Delivery jobs that pay the bills


It’s a tough world out there for people trying to make a buck or two. Whether you’re waiting to enter university, a fresh graduate looking to stall reality a little longer, or someone in between jobs, there’s no need to slog it out in a part-time job with inflexible working hours and a measly $6/hr pay. That’s hardly enough to cover your yong tau foo + drink at the food court.

But all hope’s not yet lost. If you’ve got a driving license sitting in your wallet, here are 7 surprising delivery jobs that pay as much as $30/hr to save the day:


1. Deliveroo


If you haven’t heard of or caught sight of these cyan blue boxes zipping by you in traffic, you’ve definitely got your head stuck under a rock. As the world’s fastest growing premium food delivery service, you know they’ve got a solid business model up their sleeves.

More than just a job, the folks at Deliveroo care about their drivers. From covering all your delivery expenses from ERP charges to parking and petrol, you can expect to make up to $30/hr with incentives as a Roo-man without having to worry about a commission deduction or your personal welfare.

A Driver Support Team is also in place to help you out with any hiccups you might have along the way. And with events like futsal, movie nights, and even bike shows planned quarterly, money won’t be the only thing you’ll be making.

We’ve even stalked a Roo-man for a day, find out exactly what life is like as a Deliveroo rider here.

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2. Redmart


redmart delivery job part time economy truck drivingSource

For those of you who dread being chained to a desk for 9 hours, but still want to be productive during the entire week, this is the job for you. With 2 different 9-hour shift time slots to choose from (5.30AM-2.30PM or 1.30PM-10.30PM), it won’t matter if you’re an early bird or a late riser, you won’t have to change your lifestyle drastically to earn an extra $2,000 each month.

And while the prerequisite for other delivery jobs is a vehicle, the people of RedMart understand that not all of us are lucky enough to own one, that’s why they’ll be the ones providing the vehicle – just don’t expect to be able to drive it home!

They do however require you to have at least 2 years of prior driving experience, for obvious reasons.

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3. Grab


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Desperately need a car in your life, but have zero means of affording one? Grab is ready to make that dream a reality, as long as you put in a bit of work. With almost no strings attached, you won’t have to concern yourself with clocking in a stipulated number of trips or hours.

As a Grab driver, you are your own boss. Grab’s sign-up packages make it possible for you to rent a car from as little as $28/day and use it as much as you like. You’ll be in charge of your own working hours and earnings, so you can work as much or as little you like. The bonus? An hourly pay of $30/hr and up!

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4. UberEATS


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If your loyalty lies with Uber, you can always come onboard as a UberEATS Delivery Partner. You’ll be glad to know that they’ve a similar structure in place letting you work whenever you want – and you don’t even need to own a motorcycle license!

Bus 11 – walking, we mean – and cycling are also accepted modes of delivery. Earn up to $17/hr and get prompt weekly payouts – you’ll also be entitled to a $50 sign-up bonus if you register today.

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5. Honestbee


online supermarket honestbee concierge money part time job commissionSource

Another delivery gig that pays relatively well is Asia’s largest online supermarket and concierge service, Honestbee. Perfect for those with competitive natures, you’ll be raking in $12/hr on your 1st order and $6 per additional deliveries made – and even a ‘completion bonus’ when you’re done for the day.

A fair bit of heavy lifting might be required thanks to those bulk orders. So ladies, unless you’re Singapore’s weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo, we recommend leaving this one to the men.

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6. Ezbuy


ez buy class 3 drivers monthly salary job part timeSource

Forget all you know about the jobs and the pay hierarchy, Ezbuy is looking for Class 3 Delivery Drivers and offering a monthly salary of $2,600! It may be a 6-day workweek you’re looking at, but at least you won’t have to strain your eyes and burn your brains out looking at spreadsheets and numbers the whole day. The workday also starts at 1pm – thank the heavens.

Not just limited to delivery-esque jobs, they even have other available position like Admin Assistant and part-time to full-time Warehouse Assistant positions up for grabs that allow you to earn up to $96/day.

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7. FoodPanda


food panda delivery job part time motorcycle


It’s not only Grab and UberEATS that offer the draw of a flexible work schedule. Over at FoodPanda, not only will you be able to work in the preferred area of your choice, you’ll also be able to tailor your workweek according to your preferences. With incentives like higher pay for deliveries made within the CBD, and bonuses for weekday and weekend orders, the hourly pay you’re looking at is $26/hr.

Active riders have even earned up to $6,000 a month before! That’s not even all. Riders are covered by insurance, entitled to medical benefits and reimbursed for all their ERP and parking fees. Even if you’re a spring chicken with no experience, Foodpanda will take you under its wing, and teach you all you need to know.

You don’t even have to own a motorcycle, they’ll provide it!

It’s times like these I question my life choices.

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High paying delivery jobs


Times are rapidly changing, and so are the perceptions and salaries for delivery positions like the ones in this list. So the next time you’re in for a career switch, don’t just resign yourself to the mundane rigour of a 9-6 desk job without considering the possible options out there.

And the list doesn’t just end there, even if you don’t hold a license, there are always stationary positions available from being an ad hoc shopper to brand ambassador with pay opportunities of up to $450/week!


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