Fantastic feasts for the month of February


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (1) - Halal rooftop bar with board games cover

Image adapted from: @atapbar

It’s only been a month since the start of the year, yet we’ve already been spoilt for choice with the sheer number of new foodie places popping up around the country. For those perpetually hungry, this means more opportunities to stuff yourself silly!

From a Care Bears cafe to spicy mala fish that’ll melt your tongue off, here are 20 new locations to gather your loved ones to, since February is an ideal month to shower them with gastronomical affection.




1. Sweet Mary’s


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (2) - Sweet Mary's neon ice-cream window

Image credit: @keon

Sweet Mary’s brings lots of creamy goodness to town with its smooth soft-serve ice-cream. There are 2 flavours for its milk-based soft-serve: Sea Salt Hokkaido Milk and Pink Coconut ($4.50/$5.80 cup/cone).

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (3) - Sweet Mary's dark chocolate novella with chocolate honeycomb ice-cream

Dark chocolate novella with chocolate honeycomb. Image credit: @sweetmarysg

Chocoholics who can’t get enough of their love will want a Dark Chocolate Novella With Chocolate Honeycomb which comes with a syringe filled with oozy chocolate, sure to give any sweet tooth the sugar overload they crave.

Address: 1 Selegie Road, #01-02 PoMo, Singapore 188306
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 6PM – 11PM | Sat 1PM – 11PM | Sun 12PM – 8PM


2. Care Bears Cafe – Kumoya


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (4) - Care Bears Cafe interior

Image credit: Eatbook

Cuteness overload comes in the form of the Care Bears Cafe at French-Japanese cafe Kumoya who’ve since become well-known for their previous character concepts including Miffy and Cinnamoroll.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (5) - Care Bears Cafe food

Image credit: Eatbook

From 1 February-31 March, satiate your bear-like hunger with a Seafood Chowder ($28.90), featuring beetroot rice in the shape of Love-A-Lot bear’s face. As a bonus, a fluffy Love-A-Lot plushie comes free for you to bring home and cuddle with.

Address: 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 12PM – 9PM/10:30PM on Fri – Sat


3. Five &2


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (6) - Five &2 interior

Image credit: @dearbonjour

Head down to Five &2 for socially responsible dining, where for every 5 meals sold here, 1 will be donated to an underprivileged child. The bistro in Punggol Park is run by the Timbre Group, who hires ex-offenders and those with physical difficulties to give them a new lease of life.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (7) - Five &2 no Wi-Fi

Image credit: @yellowsalmons

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (8) - Five &2 Aglio Olio Vongole

Aglio Olio Vongole. Image credit: @queen_makan

As you nua in the park, savour a Bulgogi Korean Beef Stew with Onions ($9.80) or Seafood Pasta ($18.80). When you’re done eating, return your tray and be given a $1 refund for your consideration.

Address: 97 Hougang Avenue 8, Punggol Park, Singapore 538792
Opening hours: Sun – Thu 5PM – 11PM/1AM on Fri – Sat
Telephone: 6282 8801


4. Cereal Citizen


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (9) - Cereal Citizen interior

Image credit: Eatbook

Cereal Citizen is run by Singapore bloggers Ang Chiew Ting and Rachell Tan together with their friend Carolyn Lim, so they’re very much in touch with what’s aesthetically appealing. Patrons will be greeted with a pastel pink interior the moment they step in, while the cereal items are beautifully arranged to match. Oh, and there’s a rainbow staircase too.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (10) - Cereal Citizen crododos

Crododos. Image credit: @cerealcitizen

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (11) - Cereal Citizen food

Image credit: Eatbook

Variety is the name of the game here, with over 30 types of cereals served with milk and toppings. For a hearty breakfast combo, pick up the Crododo With Milkshake Combo ($10.90), a fluffy croissant-donut hybrid with cereal sprinkled all over, plonked atop a milkshake.

Address: 1187 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-47 The Midtown (Lobby A), Singapore 533971
Opening hours: Thu – Tue 10AM – 9PM
Telephone: 8575 0786


5. Hokkaido Marche


Hokkaido Marche at Don Don Donki

Image credit: Eatbook

You’re bound to get hungry from browsing through the many shelves of wacky items at Don Don Donki. To add to the Japanese offerings at Orchard Central, Hokkaido Marche has partnered with Donki to create a hybrid restaurant and food court, with 8 outlets within to satisfy hardcore Nihon food lovers on a budget.

