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Dubai Theme Park Guide – Legoland, Motiongate and Bollywood’s Best Rides And Attractions

Theme parks in Dubai


Dubai might have the shiniest, tallest skyscrapers dotting its skyline, but there’s another contender that’ll steal the limelight – magnificent roller coasters. 

Yes, all ye adrenaline junkies, you’re in for a treat as the city is packed with theme parks and rides that run the gamut from craazy to family-friendly. And the most epic of ‘em all would be Dubai Parks and Resorts, which houses not 1, but 3 theme parks – and a water park. 

With help from the folks at Klook, we managed to score uber quick entry and discounted tickets *tries not to look smug* to these grown-up wonderlands. Thus, presenting to you this bao ka liao guide to save some precious time as you go on a theme park binge. 

Hack: You can save time, too, by pre-booking tickets through Klook. Not to mention, save dollars that can be better spent on LEGO figurines. Read to the end to find out how.




JB LEGOLAND? Not even close. This park in Dubai takes “everything is awesome” to the next level and disperses its cheery yellow fellows across a few zones – Adventure, Imagination, Kingdoms, LEGO City and Miniland.

Here, you’ll be able to check out over 40 themed rides and shows, as well as get up close to over 15,000 LEGO models.

But just a few minutes walk from the entrance, we were taken with the sight of this:


LEGO Factory  


theme park dubai lego factory

Behold this colour blocked factory, where you’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how a LEGO brick is made from start to finish, from heating, moulding to decoration and packaging.

theme park dubai lego factory production

legoland dubai brick factory

After being a student in LEGO-making 101, we graduated with our very own limited edition LEGO Factory Brick! And because we’re extra that way, we even zhnged ours up with mini figurines and name engravings (AED15 each)

legoland brick engraving

Note: Check opening times for LEGO Factory tours at the entrance. 


Minifigure Market


Come on, who wouldn’t want a LEGO figurine that looks exactly like you? That dream can come true at the Minifigure Market, where you can build your own figures. 

legoland mini figure

This mini-figurine doesn’t look quite like me but at least we share a love for cats.

Or, if you like to live life dangerously, you can purchase a LEGO Minifigure Blind Bag where you’ll get one of the 16 figures on the packet cover at random!

Tip: Trade your Minifigure with any LEGOLAND employee! If the figurine pinned onto their shirts strikes your fancy, ask to trade – they can’t say no 😉




legoland miniland

The theme park’s Miniland will have you feeling like Gulliver, with over 20 million bricks used to create miniature Lego recreations of Dubai’s and international landmarks. 

legoland miniland burj al arab

Spot the postcard-worthy Burj Al-Arab!

And the best thing is that the exhibit is interactive, with the Dubai Fountain sprouting out “streams of water” like its IRL show, and a wee train going around a traditional campsite like the one we visited in the Desert Safari. 

 Fun tip: We placed our minifigures onto the train that cuts through the landscape. We didn’t try Dubai’s public transport but this was the next best thing.




Being the adrenaline junkies we are, we always head to the scariest, most death-defying, scream-inducing ride a theme park has.

But, LEGOLAND is not that sorta park. Instead, family-friendly rides are the norm. And we surprised ourselves when we actually enjoyed some of em’. Case in point, this gently rollicking Dragon’s Apprentice ride:

legoland dragon apprentice ride

Turns out there were slightly speedier rides too, like carousel Merlin’s Challenge and the medieval Dragon Coaster which twists and turns at 60km per hour. 




A hop, skip and jump away is LEGOLAND Water Park. The two share the same cheerful primary colour theme and infectious music, but with a distinct difference – tons of water rides for us to cool off in the heat. 

