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b2ap3_thumbnail_goldkili2.jpgWe Singaporeans love our morning kopi – it’s cheap, homegrown and goes with everything. 

Equally ubiquitous is the kopi kia, which means “coffee boy” in local lingo. The kopi kia has long been a familiar sight in kopitiams, always ready to brew the daily energy fix we all desperately crave.

Today, homegrown beverage manufacturer and distributor Gold Kili has launched a Kopi Kia campaign to celebrate this storied profession. 

Gold Kili has distributed ground coffee and tea powder to coffeeshops since 1985. If you’ve ever had a drink in a kopitiam, it was probably theirs – you just didn’t know it. But you should know that Gold Kili is now holding a contest to find Singapore’s inaugural Gold Kili Kopi Kia!

But first, check out what Christabel and Gwen got up to when they visited the Gold Kili factory!

Win $3,888 just by making Singapore Coffee - Gold Kili Kopi Kia 2014
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Win $3,888 just by making Singapore Coffee - Gold Kili Kopi Kia 2014


Contest Rules



To enter, just caption and submit a photo of yourself and your favourite Singapore breakfast dish, with a cup of Gold Kili coffee.

It doesn’t have to be kaya toast – if you’re more of a wonton mee person, that’s okay too. However, the photo absolutely must feature Gold Kili coffee.  

For your caption, simply describe what you love about taking kopi with your breakfast.

After that, upload it to Kopi Kia Contest app on the Gold Kili Kopi Kia Facebook Page to be in the running for the Gold Kili Kopi Kia 2014

Gold Kili will select the top 28 entries to enter the Qualifying Round of the contest. Entries will be judged based on their overall quality, as well as the number of Likes and shares.

If you qualify, you’ll be notified by Thursday, June 12. You’ll move on to the next round, where you’ll learn how to make the traditional breakfast of kopi and kaya toast.



The Big Day


Qualifying Rounds

The lucky 28 will compete in the Gold Kili Kopi Kia 2014 Qualifying Round and Finals on Saturday, June 14. To aid you in your quest to become the ultimate Kopi Kia, Gold Kili has enlisted a team of local celebrities and unsung heroes.

Four Gold Kili Kopi Masters will guide participants, while actor and Chinese opera advocate Nick Shen will host. TV actor and Ilo Ilo star Chen Tianwen will also be on the judging panel.

Participants will be divided into four groups of seven. Each Kopi Master will teach a group how to make a kopi and kaya toast set, and the top four participants from each group will proceed to the finals.

The Finals

The 16 finalists will be given 30 minutes to serve $2 kopi and kaya toast sets to members of the public, who can donate at least $2 in exchange for a set coupon. 

The contestant with the tastiest and most-served sets will be crowned Gold Kili Kopi Kia 2014. You’ll also win a traditional coffee pot and a whopping $3,888 in cash!

Gold Kili will be selling their products at the event, including their famous instant beverages. All proceeds from the campaign will go toward The Straits Times’ School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF), which provides schoolchildren with meals.

Head down to Vivo and get your kopi on – it’s for a good cause, and you’ll get to celebrate our food heritage with fellow kopi-loving Singaporeans!


Contest Details


Date: June 14, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 10am – 6pm
Venue: VivoCity, The Plaza
Eligibility: Participants must be Singaporeans and PRs aged 16 and above as of June 14, 2014. 

SIGN UP NOW! (Facebook)

The deadline for registration is 11.59pm on Monday, June 9, so hurry and get those kopi pictures in!

This post was brought to you by Gold Kili.

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