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We all have that one chatty friend who never runs out of things to say. If you know someone who fits this description to a T, or even better – if that person is you, then here’s a chance to utilise the gift of the gab for some cash.

GOMO by Singtel is looking for someone to host their Late Night Convo with GOMO Instagram live series which will happen every fortnightly. All you’ve got to do is to submit your application and win them over with your personality and skills. 

If you’re lucky enough to be the chosen one for this golden opportunity, you’ll not just become their resident host, but you can also bag home a grand total of $6,000 – just by talking!

How the IG Live sessions work and what’s in it for you


Late Night Convo with GOMO is a new content series broadcasted on IG, where you’ll be able to tune in to inspiring millennials from Singapore and around the region. Through this series, GOMO hopes to shed further light on important issues relevant to youths today such as following one’s passion and environmental sustainability. 

As the winner of the competition, you will have to channel your inner Jimmy Kimmel or Trevor Noah and host a series of 20-minute IG Live sessions based on different topics of interest.

A guest speaker will also be invited to co-host each session with you, so you’ll get the chance to work with new people every time and swap stories on topics like pursuing one’s passion and coping with the job economy – relatable interests to youths especially in today’s climate.

For each IG Live, you’ll also earn $1,000. With six IG Live sessions rolling out over the next couple of months, you’ll earn a total of $6,000. What’s more is that this gig will not require high commitment, since it’ll only amount to just two hours. Even those with full-time jobs or school can sign up for this as a side stint!

The recruitment process

IG Live session
Post a 1 to 2 minute IG video on your account to showcase your personality and tell GOMO why you should be the next resident host

When you’re ready to say “yes” to this attractive offer, there is a selection process that you have to get through. 

  1. To get started, post a 1 to 2 minute IG video flaunting your best self with the hashtag #LateNightConvoWithGOMO and tag @gomobysingtel to share why you should be their resident host. Entries are now open until 31st October 2020 so you might want to get on it ASAP.

  2. If you’re shortlisted as one of the top 10 candidates, you’ll be required to next submit a 5-10 minute video with a co-host. It can be a friend, a family member or a person of interest, who can offer additional insights into the topic you select. Upload it on IG & include the hashtag #LateNightConvoWithGOMO and tag @gomobysingtel to let the judges view your entry. Some of the potential judges include social media personalities like Pam from SGAG, as well as Sylvia Chan and Aiken Chia from NOC.

  3. The top five candidates who advance into the final round will then be selected by a popularity vote on GOMO by Singtel’s Instagram account. If you reach this stage, be sure to round up all your kakis to help increase your chances of winning!

IG Live

The final winner will not just score bragging rights as their next resident GOMO host for future IG Live sessions, but also get the once-in-a-lifetime chance of hosting a unique series and meet personalities along the way. Oh, and not forgetting that coveted $6K too.

Discussion topics you can choose from

GOMO IG LiveCareer and finances are potential talking points for your IG Live

Competition and reward money aside, this will also be a platform for you to delve further into important topics and share viewpoints with other youths in Singapore. Plus, it’ll give you exposure to showcase your personality to the public, and you’ll also get to meet personalities from various industries and all walks of life.

Topics cover three main categories: Career Choices, Environmental Sustainability and Passion vs Money. Under Career Choices, for example, you can speak on issues like “finding a job in a COVID-19 era” or engaging people who’ve survived SARS and their experiences with the job market back then.

If you’re big on saving Mother Earth, then the topic of Environmental Sustainability might interest you more. You’ll be tasked to speak more about actionable steps one can take towards a more environmentally-conscious world. And if you know like-minded individuals, get them to join you in your IG Live session as well!

Tattoo artistUnconventional passions like being a mortician or tattoo artist for example, are something GOMO by Singtel will also be interested to hear about.

Alternatively, the last category is about all things Passion. Whether you’ve taken an off-kilter interest to become an embalmer, or have been practising your skills to become a professional deep-dive mermaid, GOMO is all ears to hear about you pursuing your unconventional dream.

Earn $6,000 as GOMO’s resident Instagram host

Most of us already use IG on the daily, so converting all that time spent on the platform into something that could not just earn you money, but develop your hosting skills even more seems like a no-brainer.

Whether you are passionate about the environment or keen about sharing interesting opinions and viewpoints with people, this Late Night Convo with GOMO stint could help give you an avenue to have your very own mini talkshow in the future. Plus, a $6,000 reward to boot!

Find out more about how to qualify as GOMO’s resident host

This article was brought to you by GOMO by Singtel.
Cover image (right) adapted from: Deborah Gan.

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