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The reputation of Google offices around the world has reached mythic proportions. Since being brought into the public eye in the movie The Internship, it has become every millennial’s dream office to work at. If you didn’t already know, Google has an office in Singapore, keeping your dream to be a bona fide Googler here alive.

It’s no surprise that a recent JobStreet.com survey found Google as the number one choice of Singaporean employees. So what exactly goes on in the Google Singapore office?

We had a quick chat with Sana Rahman, Communications Manager for Google Singapore.



My Google Office Experience 




b2ap3_thumbnail_googleoffice.jpgMounted against the sleek wooden background behind the front desk, the familiar Google Logo greeted us. Google’s colours reign in the office – electric blue and yellow walls frame a few meeting rooms near the front desk.b2ap3_thumbnail_Google-Office-3.jpgGoogle Singapore embraces the multi-cultural office in many ways by celebrating cultural and traditional events with a twist. Some micro-kitchens take their names from traditional street food stalls, making the office uniquely Singaporean.b2ap3_thumbnail_Google-Office-4.jpg

Meeting rooms look like Thai tuk-tuks, a reminder that Google Singapore serves as Google’s headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region, overseeing operations as they expand their reach in diverse markets.


The Goopitiam



Our first stop was the Goopitiam, the fantastically-named office eatery.  Despite bearing Google’s global branding, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a decidedly homely feel to the place. The adoption of the Hokkien word tiam by the cafeteria complements the locally-themed interior design; the floor, wall tiles and chairs resemble those of olden coffee shops.  

Apart from the rustic feel of the place, there is a light modern touch to the furnishing. Large windows allow the sunlight to stream to create a warm and calming vibe.  I wasn’t the only one to feel that way – I was surrounded by small groups of Googlers chatting excitedly. With the variety of food available to these Googlers, I guess the Goopitiam is the best place to gather and pick each others’ brains. And yes, just like in The Internship, all the food served here is complimentary.


This open culture underpins Google’s operations. I found that the Goopitiam was not the only place that promotes open interaction amongst Googlers. The micro-kitchens are also hot spots for small group interaction. The structure of the Google offices is deliberately organised for colleagues to learn and experience new things. 


General Office Layout



With few partitions and no particular segmentation for different departments, the structure of the Google office is congruent to how Google idealises interactive spaces. The other things that make the Google office stand out include the availability of facilities and the different activities happening within the office.  

b2ap3_thumbnail_Google-Office-5.jpgA panoramic display of Google Earthb2ap3_thumbnail_Google-Office-8.jpgStation supplies are so yesterday. Here’s their tech supply stop.b2ap3_thumbnail_Google-Office-6.jpg

Not only is there a fun corner for Googlers to relax, we also spotted little office games plastered on the walls!  If none of these activities seem to appeal to you then you could hit the Google gym! 


A Final Word


With fun activities hidden in the many nooks and crannies of the Google office, I doubt that anyone would regret working here. With this tour, the Google office officially makes it to the top of my dream office list! 

If you’re highly creative with a love for interaction and an exchange of ideas, then Google is undoubtedly the place for you. 

Google Office Address:

Google Asia Pacific is located at 8 Marina View Asia Square 1 #30-01, Singapore 018960.

Disclosure: This was an invited media tour.

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