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Dermalogica’s 2-For-1 Sale Has Made These Premium Skincare Products Up To $142 Cheaper


Dermalogica’s storewide “Buy-2-get-1-FREE” promotion


Dermalogica 2-for-1 promotion

For those of us into skincare, we know the pains – and the costs – that come with maintaining a perfectly clear complexion. If you’re tired of settling on drugstore dupes due to your thinning wallet, this is your opportunity to bag some premium goodies without spending a bomb!

AsterSpring, a leading professional skincare centre in the region since 1984, is having a “Buy-2-get-1-FREE” Dermalogica storewide sale across all of their 14 outlets. Just buy any two items, and get the third item free – and we mean any two products. You won’t have to buy a higher-priced item just to get one of a lower value for free. From hydrating masques to itch-soothing lotions, the possibilities of mix-and-match are endless! To make things easier for you, here’re some of their star products:


1. Hydration range – save up to $95


Those who spend 9-to-5 in the office will know just how easily your skin gets dehydrated under the constant blast of the air-con. But worse than just flakey dry skin, this also accelerates the creation of fine lines on our faces.

Skin hydrating masque

If dehydrated skin is your main gripe, pick up dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Masque ($95)! Just leave it on for the recommended 12-20 minutes for a generous dose of moisture – your skin’s protective barrier will be restored and it’ll feel a whole lot smoother to touch! 

Tip: Some go to the extent of leaving it on overnight, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide!

Dermalogica Hydrating Range

For a triple shot of hydration, pair the masque with the Skin Hydrating Booster ($122) and Phyto Replenish Oil ($142) to activate moisture in your skin naturally. This way, you won’t have to slather on moisturisers every few hours anymore!

Hydrating Range
We recommend getting the: Skin Hydrating Booster ($122) + Phyto Replenish Oil ($142)
Free item: Skin Hydrating Masque ($95) 


2. Anti-aging range – save up to $114


Mother’s Day was months ago, but that doesn’t mean the mummy-pampering has to stop. With all the time she’s spent on cleaning our perpetually messy rooms, show some appreciation by showering her with a little something that will go a long way!

Age reversal eye complex

If crow’s feet are plaguing her tired eyes, the Age Reversal Eye Complex ($150) will give her eyes the boost of life it needs. Packed with antioxidants which work to ease the appearance of wrinkles, you’ll notice a difference in just a couple of uses!

Dermalogica anti-aging range

Throw in the Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 ($159) and Daily Superfoliant ($114)  to complete the gift set. The former works to protect your skin from harmful UV rays/pollutants, and encourage collagen producing activities while the latter removes toxins in the skin and slows down the onset of wrinkles.

Anti-aging Range
We recommend getting the: Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 ($159) + Age Reversal Eye Complex ($150)
Free item: Daily Superfoliant ($114)


3. Whitening range – save up to $103


Unless you’re covered head to toe in a hazmat suit, it’s pretty hard to dodge the powerful rays of the Singapore sun. That’s why a solid sunblock is always a investment you won’t regret.

Pure light SPF50

The Pure Light SPF50 ($140) is a sunscreen that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving you feeling greasy and one that will actually last you through the day. Aside from all the UV protection, don’t be surprised if you notice an improved skin tone. Did we mention it’s chemical-free?

Dermalogica whitening range

And if you’re prone to pigmentation and freckles, get the C-12 pure bright serum ($200) – it prevents them from forming, so there’s no need to spend $50 on that small tube of concealer when your face is already flawless.

Dermalogica daily microfoliant

Exfoliators have to be used sparingly to prevent our skin from drying out, but for some of us, ever-growing blackheads are our nemesis and we just can’t wait. The Daily Microfoliant ($103) is a fix that can be used daily! The rice-based powder activates upon contact with water and gently removes dead skin cells, leaving our skin clear and refreshed.

Whitening Range
We recommend getting the:  Pure Light SPF50 ($140) + C-12 pure bright serum ($200)
Free item: Daily Microfoliant ($103)


4. Sensitive range – save up to $92


Eczema sufferers, I feel you. Even the mildest of cleansers can send us into an itching rage, and the dependence on topical steroids leaves us with dark pigmentation and thinning skin. But more than just the limited sensitive skin products you’re used to, here are some products you can rely on long term:

Dermalogica Ultracalming cleanser

The first step of battling sensitive skin is to start off with a clean palette, and the Ultracalming Cleanser ($129) more than does the job – the gentle cleansing gel not only removes impurities and soothes red and itchy skin, it also fortifies the skin’s protective barrier.

Dermalogica sensitive range

To get to the root of skin inflammation, get the Barrier Repair ($92) and Ultracalming Serum Concentrate ($139). These life-savers will shield your skin against external and internal triggers, giving inflamed skin that instant relief. Say bye to those flare-ups! 

Sensitive Range
We recommend getting the:  Ultracalming Cleanser ($129) + Ultracalming Serum Concentrate ($139)
Free item: Barrier Repair ($92)


*Bonus* TSL’s Recommended Buy: Precleanse – save up to $83


Dermalogica precleanse

As Dermalogica’s bestseller, the Precleanse ($83) pairs well with any skin range. The oil-based deep cleanser is rich in rice bran and vitamin E oil, and thoroughly melts away layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, waterproof makeup, and environmental pollutants that build-up on your skin throughout the day. It also preps your face for better absorption of the other skincare products once you’re done!


Dermalogica skincare for all skin types


Instead of lurking around their counters for free trial samples, the “Buy-2-get-1-FREE” promotion lets you pick any two products of your choice and get the third one free, so mix-and-match for a combination that best suits your skin!

AsterSpring skin consultant and treatment

And if you’re still lost, ask the friendly staff at AsterSpring – there’s even a free skin consultation for every visitor: a Speed Mapping analysis followed by a skin scan to identify your top skin problems, and based on that analysis, the staff will be able to suggest suitable treatments. 

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With 14 outlets island-wide and a total count of more than 70 centres across in neighbouring countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand, AsterSpring has been the leading professional skin care centre in the region since 1984 and prides itself on providing specially-drafted face and body therapies that focus on balance and vitality while nurturing your body. 

What’s more, AsterSpring is the no. 1 and largest authorized Dermalogica Skincare Centre corporately owned and managed by EIG! Dermalogica Singapore has also proven to successfully transform skin with results over the past 28 years, so don’t risk your skin buying cheaper dupes and make sure you purchase only genuine products from AsterSpring.

From now till the 30th of September, the “Buy-2-get-1-FREE” promotion* includes all regular-priced Dermalogica products. Plus, TSL readers will get a FREE Special Cleansing Gel 30ml (worth $20) with any 2-plus-1 buy. All you have to do is quote “TSLAS28”.

With these affordable deals, there’s really no need to wait for next year’s GSS sale anymore – pamper away!

Find out more about Dermalogica’s 2-For-1 sale here!

*Refer to AsterSpring’s Facebook page for more details and the terms and conditions.

AsterSpring Outlets:
AMK Hub | Bedok Mall | Compass One | HarbourFront Centre | JEM | NEX | Parkway Parade | Plaza Singapura | Sembawang Shopping Centre | Suntec City | The Centrepoint | The Clementi Mall | The Seletar Mall | White Sands Shopping Centre 

For full list of AsterSpring outlets, click here.

This post was brought to you by AsterSpring.