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Dessert Museum Plaza Singapura


Sweet treats are an instant mood-lifter; Apart from the sugar rush, just looking at rows and rows of colourful lollipops and gummies in a candy store can get one all wide-eyed with excitement. Needless to say, anything candy-related strikes our fancy – which is why places like the Museum of Ice Cream in San Fran and Selfie Museum in Kuala Lumpur have exploded in popularity since they’ve opened.

The Dessert Museum in Manila, Philippines is another similar wonderland of giant candy backdrops with a Katy Perry “California Gurls” meets Kyary Pamyu Pamyu vibe – and they’re here in Singapore with a pop-up for a little teaser. Here’s what you can expect at this temporary exhibition at Plaza Singapura from 4th – 27th October 2019 – which opens till as late as 2AM on some days!

Photo spots at The Dessert Museum pop-up in Singapore

The Dessert MuseumEnter through the donut hole!

While the actual Dessert Museum in Philippines has 8 candy-themed rooms, this one has 5 – not too shabby for a pop-up. Though both are under the same franchise, the pop-up’s decor differs slightly from the permanent facility’s, so it’ll be a new experience even if you’ve visited the latter before.

Donut room

The Dessert Museum

You’ll first have to go down a slide to enter, after which you’ll find yourself in a room with dozens and dozens of donuts hanging from the walls and ceiling.

The Dessert MuseumHomer Simpson would be jealous

The ones on the walls are actually plushies, which you can remove and use as props – just be sure to put them back after.

Candy cane room

The Dessert Museum

Naughty, or nice? Pick a side, and pick a swing. This is why you’ll want to come here in a group – so that you can buddy up and take fun interactive shots together on the play structures, including a candy cane see-saw.

The Dessert Museum

Cake pop room

The Dessert Museum

Think Miley Cyrus, candy edition. A row of cake pop “wrecking balls” present themselves, waiting to be mounted. Yes, these can withstand human weight, and are held up by a sturdy spring system, so don’t be afraid to hop on!

The Dessert Museum

There weren’t any Miley songs playing in the background, but you’ll be going through the entire experience with a bubblegum pop soundtrack to get you in the mood, with candy-related tunes like “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow and “Lollipop” by Mika.

Haagen-Dazs room

The Dessert Museum

This Haagen-Dazs room balances out all the saccharine pastels with giant sculptures of ice cream bars and tubs.

The Dessert Museum

Pretty Sweet 45 room

The Dessert MuseumA cupcake topped with a donut, topped with ice cream? If only this existed in real life!

Ending things off with a bang, the final rainbow-hued room is littered with 3D paper hearts, glitter-filled balloons, and lollipop standees. A main focal point here is a sheet of marshmallows suspended in mid-air, serving as a dreamy backdrop.

The Dessert MuseumGrab one of the giant candy canes lying around as a photo prop

The Dessert Museum

There’s also a mini ball pit in the form of a bathtub – go on and dive right in! Or perch by the side if you’d rather not have balls spilling all around you.

Dessert Museum pop-up at Plaza Singapura

The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum pop-up may not be as massive as the real thing, but the 5 rooms provide more than enough interactive photo spots for you to go trigger-happy with. We can only hope that they’ll decide to set up a permanent exhibition in Singapore to bless us with even more candylicious set-ups in the future!

To get a pair of entry tickets, you need to spend a minimum of $45 in a single receipt at Plaza Singapura. That’s not a tall order, because once you split it with a friend, each person just has to spend $22.50, which can be easily covered with a meal and drink.

Address: 68 Orchard Road, Level 1 Atrium Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Dates: 4th – 27th October 2019
Opening hours: Sun – Thu 10AM-10PM | Fri & Sat 10AM-2AM

Photography by Huy Pham and Pepita Wauran

Event Information
Dessert Museum Pop-Up
04 - 28 Oct 2019

Sun - Thu: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 2:00 am