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Non-Diamond Engagement Rings Singapore

A Letter To Singaporean BFs: 3 Singaporean Women Share Why They Don’t Actually Want A Diamond Ring

Engagement rings in Singapore

It’s a tradition as old as time: when you’re proposing to the love of your life, you have to get down on one knee and bestow upon them a sparkling ring. But who ever dictated that engagement rings in Singapore die-die have to feature a diamond, and that the greater the carat weight, the higher chances there’ll be of your girlfriend becoming your fiancée? 

We know that guys don’t really have a formal resource when it comes to choosing the perfect ring with which to pop the question. It’s also understandable to be averse to straight-up asking their partner in order to retain the element of surprise and thoughtfulness, as opposed to going “Eh what ring you want ah?” like you’re getting their bubble tea order.

So to help nudge you in the right direction and open your eyes to the possible options beyond the typical diamond ring, here are three Singaporean women’s ideas of “what a girl wants, what a girl needs” when it comes to the dream engagement ring.

1. Diamonds are too run-of-the-mill and don’t justify the high price tag

Singaporean Couple - Chan Huiwen
Image credit: Chan Huiwen

Like many financially-savvy ladies, Huiwen’s never been too keen on splashing cash on tons of designer clothes and luxury goods on the regular. She also finds the average diamond ring wildly overrated, and too run-of-the-mill to justify having her boo dip that much into his savings. To her, it only makes sense to invest in something that’s actually going to set her apart.

Engagement Rings Singapore - Madly Gems Multicolour
Get a bespoke ring from a specialist jeweller like Madly Gems and you can combine different cuts and gems
Image for illustration only
Image credit: @madlygems

What she’d prefer is to have something that is quirky and unique. As someone who expresses her personal style through an outlandish sense of fashion and scene-stealing shades of hair dye depending on the season, Huiwen feels that being proposed to with the typical diamond ring would simply be off-brand.

2. I want something that is unique and characteristic of our love

Singaporean couple - Kimberly Wong
Image credit: Kimberly Wong

Echoing the sentiments of high cost over something that’s super commonplace, Kimberly can’t wrap her head around having her partner fork out thousands of dollars for an indistinguishable ring. The typical polished and perfectly cut diamonds don’t appeal to her, but she finds raw diamond rings to be a more rustic and ethereal looking substitute.

Engagement Rings Singapore - Unpolished Raw Diamond
“Maybe some people will think it looks like pisai (boogers), but I find it super pretty”. – Kimberly
Image for illustration only
Image credit: Pinterest

Beyond the unconventional appearance, Kimberly also finds that a raw diamond would hold a lot of sentimental meaning and be characteristic of the bond between her and her partner: “a love that is a diamond in the rough, raw and needs to be polished and perfected over time”.

3. Diamonds are a token sum that can be better spent on other things

Singaporean couple - Beatrice
Image credit: Beatrice

On top of overpriced diamond rings, Beatrice has never been big on the general grandeur of weddings, and all things dollar bill-heavy that go into what she feels is a very private union. She believes that sinking heaps of money on a diamond ring is akin to slapping a token sum on “a love that shouldn’t be quantified by carats and zeroes on the price tag.

Engagement Rings Singapore - Changi Jewel Proposal
Madly Gems can craft rings ranging from large and extravagant to dainty and elegant
Image for illustration only
Image credit: @madlygems

She would rather spend the money on throwing an unforgettable wedding party for her friends and family, invest a couple of thousands on a house with her partner and “furniture that’s not from Taobao” to fill it with, and a solid honeymoon. As for Beatrice’s preferred ring, something simple with a small precious stone set on a plain band would be right up her alley.

Unique and customisable engagement rings from Madly Gems

Every woman is different, as are their tastes and idea of the perfect engagement ring. It’s becoming less and less common to yearn for a big ol’ rock in the form of a plain diamond ring, as modern ladies veer towards rings that are meaningful and symbolic, and able to showcase their personal style or tell a story.

Engagement Rings Singapore - Madly Gems Sketch
Image adapted from: @madlygems

Madly Gems, also known as Madly, specialises in premium bespoke jewellery that is 100% customisable. They don’t follow “templates”, and what you want is what you’ll get – right down to the very last detail from the hand-drawn design stage to crafting your dream ring in solid 18K gold with colourful, natural gems.

Ask around for the “market rate” of engagement rings in Singapore and you might get formulas like forking out one, three, even five months’ worth of your pay. Considering that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment signifying your lifelong love and union, don’t be afraid to save up and splurge a little more to craft something that fits the love of your life to a T

Engagement Rings Singapore - Madly Gems Jewel
Madly Gems uses only the top 0.1% of coloured gems available
Image credit: @madlygems

Madly Gems’ bespoke engagement rings generally start from $3,500, and can be tailored around your budget and design preferences. Stepping into a luxury jewellery boutique can be intimidating, but the team at Madly Gems are committed to making the experience fun and joyous. After all, you are getting involved in creating the perfect customised engagement ring.

Fun fact: Madly Gems is the only jeweller in Singapore that is in the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), a global authority to ensure that all gems are ethically sourced. This means you’ll be able to purchase jewellery with peace of mind, and your beloved will be able to rock it proudly without doubts of its quality or origins.

Engagement Rings Singapore - Madly Gems Singapore Showroom

If you’re thinking of exploring the customisation possibilities for further inspo, or wish to head down to the boutique together with your partner to get the dream ring ball rolling, make an appointment today and, as the Madly Gems team puts it, you’ll be one step closer to the most meaningful jewel you’ll ever own”.

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This post was brought to you by Madly Gems.
Image cover adapted from (L-R): Chan Huiwen & @madlygems, Kimberly Wong & Pinterest