Hokkaido Marche at Don Don Donki Singapore

Image credit: Eatbook

Expect classic Japanese dishes like ramen with soft and gooey boiled egg, donburi, and yakitori.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #B2-11 to 29; 44 to 48 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Telephone: 6509 9383


6. Seeds Cafe


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (13) - Seeds Cafe food and interior

Image credit: @jepungia

To help disabled youths transition into full-time employment, Rainbow Centre has opened up Seeds Cafe within their school premises, with specialty coffee from Tiong Hoe. The idea behind the cafe’s name is that planting a seed will eventually grow into a tree, much like how the youths will be able to develop themselves through work experience.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (14) - Seeds Cafe Bread Bowl with Soup of the Day

Bread Bowl with Soup of the Day. Image credit: @seedscafesg

Pick up a Turkey Ham & Spinach Quiche with Greens ($8) and Bread Bowl with Soup of the Day ($8) for a well-rounded wholesome meal. They also serve breakfast dishes like scrambled eggs with toast, as well as sweet treats like chocolate cake.

Address: 501 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149306
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 7:30AM – 4PM | Sat 8:30AM – 5PM
Telephone: 6817 9414


7. Final Fantasy Cafe – Watanabe Coffee


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (15) - Final Fantasy Cafe interior

Image credit: @closetkitty

No longer will Final Fantasy fans have to dream about meeting their heroes, because Watanabe Coffee has been transformed into a pop-up Final Fantasy Cafe from now until 10 February as part of its promotion for the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PlayStation 4 game.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (16) - Final Fantasy Cafe PS4 stations

Image credit: @wearecollab

Even without dining in, fans can purchase merchandise from their favourite series, ranging from plushies to keychains and figurines.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (17) - Moogle curry and white stew set

Moogle curry and white stew set. Image credit: @khoomichelle

Although the Set Menu ($28.90) is limited to one specific main course, a Moogle Curry & White Stew, you can pick between a Moogle Peach-Flavoured or Materia Pineapple-Flavoured drink, which comes with 1 random exclusive coaster from 6 designs.

Address: 350 Orchard Road, #01-01 Shaw House Isetan Scotts, Singapore 238868
Opening hours: Sun – Thu 8AM – 10PM | Fri – Sat 8AM – 11PM
*Final Fantasy food and drinks from 11AM onwards
Telephone: 6235 0608


8. +82


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (18) - +82 interior

Image credit: @jazlyn0429

Devotees of K-pop group BtoB can now show their fervent support for group leader Eunkwang at +82, his first bingsu cafe out of Korea. Fans can visit the eatery at Dhoby Ghaut in hopes of rubbing shoulders and snapping selfies with their favourite pop idol, since he occasionally drops by to help out.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (19) - +82 food

Image credit: @jolztx

Order a Melon Bingsu ($7.80/$18.90 cup/bowl) and Sunrise Toast ($8.50), recommended by Oppa himself. The items come laid out neatly within a mounted canvas used as a tray, channelling trendy Korean minimalist vibes.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (20) - Eunkwang in +82

Image credit: @cheekynina_harries

Address: 9 Bras Basah Road, #01-02 Rendezvous Gallery, Singapore 189559
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11AM – 11PM
Telephone: 8535 7294


9. Seven & Ate


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (21) - Seven & Ate gringo burger

Gringo burger. Image credit:

While Seven & Ate may be a pun on their address, they take their food rather seriously, with dishes that are beautifully presented at reasonable prices.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (22) - Seven & Ate pulled duck quinoa bowl

Pulled duck quinoa bowl. Image credit: @lohnoms

Most of the food served here is sure to get you full with their large portions like the Pork Belly Sandwich ($8), a frequent favourite. For something healthier, a Pulled Duck Quinoa Bowl ($15) will be just as satisfying.

Address: 78 Horne Road, Singapore 209078
Opening hours: Tue – Thu, Sun 11AM – 10:30PM | Fri – Sat 11AM – 12AM
Telephone: 9618 5726


10. Tsundere Cafe


Singaporean otakus can finally experience Akihabara without leaving the country, as a Tsundere Cafe is finally making its way to our shores.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (23) - Tsundere Cafe expect beration and rudeness

Image credit: SubaToki Cafe

The term tsundere comes from Japanese anime culture, where someone is initially hostile but eventually becomes friendlier over time. Here, you pay for poor service – think menus and food rudely flung onto your table, coupled with verbal abuse – but it’s all in good fun with no physical harm.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (24) - Tsundere Cafe staff

Image credit: SubaToki Cafe

Only advance reservations are entertained, where $25 snags you a main dish, drink and dessert. A complimentary random Service Gacha ($2 for each) comes with every set – you get to pick between feeding, a simple massage, a forehead flick, games or a polaroid photo – but if you’d like a specific service, you can pick one for $5.

