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The 5 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs

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You can’t call yourself a true shoe-holic unless you have these shoes in your wardrobe.

Shoes are tempting creatures: we know we have way too many pairs, but we can’t seem to stop buying them. Some shoes are for everyday wear, while others are only unleashed for one or two special occasions. What we love are shoes that match with almost everything, but still manage to look super cute on our feet.

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If you asked me to choose one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life, I’d be completely stumped, but here are five definite wardrobe staples that every girl needs:


1. Oxfords


Source: Maegan Tintari

Preppy, quirky or businesslike – this shoe is multi-functional and adds personality to any outfit. Pair them with a flowy dress for a bohemian look, or explore your androgynous side by wearing them with a suit.

In a sea of sneakers, heels and ballet flats, your Oxfords are sure to stand out. It’s a shoe that is both easy to match and unique: we want!


2. The Everyday Shoe


Photo courtesy of ECCO Shoes

Everyone needs an “everyday” shoe: a pair of shoes for all occasions, your hassle-free shoe for everyday use. Whether you need to run errands, shop (for more shoes) or go to the office, the everyday shoe brings you anywhere and everywhere.

The sad truth is that it’s difficult to find that perfect shoe that fits you like a glove. Some say beauty is pain while others prefer comfort over beauty. You shouldn’t have to choose – ECCO shoes are both beautiful and comfortable.

Give your feet a treat – the comfort of ECCO shoes make them must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. Even better, ECCO shoes come in all sorts of designs.


3. Black Stiletto Pumps


Source: Yahoo!

It’s the Little Black Dress for your feet, a surefire way to glam up any occasion. Power walk your way to weddings, functions and dinners, or wear them as a confidence-booster.

Black stilettos are classic. It might take a while to find the perfect pair, but once you’ve found your sole-mate, you’ll look and feel fabulous.


4. Foldable Ballet Flats


Source: Yahoo!

Heels may look great, but by the end of a long day, your feet are invariably begging for release. You have two choices: hobble around in pain or swap your heels out for a pair of foldable ballet flats. These ingenious shoes can be tucked in a purse and will save your feet at the end of the night.

Comfortable and pretty, every girl needs a pair of these for a night out or a full day of shopping.


5. Beach Sandals


Photo courtesy of ECCO Shoes

Sandals scream “beach holiday”! They’re the ultimate casual footwear, perfect for a day by the pool or a relaxed brunch with friends. Slipping these on automatically puts you in a holiday mood.

We love the variety of beach sandals out there, ranging from complicated strappy sandals to the sandals with a simple t-strap. Either way, they’re everyone’s go-to shoe for sunny afternoons, and they’re perfect for the sweltering Singapore heat too.

If you want shoes that are versatile enough for both casual wear and the beach, you can check out ECCO’s range of shoes here.


Happy Shopping!


Compared to flashy stilettos, these shoes are often understated and overlooked. But they all have something in common: they’re multi-functional, guaranteed to match all your outfits.

Photo courtesy of ECCO shoes. Look effortlessly cool whenever, wherever.

The important thing when buying shoes is not to settle for less than you deserve: a pair of shoes may look gorgeous, but wearing them will destroy your feet. It may be more worth it to invest in comfortable, yet still fashionable, shoes that will last longer and feel better.


About ECCO


ECCO Shoes is a Danish brand , synonymous with comfort, functionality and durability. Unlike the transience of “trendy” shoes, ECCO favours classic designs that never go out of style. Their shoes are hardy enough to withstand wear and tear, easily surviving the test of time.

Their new range of shoes is a refreshing take on the classic ECCO shoe, without compromising comfort and practicality. Check them out here!

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