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10 Best & Compact Foldable Umbrellas For Those Who Think Carrying A Brolly Is Too Mafan

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While other countries have seasons like winter and summer, we have monsoon season and non-monsoon season. Regardless of the time of year, it’s always good to pack an umbrella in case there’s a sudden downpour, or even to get some shade from the scorching sun.

Whether you need a compact umbrella that fits in your handbag or a durable one that won’t turn inside-out in the wind, our list of foldable umbrellas will help you stay prepared – rain or shine.

1. Everbright umbrella – Cute fruit prints

You’ll be glad to have gloomy weather just so you can pull out your Everbright umbrella that comes in 5 colourful fruit prints. It comes in orange, watermelon, avocado, lemon, and peach designs that will stand out from a crowd of plainly-designed ones.

foldable umbrellas - everbright fruit print
Image credit: Shopee

You don’t even need to wait for rainfall just to whip this brolly out. These are coated with UV protection that have an SPF of 50, so use these on your way out to lunch to ensure you won’t get sunburnt.

Price: $15.80

Get the Everbright umbrella.

2. Osee kids umbrella –  Safety features for kids

foldable umbrellas - osee kids
Image adapted from: Shopee 

Encourage your kids to bring their own foldable umbrella out with the Osee kids umbrella. You won’t have to worry about them hurting themselves while using it, as the anti-rebound feature ensures that the handle won’t spring back into your kid’s face when they retract it.

How this works is that the handle retracts section by section so if the user were to only push the handle halfway, there won’t be a case of the entire handle springing back out. Besides that, you can choose between manual and automatic control depending on which your child is more accustomed to.

foldable umbrellas - osee kids 2
Image adapted from:

With an array of cute designs to pick from, your kids won’t mix up their umbrella with others’ at school. Plus, with its compact size, your little one can fit this snugly in their school bag.

Price: $15.07-$16.48

Get the Osee kids umbrella.

3. Essentialize mini folding umbrella – Black coating for UV protection 

foldable umbrellas - essentialize mini folding
Image adapted from: Shopee

If you’re for the pastels and minimalist aesthetic, you’ll want to consider the Essentialize mini umbrellas. These compact brollies come in multiple chic colours such as mint green, light blue, and lilac.

With a black UV protection coating on the umbrella, it ensures that you’ll get as little sun exposure as possible on particularly hot days.

foldable umbrellas - Essentialize mini folding 2
Image adapted from:

If you’ve just dashed through the rain and have nowhere to dry your umbrella, you can keep it in the hard case that it comes with and avoid drenching the contents of your bag. 

Price: $7.99

Get the Essentialize mini umbrella.

4. Suphy mini sun umbrella – Folds down to 15cm

foldable umbrellas - suphy mini sun
Image adapted from:

One of the smallest umbrellas on this list is the Suphy mini sun umbrella that is just 15cm long when folded, so you won’t have to worry about the space it will take up in your bag. You can use this on especially sunny days too, thanks to its material that is able to block UV rays.

foldable umbrellas - suphy mini sun case
Image adapted from:

Transform the casing into a stylish little baggie with the detachable strap that comes with it. The strap is adjustable so you can switch between a shoulder carry and a little handbag with ease. 

Price: $16.32-$19.76

Get the Suphy mini sun umbrella.

5. Bann & Co. extra large foldable umbrella – Fit for the whole family

foldable umbrellas - bann and co. extra large
Image adapted from:

Besides family insurance, perhaps consider investing in an umbrella that can cover the whole family on rainy days. Spanning a diameter of 130cm, the Bann & Co. extra large foldable umbrella is around 30cm wider than your typical foldable umbrella. 

With its size, you can expect it to be a little heavier too – but not heavy enough to be considered a dumbbell, of course. It is also windproof, making it a reliable choice that won’t flip in on itself. Another plus point is that you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on it, since the umbrellas from this retailer are shipped locally.

Price: $13.99-$14.99

Get the Bann & Co. extra large foldable umbrella.

6. 12 Ribs automatic umbrella – Durable & windproof

foldable umbrellas - 12 ribs automatic
Image adapted from:

If you need a bro that will brave rainstorms with you, you can rely on the 12 Ribs automatic bro-lly. With 12 steel spokes instead of the usual 6–8 spokes, it is much more durable and windproof than regular umbrellas, ensuring that it won’t flip or break even when strong winds blow.

foldable umbrellas - 12 Ribs automatic 2
Image adapted from:

Besides that, you can easily open and close it automatically with the press of a button. The water-resistant material also means you can easily shake the water right off and have it dry much faster. You can get this in black, red, grey, khaki, and navy colours.

Price: $9.50

Get the 12 Ribs automatic umbrella.

