops and genres that you can sign up for from 7th to 23rd October, there’s something here for everyone. Here are the 10 best classes to sign up for:


1. Never fail at freestyle again after this hip-hop class


Level up your swag game and pick up hip-hop with S.T.E.P Studio at Take the First Step. They’ll teach you everything you need to get your foundation right, and the friendly instructors will get you in beat in no time. S.T.E.P Studio will also be holding classes for contemporary, street jazz and popping from 17-22 October, and you won’t have to register for the class – just find out when the slots are free here, then show up!



2. Be the next K-pop dance star


My secondary school days were filled with obsessions over K-pop bands and learning their dances with my equally crazed friends. While that phase of my life has passed, K-pop dance remains one of coolest dances to learn. 


One of last year’s most popular Got to Move classes by KpopXFitness is making its grand return at 13 locations islandwide! Sign up and find out more information here.


3. Express yourself through contemporary dance


The Contemporary Dance Beginner Workshops by Sigma Contemporary Dance is where you should go if you’re looking to work on your coordination. This workshop introduces the basics of contemporary dance, and will give you a better awareness of your body.

Go for their dance partnering workshop with bae and you’ll soon be dancing as one – he might even learn to lift you like a princess!


4. Join a fiery Spanish flamenco dance class


The first thing I thought about when I heard flamenco was the ⯑ emoji, and it’s actually a pretty accurate depiction of flamenco dance. This dance hails from Spain and is a three-part art bringing together live music, song and dance! 

 Flamenco Sin Fronteras

Ease into this dance with Flamenco Sin Fronteras Ltd at their Flamenco Fun Fitness Workshops where flamenco movements and dance steps are incorporated into the routine, or join in their La Fiesta Flamenca! where you’ll learn more about flamenco and be part of a mass dance.

Register at and join this passionate group on their journey.


5. Jazz things up at Jazz.Artistry.Movement


With a dance this energetic, you’ll be in for a good time! From street jazz to broadway jazz, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Spread the Jazz.Artistry.Movement (J.A.M). Known for its flexibility and unpredictability, jazz dancers hone the skill of improvisation which many of us could use in our daily lives. 

Sign up now for a full day of jazz classes on 23 October


6. Learn the basics of ballet



Ever since I watched Barbie of Swan Lake, my dreams were made of fluffy tutus and pink ballet shoes. But contrary to popular belief, ballet’s not just for girls – guys are doing it too!

Ballet isn’t all about standing on pointé or constantly pirouetting about. A good amount of strength is required for dancers to do leaps and jumps, and to lift other dancers. At Open House by Dance Dynamics, you’ll see that it’s never too late to start ballet. With an array of beginner and graded classes, you’ll soon be embracing your graceful yet powerful side.

All you have to do is register at and bring your dancing spirit along for a taste of the ballet world. 


7. Fulfill your Bollywood dance dreams


Bollywood Dance Workshop

The dance scenes in Bollywood movies always seemed the most fun and manageable – especially for someone who can’t dance to save her life. Try Dance Planet Studio Pte Ltd Bollywood Dance Workshops out if you’re looking to have a good time on a workout! 

They believe that everyone can dance, and you’ll soon fall in love with the upbeat fusion of Bollywood music. Register at and shimmy away.


8. Get acrobatic with pole dancing


SLAP Dance Studio
Image courtesy of SLAP Dance Studio

Newsflash: Pole dancing is gaining popularity as a legit form of exercise. To pole dance, you have to possess a good amount of core strength to stay on the pole, and even more to execute fancy moves.

Learn Pole Acrobatics at Got to Pole Dance! by SLAP Dance Studio Pte Ltd, regardless of your dance or fitness levels and you’ll gain a newfound respect for pole dancers. Spots are first-come-first-serve, so head down early to secure one! Find out more here.


9. Let your feet do the talking and learn to tap dance



The multiple tap dance performances I used to watch back in school had me addicted to the sound from the shoes tapping to the beat. Try out this dance at Tap Culture by Tap Dance Singapore to add some liveliness to your day, and watch the jazz musicians perform with the tap dancers. Find out more and sign up here!


10. Level up your relationship and learn to waltz and tango 


I’ve never tried my hand (or foot) out at ballroom dancing, but I imagine it to be like the scene from Cinderella where she dances with the prince at the ball. That said, waltz can be enjoyed with a partner at formal events and weddings!


Learn how to waltz at Waltz or Tango on the Move! by Singapore Ballroom Dance Teachers’ Association, or spice things up with a vibrant tango. Register and get spinnin’ across the floor!


Learn more about dance with Got to Move


Got to Move

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional dancer or complete beginner with no dance background. There’s bound to be a class or workshop for you to try out to help you appreciate the dance community in Singapore better, and for you to discover genres of dance you never knew you could practise. 

From 7th to 23rd October, Got to Move (GTM) will be bringing over 200 free dance activities to the public, so be sure to turn up and check out what they have to offer. You’ll be given a GTM REWARDS card when you participate in any GTM programme, and you can earn rewards by participating in 2 or more GTM activities. For a full list of programmes and more details, visit their Facebook page.

So don’t sit around staring at the dance videos on YouTube anymore – get out and get moving!

Sign up for your free dance class today! 

This post was brought to you by Got to Move.