Erdinger Oktoberfest 2017


It’s amusing how we’ve adopted overseas festivals and holidays and made a huge party out of it in tiny Singapore; as long as there’s a reason for a party, you can be sure we’re on it.

Celebrating the biggest German beer festival in October is no different. A month of nonstop authentic German entertainment is what’s in store for us all at Erdinger Oktoberfest. Anticipate lots of traditional German games, music, and of course – beer! With an entire month dedicated to this celebration, here are a few cool activities you can look forward to for the whole of October:


1. Join in beer-centred games and stand to win prizes


oktoberfest stein hoisting

Image credit: Erdinger Singapore

Put those muscles to the test and play a round of Stein Hoisting at the beer gardens and carnivals. You’ll have to hold out 1-litre steins of beer per hand for as long as you can. It’s a mini hunger games contest, where the last man standing is crowned the victor. Hopefully your spoils of war entail more beer.

Other beer-related games you’ll be able to play will be Gelande Quaffing, which is a fast-paced beer game where you have to slide mugs of beer across a long table to your partner while doing fancy tricks. 

Other odd-sounding, but equally fun games are Rasenski and Nageln.


2. Sing and clap along to Oompah Band just like how they do it in Germany


oompah band german band

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DDFK Oktoberfest Band NYE 2016 at Munich Cricket Club
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DDFK Oktoberfest Band NYE 2016 at Munich Cricket Club

To amp up the party atmosphere at the beer gardens, an authentic German band will be playing classic German music. Oompah Band – and no, it’s not a band of Oompah Loompah’s bopping around – will have you clapping along to their drinking songs on the tuba and accordion, among other instruments.

Based in the UK, Oompah Band has performed all over Southeast Asia, and have become sort of a famed travelling Bavarian-style band. In fact, they go on an Oktoberfest tour in South East Asia and the Middle East every year!

Catch them at Lau Pa Sat on 22 Sep and Summerhouse on 21 Oct, and find out more about them here.


3. There’ll be ongoing beer gardens and carnivals in Lau Pa Sat, Timbre+ & Summerhouse


erdinger beer

Image credit: Erdinger Singapore

To kick off Oktoberfest festivities, Lau Pa Sat will be having a celebration on 22 September, complete with fun activities and of course – tons of celebratory drinking. You can also enjoy an alfresco drinking sesh to round off Oktoberfest at the Erdinger Oktoberfest Beer Garden and Carnival at Summerhouse on 21 October.

oktoberfest sg

Image credit: Erdinger Singapore

Hands up those who love Timbre for their awesome pizzas and sweet booze deals. They’re already a known drinks locale, so imagine the partying with a Timbre X Oktoberfest collab. At Timbre+, from 28 Sep – 14 Oct, every Thursday to Saturday, soak in the Oktoberfest festivities with German food platters, and wash them down with some good ol’ German beer.

traditional german costume

Come dressed in the traditional Bavarian garb of lederhosens and dirndls and you might win a 3L Erdinger glass! Image credit: Erdinger Singapore


Buy 3 Erdingers and get 2 free Dunkel beers throughout October


erdinger oktoberfest singapore

Image credit: @erdingeroktober

If there wasn’t already enough of beer deals for the month, here’s more: when you buy 3 Erdingers, you can get 2 free Dunkel beers!

Check here for all participating outlets.


It’s beer all day, e’er day with Erdinger


oktoberfest in singapore

Image credit: Erdinger Singapore

oktoberfest party singapore

Image credit: Erdinger Singapore

A legit reason to drink every day – October is indeed shaping up to be more perf than ever.

Insane beer discounts, beer gardens, games, and just outright fun awaits, so jio all your friends and fam for this awesome month-long celebration that isn’t even remotely Singaporean in nature – not like anyone’s bothered.

Erdinger Oktoberfest
Lau Pa Sat: 22 Sep
Timbre+: 28 Sep – 14 Oct, Thu – Sat
Summerhouse: 21 Oct

Find out more about Erdinger Oktoberfest 2017 here!

This post was brought to you by Erdinger.

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