7. Raintowaters transparent umbrellas – Hello Kitty & Kuromi-themed

foldable umbrellas - raintowaters transparent sanrio
Image adapted from:

Match your brolly with your dress by getting the Raintowaters transparent umbrella. If you’ve grown to love the Sanrio fam like Hello Kitty and Kuromi, you can get your own foldable umbrella featuring your favourite character. 

foldable umbrellas - raintowaters transparent sanrio 2
Image adapted from:

With it being foldable and easy to stow away, you can remain in style on the go. There are manual and automatic options for each design, so you can pick based on whether you prefer an easy click-and-go option or stick with the traditional.

Price: $16.96-$19.04

Get the Raintowaters transparent umbrellas.

8. Akiverse Mini Air umbrella – Ultra lightweight with optional UV layer

If the weight of the umbrella is a concern to you, Akiverse has some brollies that might en-light-en you. All their foldable umbrellas have dual layers that protect you from both the rain and heat. The cooling outer layer and insulated inner layer will help block the blazing heat of the Singapore sun.

foldable umbrellas - Akiverse Mini Air
The Mini Air model is the latest upgraded version of the Mini model, and is way lighter.|

Image adapted from: Shopee

Their latest model, the Mini Air, can be compared to a Macbook Air in the sense that it is the ultra lightweight counterpart of other models. 

The model comes with and without UV protection. So if you only need shelter from the rain, you can forgo the UV layer. It also makes the umbrella lighter by almost 50g, which means 50g less strain off your arm.

Price: $12.80-$15

Get the Akiverse Mini Air umbrella.

foldable umbrellas - Akiverse Mini compact
The Mini umbrellas come in a variety of colours such as dark blue, dark green, and pink.

Image adapted from: Shopee

For the ladies who often carry around petite handbags for the vibes, we’ve got you covered. You can still strut your stuff with Akiverse’s Mini compact umbrella. This model is almost half the price of the Mini Air series, and remains lightweight at just 200g.

Price: $6-$6.28

Get the Akiverse Mini umbrella.

9. Samurai sword umbrella – Unique oriental design

foldable umbrellas - Samurai sword
Image adapted from: Shopee

Get yourself a sword that won’t cut but instead, protect … you from the rain, that is. This samurai sword umbrella sports oriental designs with intricate silver embroidery on the sleeve. The hilt of the “sword” has a golden tassel attached to the end to give it some flair. 

foldable umbrellas - Samurai sword 2
Image adapted from:

You’ll also find a Chinese character at the end that means “Dragon”. Carry this “dragon blade” of yours around and appease the inner samurai soul within. It’s sure to be an umbrella you’ll be enthusiastic about whipping out at the first sign of a downpour. Plus, it comes with a hook so you can simply attach it to your bag if it can’t fit inside.

Price: $30.65

Get the samurai sword umbrella.

10. Zuodu inverted umbrella – With LED light & reflective strip

foldable umbrellas - zuodo inverted
Image adapted from:

It can be rather risky walking in the rain at night, as drivers might not be able to see as well with rain pelting on the windscreen. Lower your chances of having a car meet you at top speed with the Zuodu inverted umbrella. Reflective strips around the rim of the umbrella will shine in the headlights of vehicles, ensuring that you’re seen. 

And if it ever gets too dark or the lights go out, the flashlight built into the handle of the umbrella will come in handy. Though, you can pick the option to forgo the flashlight for a cheaper model if you’re better off with just your phone.

foldable umbrellas - zuodo inverted 2
Image adapted from: Shopee

And once you’re indoors, the inverted design of the umbrella means that the wet surface will be on the inner side when you close it. This means you won’t end up dripping water all over your clean floor.

Price: $30.13-$32.94

Get the Zuodu inverted umbrella.

Bonus: Power Store inverted umbrella – Alternate reversible model

foldable umbrellas - Power Store inverted
Image adapted from:

If you prefer a reversible option to use in the day, the Power Store inverted umbrella offers pretty colourways like sky blue and pink in place of the reflective strip. It also has protection from UV light so you will be sheltered from both rain and shine.

Price: $5.90

Get the Power Store inverted umbrella.

Invest in some rain protection

Foldable umbrellas are a very underrated necessity in our daily lives. Though small, they come in very handy when it rains. Rather than relying on the weather forecast or your windbreaker, pack a simple brolly as insurance.

As a bonus, you could use it to impress your crush or significant other. Recreate that K-drama scene where the lead character offers to share an umbrella with their love interest. In the long run, maybe you’ll even get to execute all those sweet and romantic date ideas you’ve been longing to try.

Get your other forms of insurance in line:

Cover image adapted from: Shopee
Originally published on 17th February 2023. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 6th October 2023.