First things first, we unleashed our inner Bob the Builder at the Build-Your-Own-Raft station. Here, you can “build up” your float with LEGO and cruise along leisurely on a Lazy River that loops the park. 

legoland water park build a raft

The bits of LEGO are floating along the river, so grab ‘em along the way. Just be careful not to overextend in an attempt to get that sunny yellow brick – I nearly overturned because of that!

legoland water park lazy river

There’s also the Joker Soaker, which is the pail-pouring mainstay of any good water park – but with slides for the kiddos. 

legoland water park joker soaker

Note: The upper level of the Joker Soaker has a height restriction of 91cm, and the lower 102cm, so adults can leave junior to it. There are fully staffed lifeguards, though, so fret not.

And if you’re a slide addict, you’d go wild here. Pick from neon-lit or twisty slides, raft rides so you can scream together with the family, and the Lego Slide Racers where you can get competitive and race in parallel with your friend. 

legoland water park neon slide

Adapted from Tuberides.

legoland water park slides




As a movie buff, I was ready to dive into MOTIONGATE upon hearing it was based on films I knew and loved, like Shrek or the Hunger Games. 

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. This massive Hollywood-themed park – Dubai’s largest – had 5 movie-themed zones with hugely different vibes: Dreamworks, Columbia Pictures, Smurfs’ Village, Lionsgate and Studio Central


Studio Central 


Travel through time and space to New York City circa 1920 at Studio Central, a charming boulevard packed with bakeries, toy shops, ‘offices’ and film studios.  

dubai motionfate studio central

Image credit: @motiongatedubai

Tip: This lovely street is more of a retail space, so if you’re looking for activities you may want to whizz by after getting a few photographs.




Before many a popular movie, the boy on the moon and cloud cover signified to audiences that it was a Dreamworks production. And here, the iconic font and cloud serve as a striking entrance into this world: 

motiongate dreamworks entrance

motiongate dreamworks fountain

Right inside, the indoor space leads off into sections inspired by the most iconic Dreamworks films – for instance, you can explore Shrek’s rustic swamp or pose with the Furious Five in Kung Fu Panda’s Asian Village.

motiongate dreamworks shrek onion carriage

Photo tip: Look out for the onion carriage that took Shrek and Fiona to their honeymoon! 

kung fu panda asian village

There was even an eye-popping carnival fair inspired by Madagascar, complete with a whimsical carousel and the fastest roller coaster in the entire park!

madagascar carnival dreamworks

No matter where you were, the vivid settings provided tons of photo opportunities, and there were simulator rides, Viking ships and teacup rides to occupy you for hours.

Note: We wanted to explore the How To Train Your Dragon section, too, but it was closed at the time. Oh well, Toothless, we’ll meet the next time.




All citizens of Panem listen up, it’s time for you to send your tributes to the Capitol.

hunger games lionsgate motiongate

*Cues Rue’s Mockingjay whistle*.

Ok, well, maybe it’s not as hardcore as the Hunger Games, but this rollercoaster in the Columbia Pictures zone sure had us feeling as nervous as Katniss & friends.

Inspired by the bullet train from District 12 to the Capitol, this coaster revved it way up on the shock factor, as it went forward…and then shot back into a half-pipe end for maximum screams. 

lionsgate motiongate rollercoaster

And if you’d like to steep yourself further into the Hunger Games fever, there’s also a Panem Aerial Tour where a motion simulator will evoke an immersive “hovercraft” experience. 


Columbia Pictures


When we arrived at Columbia Pictures and looked upon the towering 58m-high Zombie Blast Off Drop, we thought it would be no biggie since we’ve conquered about half a dozen coasters.

motiongate columbia pictures zombie blast off

But in reality, this deceivingly cheerful looking tower turned us into jelly-legged zombies after. The ride not only blasted us up at an alarming rate but also made us wait for a few crawling suspenseful seconds in the air, before dropping us like a hot potato. 

P.S. I heard from my friend that the views were great up there, but seeing how my eyes were closed, I’d never know.

Reeling from the adrenaline, we then opted for a tamer ride. Enter Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs: River Expedition. 

motiongate columbia pictures cloudy with a chance of meatballs

This water rapids ride reminded us of a certain Jurassic Park water ride in Singapore, but this time we were surrounded by oversized food of all stripes, including watermelon “elephants”, stacks of pancakes and even a fruit platter. 

