Golden Mile Complex

Thailand has always been a top travel destination for Singaporeans with its yummy food, gorgeous beaches and rich cultural heritage. Singaporeans who miss Thai food have been heading to Golden Mile Complex for decades – but now that it’s been announced that tenants are moving out by May 2023, we only have limited time left to head there for our late-night pad thai cravings.

Check out 10 things you can do in Singapore’s Little Thailand – from feasting to shopping, and even a dose of the supernatural:

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– Food –

1. Try authentic Thai dishes at Flying Pig

Thai food doesn’t only consist of mookata and green curry. There are other noteworthy dishes that have garnered Thai expats’ stamps of approval and are absolutely worth a try. 

flying pigImage credit: Eatbook

Not a Noodle Queen for nothing, no trip to Flying Pig would be complete without trying their noodle dishes – one of which includes their Yum Woonsen Talay ($15). This dish is essentially a bowl of glass noodles tossed with fresh seafood and a well-balanced dressing. With every bite, you’ll get hit with sweet and savoury notes combined with just the right amount of acidity. 

It’s the perfect dish if you’re looking for something light and refreshing to eat. Not to mention, at least you also now know that Thai noodle dishes don’t just consist of pad thai or pad see ew – a stir-fried noodle dish similar to our char kway teow.

prawn omelette
Image credit: Eatbook

Those who’ve salivated over the crab omelette rice featured on Netflix’s Street Food series may lament that they can’t try the real deal in the streets of Bangkok just yet, but you can get a taste of Flying Pig’s rendition here at Golden Mile Complex. 

Though not as well known, the prawn version of the popular crab dish – the Prawn Omelette Rice ($10), is just as tasty. 

Generously portioned, this less premium prawn alternative does not disappoint with its large chunks of prawn meat atop a fluffy omelette. Needless to say, it has proven a huge hit with makan enthusiasts since its arrival in Singapore.  

Location: #01-39
Opening hours: 12pm-9.30pm, Daily

2. Visit Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant – One of Singapore’s Thai food OGs

diandin lelukImage credit: @prettypotpourri

Diandin Leluk is about as legit as it gets when it comes to grub from the Land of Smiles. Run by native Thai chefs, this popular restaurant has been putting smiles on the faces of homesick Thais and Singaporeans alike since 1985. 

raw prawnsAside from mainstream Thai dishes such as pineapple fried rice, they also have unconventional ones like Raw Prawns With Garlic & Chilli Sauce ($15+).
Image credit: @sunshinemokusan

Here, you can expect to find food that’ll taste as good as the ones you’ve tried in Bangkok. The best part is that they’re all sold at affordable prices, so you can feast on a variety of exotic dishes without bleeding your pockets dry. 

Location: #01-67/68/69
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily

3. Enjoy cheap Thai street food at Golden Banana

Ask anyone for cheap delicious snack recommendations at Golden Mile Complex and chances are they’ll say “sweet potato balls” or “banana fritters”.

Located right outside the Thai supermarket at Level 2, Golden Banana sells a delectable selection of fried goodies. Their minimalistic menu offers just Kluay Kaek ($3 for six pieces) a.k.a. Thai fried banana fritters, Fried Yam ($3 for five pieces), Fried Sweet Potato ($3 for six pieces) and Sweet Potato Balls ($3 for twelve pieces).

sweet potato ballImage source: @darth_bagel_eats

If you’re a sucker for variety, you’ll be stoked to hear that you can get a mixed bag of all four treats for $4

Location: Second floor, in front of the Thai Supermarket (#02-64)
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 10.00am-8.00pm (Closed on Mondays)

4. Tuck into cheesy goodness at NINJA Cheese Mookata Buffet

Ninja Cheese Mookata Buffet offers all-you-can-eat meals at $37.90++ per pax, jazzed up with unlimited decadent mozzarella and nacho cheese dips.

Image credit: NINJA Cheese Mookata Buffet

You’ll get to grill your own meats and enjoy a variety of fresh seafood including live crabs, prawns and baby lobsters. Should you require any assistance de-shelling prawns or crabs, simply flag down a restaurant staff member and they’ll be happy to help.

As it’s open till the wee hours of the morning every day, you’ll be able to satisfy those late night cravings and jio your friends or family down for a hearty mookata supper, even on weeknights.

Location: #B1-64
Opening hours: 3pm-5am, Daily

– Shopping –

5. Grab unique Thai snacks at the Thai Supermarket

Aside from getting your grocery fix, you’ll also find once Thailand-exclusive snacks like Lays Potato Chips ($2.90) in rare KFC and Pizza Hut flavours on sale at the Thai SupermarketThose who used to vacation in Thailand would fondly remember stocking up on these tidbits and bringing them back as souvenirs. 

thai lays chipsImage credit: @jxnr

A great alternative if you’re bored of the usual BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion flavoured chips, these uniquely flavoured snacks are the closest thing we’re gonna get to snacking in Thailand for now.

Image credit: @myspoils

There’s good news for those who have a more daring palate as well. Similar to what you’ll find along street-side stalls in Bangkok, the Thai Supermarket offers deep-fried silkworms and crickets ($2.30) if you’re adventurous enough to try them. 

The only difference is that they’re packaged like potato chips as opposed to being sold in pushcarts wheeled around Bangkok’s night markets. They’re also seasoned with Tom Yam and BBQ flavourings to make them a little more palatable to our unseasoned stomachs. 

