Google launches Ramadan Hub


It would be an understatement to say that Google has changed internet history. Google has probably been your best friend at some point, whether you were completing your university thesis or reading up on Jay Z getting hit by Beyonce’s sister.


Google is set to make your lives easier this Ramadan, with a portal that synchronises your favourite Google apps – all in one place. It’s the second year Google is launching a “Ramadan Hub” but this year, users of the site can expect location-based sunrise and sunset timings and even live streaming of cooking demonstrations. Here are some of the apps that might come in handy when the frenzy of Ramadan kicks in.


1. Google Calendar



Google Calendar will be a familiar friend to workaholics, especially with its multi-platform syncing capabilities. Something you might not know about Google Calendar is that you can also share an entry with your friends.

If you’re planning to break fast together with your family and friends for instance, you can actually invite them to your calendar entry – they’ll receive a reminder too. Of course, your friends will need to have a Google account first. You can also schedule the same appointment on a weekly or monthly basis by turning on the repetition button.


2. Google Keep



Google Keep is one of those lesser known apps that you probably don’t know about yet. It’s a pretty efficient task manager that allows you to take notes, photos, make voice recordings and even create lists. Look at it as a virtual notepad that can help you “keep” images, voicenotes and reminders – all on one colourful interface. This app would probably be a useful tool for anyone with too many things to keep track of.


3. Google Maps



You’re probably no stranger to Google Maps but here’s something you might not know. Google combines information about local businesses and can display them along your driving route. This means that if you want to make a pitstop enroute to visiting a family friend in JB, you can get Google to recommend you some local eateries.

All you need to do is use the voice function and say “restaurants near me”. Google does the rest.


4. Google Hangouts



It’s probably time to ditch Oovoo and Skype if you want your entire extended family to reunite virtually. Google Hangouts can accomodate up to 10 people, across multiple platforms like tablets, phones and computers. You can even watch Youtube videos together in a Hangout. This will come in handy if you’ve got a diaspora of family members scattered across the globe. 


Use the website



Head down to Ramadan Hub to access all these apps. You might find yourself hooked even after the holy month is over.

This post was brought to you by Google Singapore.