Tip: You will get wet, so prepare a poncho or just air dry yourself in a drying booth just outside the ride. 


Smurfs’ Village 


smurfs village motiongate

If you grew up watching the Smurfs, you’ll be enchanted by the adorable Smurf’s Village which is dotted with mushroom-like houses in rainbow hues. 

Papa Smurf, Brainy and Smurfette would approve of the Smurfberry Factory, a “berry-processing” factory where friends and family alike can throw Smurfberries (sponge balls) at each other in the name of good-natured fun. 

motiongate very smurfy cafe

They would probably grab a bite, too, at the Very Smurfy Cafe, which serves up fast food amidst a mural of our blue friends.

smurf village very smurfy cafe mural




BOLLYWOOD PARKS is the world’s first ever theme park inspired by Mumbai’s famous movie industry and it’s a dream even for those who have minimal knowledge of Bollywood films (Does 3 Idiots count, anyone?)

bollywood parks rajmahal theatre

It wasn’t hard to imagine we were on set – with spellbinding live shows, catchy tunes that had breaking into choreography and kaleidoscopic buildings that left us gawking at their beauty. For instance, a Taj Mahal-inspired building in the heart of the park which houses an opulent Rajmahal Theatre.

mughal e azam bollywood

Pro tip: Head to the right of Rajmahal Theatre to find Mughal-E-Azam, a royal-looking restaurant named after the Emperor of the Mughals. It wasn’t open the day we popped by (only Thur-Sat), but the beautifully panelled facade deserved a commemorative photo.

And in case you tire of sightseeing, you can also work up a sweat at Bollywood dance workshops held throughout the park:

bollywood parks dance

Just look at our sweet moves.

Else, work out your lungs by taking an exhilarating simulator ride or two, namely at the air-conditioned Hall of Heroes. We had water splashed on us in 3D virtual ride Ra.One: Unleashed and soared with superhero Krrish at Krrish: Hero’s Flight – choose the latter if you really want an immersive experience.

bollywood jann e jigar

bollywood parks jann e jigar

Image credit: @jaanejigarshow

But spare a little time for Jann-e-Jigar, an epic Broadway-style Bollywood musical that is 2 hours of larger-than-life sets, effervescent choreography and of course, a happy ending. 

We’d also recommend Cinemagic, which affords a behind-the-scenes look at how green screens and Foley sounds are used in the making of a blockbuster trailer.

bollywood parks cinemagic

Fun fact: Foley sounds are the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added in post-production. For instance, we used the hitting of coconut husks on gravel to replicate the hooves of bulls clattering over a pavement. 

bollywood parks cinemagic foley sounds

Or well, we just screamed to replicate…screaming.




bollywood parks jumbo cafe

After an entire day of trawling theme parks, our stomachs were growling and we were drawn to Jumbo Cafe, which had gorgeously decorated elephants fronting the facade. Alas, it was an ice cream parlour and cafe, and we were craving for more substantial fare.

So, it was with great joy that we stumbled upon a life-sized train a la Hogwarts Express. 

bollywood parks mumbai express train

Correction: All aboard the Mumbai Express!

The best part: in-train dining, where we feasted on Indian dishes such as naan and masala.

bollywood parks mumbai express indian food


Book Dubai’s theme park tickets through Klook to skip the queues and gain hassle-free entry


If you’ve ever visited a theme park, you’d be familiar with one thing that might hamper your enjoyment – queues. Queues to buy your tickets, queues to enter, queues to take rides…and so on. 

That’s precious time wasted, though, and on our Dubai trip, we wanted to spend more time screaming our lungs out on coasters and doing Bollywood dances on the streets. So, we used Klook, an authorised travel agent which allows us to do online bookings of the attractions way, way beforehand.

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You don’t even have to print out your ticket since it’s on your trusty phone.

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*Mobile and printed voucher applicable.

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This post was brought to you by Klook. Photography by Neo Kee Wei.