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More often than not, job search sites and apps bombard you with too much information about every job they have, rather than doing what they’re supposed to: connect you to your new job. With FastJobs’ latest update to its user interface to include the ‘Discover’ tab and chat function, it’s almost as easy to use as Instagram. For example, IG works because it’s fuss-free: all that’s on your feed are 1) username 2) picture 3) caption.

Likewise, FastJobs lists their jobs in bite-sized previews with essential information that you need: job title, a one-liner description, and of course, the salary. Here are some other lessons FastJobs picked up from IG to make your job search an easier one:


1. Get recommendations based on your searches


Just like Instagram’s Discover page, jobs will be suggested to you based on your browsing history. Think of it as following and liking architecture photos on Instagram, and finding gorgeous architecture photographers on your Explore page.

You won’t have to look through hundreds of jobs that you don’t want, and you’ll get jobs in your area of expertise. I’ve been searching up on part-time retail jobs recently, so this was what came up on my FastJobs Discover page:


Pokemon Cafe tho.

2. Potential employers can DM you directly


Sliding into DMs has never been this useful – with the new chat function, employers can contact applicants and initiate the conversation. Just like trying to get to know someone you think is cute on Instagram, FastJobs lets employers and potential employees have a little chat to find out more about each other before they meet IRL (for an interview of course).

Turn on push notifications, and you’ll be on your way to a new job in no time.


Set up your profile in 3 minutes


Click ‘Profile’, and you get to update essential information like education, employment status, and work experience. You can even upload your resume so that potential employers can get a quick sense of who you are before they shortlist you for an interview. Loads of time will be saved on going through the same process of uploading your resume for every application you send.

It took me only 3 minutes to fill in my profile:




The quickest way to a part-time job



Source @thesmartlocalsg

Finding a part time job amidst all the other things you have to do can be tough, and getting shortlisted for an interview can be even tougher. While it’s on you to put the bread on the table, it doesn’t hurt to find jobs that you have a passion for, or that lets you make the most of your skill set.

Plus, unlike some job finding platforms that require you to sign in or register to see the salaries of potential jobs, FastJobs gains you access to all available information on every listed job without having to sign in or register. No need to spend precious time to craft a profile with education or work background, either. Just key in your search term, and you’ll get your list.

You can filter your results, too:


And to save you the trouble of having to search for that one favourite job after you’ve accidentally closed your app, the ‘Saved’ function is here for you:

If you compare it to Instagram, the “Saved” function is like the ‘Photos You’ve Liked’ section – you can always come back to it whenever you want.

Let FastJobs go through the hassle of sifting the jobs you want out of the hundreds of jobs out there, so that the only thing you have to do is make your profile and resume look bomb for the employers, and wait for those job offers to slide into your DMs.

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