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Funan Playsuite Is A Creative Pop-Up With Free VR Walkthrough And Claw Machines

Funan Playsuite at Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness


Funan Playsuite - Cover Image

If you can’t wait till to revel in the new Funan’s cool offerings, here’s an appetiser to keep you satiated till 2019. From now till 5th August 2018, head to Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness, a free art event with installations, food and crafts, and mosey over to Funan’s playsuite.

There, you’ll find an assortment of fun activities like a 3D-VR walkthrough, playing with claw machines and digital hopscotch, and taking pics at origami installations. We dropped by the space before opening day, and sussed out the stuff worth checking out.


1. Sneak a peek at Funan 2.0 with a 3D-VR walkthrough


Funan Playsuite - VR

Back in the day, we all knew Funan as the place to be for gadgets and games. Come 2019, reboot everything you knew ‘cause the mall will be a labyrinth of all sorts of smart-technology, from facial-recognition gantries to robots.

Get a glimpse of the upcoming mall with a hyper-realistic 3D-VR walkthrough where you’ll see Funan’s new features like fitness facilities and an urban farm. Afterwards, check out the Lego scale model display of the entire mall and spot potential lepak corners for future hangouts.


2. Win cool prizes like $2000 worth of CapitaVouchers and premiums at their claw machines


Funan Playsuite - Claw Machine

Like most Singaporeans at the arcade, I still don’t know if conquering the much-feared claw machine requires luck or skill. Luckily, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to find out at the playsuite’s game section where claw machines await you.

Play your hand right and you might just win amazing prizes like CapitaVouchers, event-exclusive pins and tote bags, and notebooks.


3. Marvel at quirky installations like an origami cave and motion-activated grass patches


Funan Playsuite - Origami Cave

No art event is complete without installations and luckily, Funan’s playsuite has ‘em in spades. Check out Paper In my Attic’s intricate origami cave, Freefall, which is a storey tall and made of pleated paper.

Funan Playsuite - Hopscotch

Then, skedaddle to SKL0’s Playcourt, a hopscotch made out of motion-activated grass patches. Follow the hopping sequence and be shook as you hear old-school tunes like Chan Mali Chan and Dayung Sampan coming from the installation.


4. Freshen up your IG page with neon installations


Funan Playsuite - Neon Installations

Once you’ve had your fill, save a memento of the day by taking pictures at the wealth of Instagrammable spots around the space such as the neon Funan signs and origami cave.

Funan Playsuite - Pose


Funan Playsuite @ Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness


Funan Playsuite - CTA

Mention art installations and most Singaporeans will be thrown into thinking about neon lights and gargantuan structures. Well, head to Funan’s space at the Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness and you’ll have something new to add to that category: tech-based activities.

Around the playsuite are many art pieces that incorporate technology into their design like the motion-activated patches and the VR walkthrough. Take a pic at the structures, hashtag ‘em with #FunanSG and you might just win up to $50 worth of CapitaVouchers.

So make a date to the National Design Centre from now till 5th August 2018, you’ll be able to raise those #cultured and #techsavvy points for free!

Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness

Date: 27th July – 5th August 2018
Address: National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969
Opening hours: 11AM – 9PM daily
Free admission

Find out more about Playground of Infinite Happiness here!

This post was brought to you by Funan.