Address: 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, Singapore 757048
Opens: 24 February, 11AM – 6:15PM
Reservation form




1. Hans im Glück


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (25) - Hans im Glück interior

Image credit: @seyb_w

Germans are known to be crazy about their meat and beer, and Hans im Glück demonstrates that same enthusiasm with its burgers. If you’re staying away from carbs, you can also choose to skip the buns altogether and just have the patty and fillings served on a plate.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (26) - Hans im Glück food

Image credit: @xhinoki

The Käse and Speck Beef Burger ($17) packed with cheese and bacon will satisfy any meat lover with its flavour – despite the eatery only serving its beef well-done. Pair it with a Weissbier ($10/$14 300ml/500ml) and you’ll dine like a true Deutschlander.

Address: 362 Orchard Road, Singapore 238887
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11AM – 12AM
Telephone: 9750 1488


2. Uya


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (27) - Uya wagyu don

Wagyu don. Image credit: @minghui_tan

Uya is a restaurant specialising in unagi (Japanese eel), and the 2 companies behind it are well-established restaurant brands in Japan – one being a unagi wholesaler for over 90 years – so quality is a given.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (28) - Uya hitsumabushi unagi don

Hitsumabushi unagi don. Image credit: @uta0504

Order the signature Hitsumabushi Set ($35/$48 medium/large), where their tare sauce has been used over 4 generations. Meat lovers can pick up a Wagyu Don ($27), but if you’d like some raw fish, chirashi and sushi bowls are available too.

Tip: Ask for a Roku Gin & Tonic with Myoga and Ki No Bi on the rocks with Sansho Pepper to go with your unagi, as these are the ideal alcohol pairings.

Address: 501 Orchard Road, #02-15/16 Wheelock Place 238880 Singapore
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12PM – 2:30PM, 6PM – 9:30PM/10PM on Fri – Sat
Telephone: 6732 1096


3. 665 Degrees Fahrenheit


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (29) - 665 Degrees Fahrenheit glass window interior

Image credit: @jase_lim

Although 665 Degrees Fahrenheit may only occupy a small space, you’ll get a spectacular 360° birds-eye view of the Bugis area as you dine here. The intimate steakhouse gives you a close-up view of the grilling action in the Pira oven, letting you eagerly anticipate your food as it’s being prepared.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (30) - 665 Degrees Fahrenheit steak

Image credit: @terencelimyiktuo

Appetisers to go for are the Beef Carpaccio ($39) and Yellowfin Tuna Tartare ($48) before you eventually get loaded with a Margaret River Wagyu Tomahawk ($160 for 1.2kg).

Address: 5 Fraser Street, Andaz Level 38, Singapore 189354
Opening hours: Tue – Sat 6PM – 10PM
Telephone: 6408 1255


4. Tan Yu


Tan Yu is famous in China for its Chongqing Grilled Fish so heaped with chillies that it’ll cause even spice lovers to break out into a sweat. Prices depend on the type of fish chosen, with seabass big enough for 5 people going for $32.90.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (31) - Tan Yu Chongqing Grilled Fish

Image credit: @x_xz______

The Golden Combination ($9.90) with crabsticks, enoki mushrooms, lotus roots and potatoes is highly recommended for those who can’t get enough of the spicy flavour, while Deep Fried Sticky Rice Cakes ($7.80) are a good choice for alleviating some of the heat when it gets too much to handle.

Address: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-30/31/32 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11AM – 10PM
Telephone: 6509 8887


5. Kimme


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (32) - Kimme interior

Image credit:

Kimme is opened by chef Sun Kim, nicknamed Kimme by his friends, to allow him to prepare a more laidback menu in contrast to his day job at a Michelin-starred restaurant. The modern restaurant takes up all 3 floors of a shophouse along Amoy Street, so diners have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a table they’d like.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (33) - Kimme Spanish prawns with XO sauce, Jerusalem artichoke and garlic crumble

Spanish prawns with XO sauce, Jerusalem artichoke and garlic crumble. Image credit: @vinnythemarv

Being Korean, Sun Kim’s menu applies Asian influences on European fare, such as through the use of XO sauce in the Spanish Prawns with Jerusalem Artichoke and Garlic Crumble ($30). Another dish worth trying is the Pork Bossam and Endives with Ssamjang and Homemade White Kimchi ($35).

