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8 Useful Gifts For Dads Who Love Travelling So He Doesn’t End Up With Another Pair Of “Best Dad” Socks

Father’s Day travel gifts for dads

Before we know it, it is time once again for the annual struggle of prepping for Father’s Day, happening on 16th June 2024. But if shopping for our dads over the years has taught us anything, it’s that they would much rather receive a practical present that they can use on the regular than anything superficially chio.

As such, have a look at these travel gifts for dads that are bound to come in handy on his next trip away from home, whether he flies regularly to attend to business, or for leisure.

1. Portable keyboard for tablets & smartphones

For convenient working on-the-go

Portable Keyboard
Image credit: AliExpress

For dads who’d rather set off for work trips without a hefty laptop but would still like to type away on his Google Docs, this portable keyboard ($39.56) will suit his fancy. This one is perfect if he’s had enough of writing lengthy emails with tiny touch screen keyboards, or cannot live without the convenience of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Besides offering a more tactile typing experience, it even connects to devices like smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. That way, his remote working arrangement won’t result in a tangled mess of cables.

Get a portable keyboard for smartphones and tablets.

2. Travel-sized massage gun

For portable knot-relieving massages

Portable Massage Gun
Image credit: Decathlon

After spending a couple of hours cramped up in economy class or exploring a hiking trail, his muscles will be in sore need of some TLC, so get dad to pack a travel-sized massage gun ($119.90). This pint-sized gadget is a lifesaver when it comes to relieving any knots on the go, if his business itinerary doesn’t allow for a quick stop at a massage parlour.

Consider purchasing one with swappable massage heads so he has a variety of options in the palm of his hands, be it to remedy his aching back or cramping calves.

Get a travel-sized massage gun.

3. Smart sleeping mask

For a restful sleep on long flights

Smart Sleeping Mask
Image credit: Therabody

Spending nights away from the comfort of home can be tough, especially if you know your dad’s a light sleeper. As such, a smart sleeping mask ($267.67) is a thoughtful addition to his packing list to help him catch the Zs more easily while abroad.

What sets it apart from your regular silk sleeping mask are the sleep-inducing features to ease the wearer into a deep slumber. These include memory foam eyepieces, adjustable head straps, and light-blocking fabrics to ensure a restful snooze. If he’s serious about his sleep, then go for the higher-end ones with heat massages for the eyes and music-playing functions.

Get a smart sleeping mask.

4. Bluetooth adaptor for earpiece & headphones

For those who prefer using their own wireless audio devices on flights

Bluetooth Adapter
Image credit: Twelve South

We all know how dreadful lengthy travel times are, even more so when you’re seated near lil’ uns who cry throughout long-haul flights. To drown out the ruckus, wearing a pair of noise-cancelling headphones will suffice, but here’s the problem: you can’t connect them to the in-flight entertainment system.

That’s where Bluetooth adaptors for wireless audio devices ($73.79) come in. They allow you to pair your favourite headphones with the in-flight entertainment console, so you won’t have to settle for the complimentary but shoddy earpieces that the airlines offer.

Get a Bluetooth adaptor for wireless audio devices.

5. 2-in-1 wireless power bank & phone stand

Charges phone without interrupting Netflix sessions

2-in-1 Wireless Power Bank And Phone Stand - Travel Gifts
Image adapted from: Innostyle

In case your dad prefers to binge Netflix shows on his smartphone while flying, make sure his device is constantly juiced up with this 2-in-1 wireless power bank and phone stand ($67.12). It latches onto phones magnetically, and comes with a foldable stand so his hands won’t get tired of propping up his phone to an ideal viewing angle.

It’s wireless as well, which means dad doesn’t have to deal with pesky USB type Cs messing with his stride when he’s in a hurry to catch his flight.

Get a 2-in-1 wireless power bank and phone stand.

6. Customised luggage cover

Keeps suitcases scratch-free & easy to find on the conveyor belt

Luggage Cover - Travel Gifts
Image credit: Trunk Show Manila

Whether you’re flying economy or first class, the hassle of looking out for your luggage on the conveyor belt is all too relatable. One way to ensure that you spot yours at a glance is to rely on a conspicuous luggage case (from $16). They also come with the added benefit of protecting your luggage from scratches.

For a dash of personality, go the extra mile and opt for a customised one. We’ve seen both wacky designs depicting comically stretched out faces, and wholesome ones that feature lovely family portraits, so take your pick.

Get a customised luggage cover.

7. Cargo pants & multi-pocket vest

Never run out of pockets ever again

Cargo Pants - Travel Gifts
Image credit: Uniqlo

Universally, it seems like dads aren’t keen on carrying a bag to store their own belongings, and so their items end up being safeguarded by mum and her bottomless handbags. To take the burden off her, consider picking up a pair of cargo pants ($49.90) for dad. They come with multiple deep pockets to tote around his keys, wallet, phone, and whatever else he needs on-the-go.

Vest - Travel Gifts
Some vests even come with a raised collar to protect the neck from the sun’s rays.
Image credit: Shopee

If he’s still got his hands full, pick up a multi-pocket vest ($49) for him to slap on. It can serve as a functional update to his “uncle” wardrobe, and it’s got even more storage space for him to conveniently carry all of his stuff around, from fishing jigs to small snacks.

Get a pair of cargo pants and a multi-pocket vest.

8. Smart sunglasses

Accessories for dads who love the outdoors

Smart Sunglasses - Travel Gifts
Image credit: SHEIN

If your dad’s a seasoned wayfarer, he’ll want to have a pair of trusty sunnies on hand for when the sun takes it up a notch. These smart sunglasses ($38.60) will do the trick, complete with bonus high-tech functionalities. Alongside shielding the eyes from the sun’s glare, they can even link up with smartphones via Bluetooth so he can play music and take calls hands-free while on his next hiking trip.

Get a pair of these smart sunglasses.

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