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Expedia - flight and hotel deals to Europe

8 Europe Flight + Hotel Deals From $1,195 To Avoid The Price Surge For Your December Holidays

Cheap flight and hotel deals to holiday in Europe


Expedia - flight and hotel deals to Europe

Image adapted from: Motel L and Pure White

It’s almost the end of the year, and that my friends, means the holiday season is dawning upon us. Scrap weekend getaways, we’re talking about a journey across foreign lands where we’ll be gallivanting around European cities like Athens, Madrid, and Rome.

But many of us avoid Europe – mostly because we think it’s overpriced and our only accommodation options are tiny hotels running on antiquated 18th-century plumbing. Not true: using Expedia’s new Add-On Advantage, you can unlock massive discounts on select hotels after booking a flight through Expedia.

Thanks to their reasonably-priced flight and hotel deals*, here are 8 European cities that you can explore in 10 days for less than $2,500/person:

*The pricings for flights and hotels are based on 2 travellers travelling from 15 to 24 December 2018. 


1. Munich, Germany – from $1,535/person


Expedia - Munich hotel + flight

If you’ve been wanting to visit Germany’s most scenic, then Munich is a solid choice – if not for their fairytale-like castles, then for the panoramic views of Bavarian landscapes. You’re sure to rack up a high step count by exploring, so once you’ve got your fill of castles and other city sites, reward yourself with a pint of hearty German beer at one of Munich’s many beer gardens.

Expedia - TRYP Munchen City Centre Hotel

Image credit: TRYP Munchen City Centre Hotel

A trip to Munich start from $1,525/person, but you can customise your own travel plans depending on the type of hotel and flight you’re after. No one wants to start their holiday with an exhaustingly long flight, so choose Lufthansa Airlines to get there faster.

Munich - TRYP Munchen City Centre Hotel

Image credit: TRYP Munchen City Centre Hotel

If you’re indecisive about your chosen hotel – there’s no need to make a rash decision, since you can get affordable hotel bookings up till the day of your flight. But we’re eyeing the TRYP Munchen City Centre Hotel – it’s spacious and comes with a comfy King bed for a good night’s rest.

Book your flight to Munich here and find out more about hotels in Munich here.


2. Athens, Greece – from $1,666/person


The best time to visit Greece? Undoubtedly, at the end of the year. The weather dips to a temperate range between 8 to 15°C so you can enjoy the sun in the day while simply wearing a light sweater at night. Head to its capital city Athens – it’s one of the more affordable European destinations with plenty of stunning architecture and tasty street food.

It’s also an easy cruise (€20/person, ~S$32)  to nearby Greek islands like Santorini, where you can wander through the famed whitewashed walls.

Athens - Perfect Modern Studio

Image credit: Perfect Modern Studio

To get there, Qatar Airways is a decent deal, especially since they’re runner-up to our own Singapore Airlines.

And you can still enjoy massive discounts even if you’ve left booking your Athens hotel to the last minute. Try Perfect Modern Studio, which just like its name hints, is a spacious studio apartment that’s decked out with modern facilities. There’s also a small kitchen corner to make your morning coffee and a private patio to enjoy the fresh air.

Book your flight to Athens here and find out more about hotels in Athens here.


3. Paris, France – from $1,195/person


Paris - flight and hotel

There’s a reason why the term ‘Parisian chic’ came about, and it’s because the whole of Paris is so effortlessly…chic. There’s a galore of art museums, high-end shopping malls, and quaint bistros waiting for you. When there, grab a beret and flaky croissant and stroll through the city grounds as Parisians do.

Paris - Le Lapin Blanc

Image credit: Le Lapin Blanc

For a good balance between price and flight duration, try Jet Airways with a brief stopover in Mumbai.

Le Lapin Blanc - Paris

Image credit: Le Lapin Blanc

There’s no need to rush your hotel bookings, but when in Paris, pick Le Lapin Blanc – the hotel offer up a stylish room that’s decked out in pastel colours, and King bed for a comfortable night’s sleep. Most rooms come with a round bathtub right next to the bed, so this is a space that’s more suited for intimate couples.

Book your flight to Paris here and find out more about hotels in Paris here.


4. Madrid, Spain – from $1,440/person


holiday to Madrid

Madrid gets unbearably hot during summer – you’d think that us Singaporeans will be used to the heat, but their heat waves are on a whole ‘nother level. But as the end of the year comes by, you can look forward to blue skies and the occasional cool gust of wind. Plus, they’ve got plenty of tasty Spanish joints serving up paella and tapas for you to gorge yourself silly.

Madrid - NYX Madrid

Image credit: NYX Madrid

For the quickest way to get there, pick Emirates – you’ll have a brief stopover in Dubai where you can load up on duty-free shopping.

Madrid - NYX Madrid

Image credit: NYX Madrid

There’s a great number of hotel choices, but for your holiday here, stay in equally exotic NYX Madrid. This is one hotel that has 10//10 decor, judging from its framed pop art paintings along with the lift lobby’s full-blown foosball table and arcade games. Some bedrooms even have their own private balcony where you can indulge in sip on a refreshing glass of sangria.