Address: 47 Amoy Street, Singapore 069873
Opening hours:
Mon – Tue, Thu 12PM – 2:30PM, 6PM – 11PM
Wed & Fri 9AM – 2:30PM, 6PM – 11PM
Sat 6PM – 11PM
Telephone: 6514 1588


6. Teppan by Chef Yonemura


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (34) - Teppan by Chef Yonemura Prawn salad

Prawn salad with Japanese turnip and broccolini in dashi jelly with yuzu vinegar emulsion. Image credit: @rwsdiningartisans

Teppan fuses both French and Japanese cuisine through Michelin-starred Chef Yonemura’s cooking. The combination of teppanyaki, cocktails and flambe desserts at counter-only seats lets diners appreciate his expertise first-hand.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (35) - Teppan by Chef Yonemura steaks

Image credit: @rwsentosa

While there’s no fixed menu here, a 6- or 9-course dinner go for $188 and $228 respectively, although the Amuse Bouche Mussels and Flounder and Japanese Wagyu Beef with Turnip and Zucchini are popular favourites.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, #01-229 Resorts World Sentosa The Forum, Singapore 098269
Opening hours: Tue – Sat 6PM – 10:30PM
Telephone: 6577 6688


7. MYO Restobar


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (36) - MYO Restobar interior

Image credit: MYO Restobar

Chinese New Year is happening this month, and a family reunion isn’t one without lo hei and dimsum. Despite MYO Restobar’s modern appearance, it serves good old-fashioned Cantonese dishes such as its popular Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken ($19) and Gold Foil Dumplings with Assorted Mushroom ($4.80).

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (37) - MYO Restobar marinated pork ribs and braised chicken feet with dimsum

Marinated pork ribs and braised chicken feet with dimsum. Image credit: @summerrain2007

There are also lunch ($16-36) and dimsum ($16/$18) sets throughout the rest of the year, just so you can indulge yourself when you feel the craving for traditional Chinese fare.

Address: 138 Robinson Road, #19-01 Oxley Tower Lobby 1, Singapore 068906
Opening hours: Sun – Fri 11Am – 9PM
Telephone: 6931 1247


8. Atap Bar


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (38) - Atap Bar drink

Image credit: @f.rahjmn

Atap Bar is a rooftop speakeasy in Kampong Glam that’s perfect for chilling out with Muslim friends for late-night drinks, as the entire drinks menu is made up of non-alcoholic craft drinks and mocktails. The bar takes plenty of influence from Singapore’s past, with drink names such as Di Tanjong Katong ($14), a refreshing tropical fruit juice concoction.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (39) - Atap Bar roof exterior

Image credit: @finnish_calvary

It’s also very family-friendly, with card and board games from our childhoods like Old Maid and Snakes & Ladders for you to play as you sip on your drinks.

Address: 48 Arab Street, Level 5, Singapore 199745
Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Fri 5PM – 12AM | Sat 4PM – 1AM | Sun 4PM – 12AM
Telephone: 8149 6479


9. Shard Restaurant & Bar


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (40) - Shard Restaurant & Bar interior

Image credit: Shard

Shard offers sophisticated dining at its restaurant decked out in plush red chairs and marble flooring. Here, you’ll find great house wines to go with your Spanish paellas and tapas, especially the Whole Boston Lobster Paella, which is currently going at $39.90 (U.P. $60) during dinner.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (41) - Shard Restaurant & Bar Tuna Tartare with Soya Dressing and Mushrooms

Tuna Tartare with Soya Dressing and Mushrooms. Image credit: Shard

Shard also offers 2- and 3-course lunch sets for $19.90 and $24.90 respectively, with free flow of soft drinks for when you’re looking for some straightforward Mediterranean nosh during the noon rush.

Address: 5 Wallich Street, #01-12 Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore 078883
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 12PM – 2:30PM, 6PM – 10:30PM
Telephone: 6844 9400


10. Cast Iron


Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (42) - Cast Iron interior

Image credit: @castironsg

Cast Iron is dedicated to the carnivore inside you, regardless of whether you prefer traditional Japanese or contemporary Western grill styles. Particularly sinful is its Prime Angus Ribeye ($48), where the smoked bone marrow butter atop eventually melts into a delightful zhup that further moistens the succulent meat.

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (43) - Cast Iron Prime Angus Ribeye

Bone-In Ribeye with Smoked Bone Marrow Butter. Image credit: @castironsg

When you’ve had enough of the meatfest, satisfy the food baby within you with an Asahi Dry Tower ($55).


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