25 Different Hairstyles For Christmas


b2ap3_thumbnail_25-simple-hairstyles.jpgIf you’re running out of hairstyle ideas, here are 25 simple hairstyles you can rock this Christmas.

You’ve probably seen these hairstyles or have worn them before. So this video is one to refresh your memory on the number of hairstyles you can play around with.b2ap3_thumbnail_puffit.pngThese are simple hairstyles you can achieve without a hair curling, tong or hairspray.b2ap3_thumbnail_doubleschoolgirl.pngb2ap3_thumbnail_chunli.pngGet a new festive look this season!


25 Simple Hairstyles

  1. Fake A Fringe
  2. In-Out Pony Tail
  3. Puff IT!
  4. The Scorpion Braid
  5. The Twisted Knot-Bun
  6. Sideswept Fishtail Braid
  7. Double Schoolgirl Braids
  8. Chunli Ready
  9. Pleated Fringe
  10. Sideswept Single Braid
  11. Double Fish Tail Braids
  12. Sophisticated Middle-Parted Fringe
  13. Upside-down Braid
  14. Princes Leah-Inspired Buns
  15. Double Low Ponytails
  16. Doubled Teased High Ponytails
  17. Sophisticated Low Ponytail
  18. Voluminous High Ponytail
  19. High Knot Bun
  20. Messy Bun
  21. Classic Low Bun
  22. Preppy Half Ponytail
  23. Curry Puff
  24. Santa Hat
  25. The Messy Look

– Watch the video here! –

25 Different Hairstyle Ideas Tutorial - PrettySmart: EP 2
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25 Different Hairstyle Ideas Tutorial - PrettySmart: EP 2




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