Location: #02-64
Opening hours: 9.30am-9.30pm, Daily

6. Shop for cheap and quirky clothes at numerous boutiques

One thing you’ll notice as you walk around the second floor of Golden Mile Complex is the display of clothes that are seemingly random, flashy and a lil bit risqué at times. 

tank topImage credit: @__edoardo

Shop amongst the insanely high heels, fun wigs and glittery tops on sale here to your heart’s content. Alternatively, as Halloween is just around the corner, you could also hunt for a prop or costume to spruce up your look. 

Location: Second floor

7. Get your Thai beauty fix at Face And Body Beauty store

Between K-beauty products being all the rage now and most malls only stocking Western or East Asian brands when it comes to makeup, it’s extremely rare to find Thai beauty items in Singapore.

Fortunately, if you swear by Thai beauty products, Golden Mile Complex is home to a one-stop Thai beauty haven. As Singapore’s biggest distributor and retailer of famous Thai Beauty brands, you can fulfil all your makeup and skin care needs at the plainly named Face And Body Beauty Store. 

face n body
Image credit: Face And Body

This shop carries numerous skincare products that are highly lauded both in Thailand and abroad, such as the famous Madame Heng Original Herbal Bar Soap ($4) which has been well-loved by Thais for over 50 years. 

madame hengSolely made from Thai herbs, this exfoliating soap is said to help prevent acne and dark spots.
Image credit: @askanae2

mozzie thing
Image credit: Face And Body

And with tropical Singapore’s year-round mozzie season, you’ll be relieved to find Thailand’s best-selling Phoyok Thai Green Herbal Balm ($5) here as well. The product is formulated to help soothe your mosquito bites fast and effectively, so you won’t be itching up a storm and scratching till scars form.

FYI, this balm is also popular with older Thai folks because it helps to remedy muscle stiffness.

Location: #01-66H, #02-43
Opening hours: 10.30am-9.00pm, Daily

8. Venture into the series of eerie occult stores, if you dare

The third floor of Golden Mile Complex houses a number of religious goods and occult stores. It’ll be easy to spot these stores as most of them have joss sticks and mini altars at their entrances, and they sell a range of items which supposedly bring good fortune. 

Good thing the Seventh Month is almost over, otherwise you might be scared off by the dim corridor lighting and go bolting back where you came from.

amulet shopStores like Siam.Ink The Thai.Amulet Shop sell religious goods such as talismans and amulets
Image credit: Siam.Ink The Thai.Amulet Shop

thai tattooImage credit: @__edoardo

If you’re keen on getting a good luck charm that’s more permanent and impossible to misplace, there are also a few stores that provide Sak Yant – traditional Thai tattoos.

These tattoos are etched onto your skin as prayers are chanted, offering lifelong affirmations and protection to its bearer. Something to consider if you think you can withstand the pain!

Location: Third floor

– Activities –

9. Rent out Room 0416 – a multi-functional space for events

Vintage retail store by day and multipurpose studio by night, Room 0416 is perfect if you’re in need of a large studio rehearsal or event space.

room 0416Image credit: Get Spaces

It has 3,500 square feet of customisable room and is ready-furnished with full length mirrors, arcade game machines and sofas to keep everyone comfy and entertained. To give you an idea of what occasions this space is suitable for, it has been booked out for dance rehearsals, company gatherings and even flea markets before.

Location: #04-16

10. Take some super cool IG photos at the mall rooftop

Whether you’re a Millennial or Gen Z, we can’t deny the necessity of getting some good Instagram pics if the opportunity arises. 

In this case, opportunity comes knocking in the form of Golden Mile Complex’s futuristic photo spots. 

Image credit: @mr.shammer

The building’s top floor has a rooftop terrace decked out with tall pillars, high ceilings and an abandoned tennis court for the ideal photoshoot. 

Pro tip: Swing by around late noon or early evening to seize the golden hour sunlight.

mailbox picImage credit:  @enn.u.i

Even within the mall, there are rows of vintage-looking letterboxes nestled in the corner of Golden Mile Complex. Experiment with your poses, get creative and capture those trippy shots. 

Location: Ninth floor

Check out Golden Mile Complex for unique shopping & dining

More than just its stereotype of dodgy KTVs and shady massage parlours, Golden Mile Complex is a gem many of us have not fully explored. Don’t judge it as an ancient and forgotten relic by its vintage exterior. 

Rather, pay this place a visit in person while you still can and you’ll find yourself rewarded with some of the tastiest food and coolest sights. It might even evoke those nostalgic travel memories, till we can fly to Thailand once more.

Golden Mile Complex
Address: 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588
Opening hours: 24 Hours, Daily

Getting there
By car: Golden Mile Complex has a carpark. Though, do note that parking charges vary depending on day and timing.
By MRT: The closest station is Nicoll Highway Station (via Circle Line). Once you exit Nicoll Highway station, turn right onto Beach Road and Golden Mile Complex will be on your right.
By bus: Accessible via bus 100, 961 and 980. All of these buses will stop right in front of Golden Mile Complex.

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Cover images adapted from (L-R): @mr.shammer, @prettypotpourri, @myspoils

First published on 22nd October 2021. Last updated by Dewi Nurjuwita on 23rd August 2022. 


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