Food bouquets in Singapore for Valentine’s Day 2019

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019Image adapted from: @goldentulipsatelier, Golden Tulips Atelier

Valentine’s Day bouquets don’t stop at 99 roses and rainbow tinted baby’s breath. If your girlfriend is a foodie, you’re better off getting her a bouquet made of food instead of flowers. From chicken wings to donuts and even fruit and veg, these quirky bundles of joy are sure to light up your date’s face because the truth is, everyone loves food.

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1. Fruit and vegetable bouquet

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - Fruits and VegetablesFruitilicious ($59.90) and Delightful Vegetables ($58)
Image adapted from: Floral Garage Singapore, Floral Garage Singapore

If you and bae follow the mantra “an apple a day keeps a doctor away” or are all about chowing away at power greens, then Floral Garage Singapore‘s healthy bouquets will be perfect. With Fruitilicious ($59.90) or the Delightful Vegetables ($58) bouquet, she won’t have to worry about grocery shopping for the week.


2. Cotton candy bouquet

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - Cotton CandyJapan Premium Preserved Roses & Cotton Candy LED Bouquet (from $98)
Image credit:

For those whose special someone has a massive sweet tooth, this Preserved Roses and Cotton Candy Bouquet (from $98) from Cotton Dreams might just be your best buy yet. There’s also the option of adorning the bouquet with LED lights ($130) to make it look extra magical. And with the roses lasting up to 5 years, you’ll have a keepsake even after the candy floss has been devoured.


3. Potato chip and candy bar snack bouquets

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - Potato chip and candy bar Snacks Bouquet ($118)
Image adapted from:Hello Flowers

If your date nights are spent lounging on a couch with a bag of chips in one hand and the TV controller in the other, this snack bouquet ($118) from Hello Flowers will come in handy for your next Netflix binge-watching session. Not only does it include a cheery posy arrangement, but it also gives you the choice of 2 types of chips and 3 other snacks such as Loacker wafer.

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - Potato chip and candy bar I want Candy! ($70)
Image credit: Golden Tulips Atelier

Golden Tulips Atelier also does candy arrangements (from $70) which you can customise with your Valentine’s favourite chocolate bars and sweets. It’ll be a great way to tell her you love her to the Milky Way and back or show her just how much she “mints” to you.


4. Donut bouquet

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - DonutImage credit: @sdflamingo_event

If doughnuts are her answer to a sugar craving, SD Flamingo’s Donut bouquet has got you covered. These milk- and white-chocolate covered pastries with heart-shaped sprinkles are a lovely alternative to the typical burlap wrapped flower bouquet. You can either opt for a 6 piece ($48) or 9 piece donut bouquet ($58).


5. Cucumber bouquet with Hendrick’s Gin

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - CucumberThe Trio
Image credit: Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin has ventured out to make the most unusual bouquets for Valentine’s Day – featuring cucumbers. The Solo ($88) and The Trio ($108) are arranged with eucalyptus, carnations, white eustomas and wildflowers from South Africa. 

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - CucumberThe Solo
Image adapted from: Hendrick’s Gin

The cucumbers are meant to be paired with the bottle of Hendrick’s Gin that comes along with it. Guess it’ll be gin in place of red wine this V-day.


6. Macaron heart bouquet

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - Macaron10 piece macarons bouquet (from $180, including a box of 10 macarons)
Image credit: Annabella Patisserie

Macarons are a great snack to indulge in especially if they look as good as Anabella Patisserie’s. These beautifully packaged heart-shaped macarons are both a feast for the eyes and tummy! And the best part is they have 40 flavours from Lavender to Maple and even Lychee Martini for those who want a little dose of alcohol.

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7. Nugget and fried chicken wing bouquet

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - chicken nuggetsChicken nugget bouquet
Image credit: @goldentulipsatelier

Golden Tulips Atelier’s savoury bouquets are a real game changer. Offering Fried chicken wing bouquets (from $65 for 8 wings) and Chicken nugget bouquets (from $60 for 15 nuggets) or a mixture of both in one bouquet, they are sure to give your bae a pleasant surprise.

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - chicken wingsChicken wing bouquet
Image adapted from: Golden Tulips Atelier


8. Cookie bouquet

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - cookiesHandmade cookie bouquet
Image credit: @eatthatbouquet

Eat That Bouquet specialises in edible bouquets, such as their Handmade cookie bouquet with personalised biscuits to suit the occasion.

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 (From left to right) Baking Essentials bouquet, Longevity Buns bouquet
Image adapted from (from left to right): @eatthatbouquet, @eatthatbouquet

Some of their past creations include a baking essentials bouquet as well as a longevity bun arrangement. You name it, they’ll make it.


9. Strawberry bouquet

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - strawberriesImage credit: @rainbowlysg

Rainbowly offers strawberry bouquets topped with baby’s breath flowers. This beautiful bundle of will give you the perfect opportunity to romantically feed her the fruit.

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019Flower bouquet – Pinky wish Chocoberry ($99)
Image credit: @rainbowlysg

To take it up a notch, get their chocolate-coated strawberry bouquets (from $99). Armed with these sugary goodies arranged together with pink roses to match, you’ll be all set for Valentine’s Day.

Edible bouquets for Valentine's Day 2019 - fruitsFresh fruit bouquet
Image credit: @rainbowlysg

Keeping with the fresh fruits theme, they also have arrangements with a mixture of apples, grapes and pomegranate – all the key ingredients for a delicious bowl of fruit salad.


Quirky snack bouquets in Singapore

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with these unconventional, edible bouquets that will leave her beaming with joy.

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