Book your flight to Madrid here and find out more about hotels in Madrid here.


5. Stockholm, Sweden – from $1,440/person


Holiday to Stockholm

Image credit: @marysmark

Sweden isn’t just the go-to country for IKEA and Swedish meatballs – their capital Stockholm has plenty to explore, whether it’s scenic sightseeing or the edgy nightlife scene. Most locals will spend most of their time outdoors, so do as locals do, and wear your comfiest sneakers everywhere.

Stockholm - Motel L

Image credit: Motel L

Taking Emirates will offer you the lowest flight duration – there’ll be a layover in Dubai to stretch your legs.

Stockholm - Motel L

Image credit: Motel L

For a compact but stylish suite, Motel L’s Standard Room offers a memorable stay – it’s splashed out with bright hues of orange and pink. All rooms come with blackout drapes, so you can keep them tightly shut if you’re looking forward to sleeping in. Location-wise, there’s a tram stop right in front and it’s an easy 1 stop to the nearest subway station.

There’s also a pharmacy, grocery store, and pub in the same area.

Book your flight to Stockholm here and find out more about hotels in Stockholm here.


6. Vienna, Austria – from $1,614/person


Holiday Vienna

Image credit: @phil_299

Vienna’s filled with stunning buildings, from the Hofburg Palace to St. Peter’s church in the city centre. But besides marvelling at the architectural feats, there are also several open-air markets to walk through – they’re filled with local produce like sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and freshly-cooked shawarma (rotisserie meat).

Vienna - Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

Image credit: Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

For the most worth-it option, in terms of flight duration and price, take Thai Airways.

Vienna - Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

Image credit: Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

As for hotels, Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna is a solid option since it’s compact but comfortable, but be warned: the shower is exposed so only come here with someone you’re intimate with! Each room is decked out with their own Marshall sound system, so you can expect some good quality tunes while chilling. The default Basic Double Room also comes with a private courtyard area for you to get a breath of fresh air.

Book your flight to Vienna here and find out more about hotels in Vienna here.


7. Rome, Italy – from $1,254/person


Rome holiday

Image credit: @its.dua.diary

The Colosseum, wish-granting fountains, and plenty of gelato stalls – there’s every reason to head straight to Rome. Those interested in history will be spending most of their time admiring the Roman architecture, with famous sites like the Roman Forum and Pantheon. Otherwise, do as Romans do, and load up on all the pizza and pasta you can find.

Rome - Trevi Collection

Image credit: Trevi Collection

For the shortest flight, take Thai Airways – it’ll stopover at Bangkok so you can quickly fill up on any Thai food cravings before taking a direct flight to Rome.

Rome - Trevi Collection

Image credit: Trevi Collection

If you’re pondering over which hotels to pick, stay at Trevi Collection – they’ve got a range of rooms from a simple Double Room to Superior Double. One of their rooms even come with a jacuzzi spa, for you to soak your weary feet after you’ve thoroughly explored the city.

There’s also an alfresco dining area for you to enjoy their breakfast buffet, which comes with an array of sweet and savoury foods.

Book your flight to Rome here and find out more about hotels in Rome here


8. Prague, Czech Republic – from $1,625/person


Prague holiday

Contrary to popular belief, Prague isn’t just some far-flung land that has fairytale buildings and not much else. Much you’ll experience in Prague is one-of-a-kind, from soaking in a beer spa to joining a professional truffle hunt, one that’s complete with hunting dog and all. There are also a few nearby hikes, that are just a 15-minute train ride from the city centre, that’ll give you a panoramic view of Prague.

Prague - Pure White

Image credit: Pure White

Take Polish Airlines for the shortest flight that’ll give you the most value for money.  

There are plenty of hotels to consider in Prague, but one solid option is Pure White: it’s just as its name sounds, with pristine white walls and clean bedsheets. You’ll be more than comfortable here, especially since all guests can order preferred pillow types off a pillow menu – no more aching necks from a rock-solid pillow!

The main town area is just a relaxing stroll away, but there’s also a metro station nearby.

Book your flight to Prague here and find out more about hotels in Prague here.


Flight & hotel deals to Europe with Expedia’s Add-On Advantage


Expedia - Add-On Advantage

It’s not common to book an impromptu flight to Europe since most people would happily settle for nearby cities – mostly to save on the steep cost of flights and hotels. But with Expedia, trips to European cities like Madrid, Paris, and Vienna, are all safely within your travel budget!

To lock down the best flight dates and prices, you’ll need to book your flights to Europe quickly but feel free to take your time pondering over the massive selection of hotels to find one that best suits your needs. After all, with Expedia’s Add-On Advantage, you can first book your flights and take all the time you need to decide on the perfect hotel.

Up till the day of travel, you can still claim up to 57% off selected hotels*!

For a round trip flight and at least 8 nights in a comfortable hotel, it’s entirely possible to keep your budget well within $2,500/person^ – meaning you’ll have more to spend on food, activities, and travel souvenirs.

*T&Cs apply.
^All prices based on the travel period between 15 December to 24 December, and are accurate as of 21 September 2018.

Find out more about Expedia’s Add-On Advantage here!

This post was brought to you by Expedia.