I can see straight through you like a cheap piece of broken acrylic – because glass is too metaphorical. Conversing with you is a ticket to trapping myself within the crushing confines of a potato sack, It’s just dumb and sort of lies limp in a corner just waiting to be mashed up. Every sound that escapes your gaping mouth is the opening of Pandora’s box, releasing the purest of evil into our world, so please, just shut up. Every other line is riddled with cues of how superior you are as a human being, you truly embrace the epitome of a condescending prick; congrats! you might even become a quintessential definition in the dictionary – just flip to page.173 and look under F-A-K-E. Now I wouldn’t mind your entertaining antics and the mild amusement it provides me, however when you do it so poorly I can only watch in awe at the delusion you lull yourself into in a deranged bid to defend your insecurities. I see no need to prove you otherwise, you can leave your blindfold on because you refuse accept the reality of the situation; Even if confronted with stacks of concrete evidence you would rather remain in the self-induced wonderland of your airy head, nothing I can or will do is able revel the truth so I’ll leave you there. Between your supercilious attitude and patronizing ability, this is goodbye. And no more calls too.

Have a nice life.


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