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This Is How You Live Out Your Dreams of Being a Designer AND Win A Free Trip to Milan

Unleash your inner designer at D’Star Design Awards 2017


Win A Trip to Milan


“High Expectations Asian Father” memes might be funny, but odds are your traditional parents are the meme in the flesh, prodding you, their promising offspring, to pursue medicine, law or engineering. If you’re pretty sure they’ll be triggered by your dream job of furniture designer, we’ve found you the perfect way to break the news and gain their support! 

D’Star Design Awards 2017 is the platform for aspiring designers like you – students, hobbyists to professionals – to express your creativity as quirky swivel chairs or transformer-level sofa beds. The best part is that your brilliant prototype could score you up to $3000 cash and a trip to see the world’s largest furniture fair in Milan! Let’s see what mum and dad will have to say about that! 


Your chance to be a local designer


Singaporean Designers

D’Star Design Awards is your best bet at breaking into the local designer scene Source

Not all of us have degrees in industrial design and it’s been years since our last D&T class. But it doesn’t matter if designing is now your side hobby or professional pursuit, D’Star Design Awards 2017 welcomes ANYONE enthusiastic about furniture design to take part. All you need is a design in mind and the skill to illustrate it well.

Star Living Furniture

Star Furniture Group’s design-centric product line 

The ideas teased out from your imagination can now turn into legit prototypes. And if your design’s outstanding, it stands a chance of being manufactured and retailed under Star Furniture Group’s product line and make its way to people’s houses islandwide! Designers will be recognized and compensated accordingly.


Win up to $3000 cash and a trip to Milan



Grand Prize – $3000 cash and a trip to Milan’s iSaloni Furniture Trade Fair (worth S$3000) Source

If getting your designs out there isn’t enough, the attractive prizes up for grabs will more than motivate you to pick up your sketchpads! Submit your entry and stand a chance to win $500 worth of Star Living Cash Vouchers (merit), $1000 cash (3rd place), $2000 cash (2nd place) or the grand prize of $3000 cash and a trip to the iSaloni Trade Fair 2018 in Milan (worth S$3,000)

iSaloni Trade Fair Milan

iSaloni Trade Fair at Milan Fairgrounds, Rho, sees over 200,000 attendees yearly Source

iSaloni Trade Fair Milan


The iSaloni Trade Fair is the largest annual furniture exhibition in the world, with over 2000 exhibitors, showcasing the latest in furniture and design. This is where you’ll lay eyes on the newest furniture, lighting and other home furnishings, by the world’s leading designers. So, keep your eye on the grand prize, as you come up with your designs!


D’Star Design Award 2017


star design 2017

If you’re looking to get your name out there in the designer world or just want to unleash the pent-up potential you’ve been keeping under wraps since your D&T days, the D’Star Design Award 2017 is where your ideas will materialize. In its third year, they’re not just looking for promising design students, but for anyone with a flair for furniture. 

The theme for this year is “Local Space”. It revolves around the idea of unique pieces inspired by our unique Singaporean culture and way of living. And while you’ll be given free reign of your design, you’ll need to be able to explain how your piece relates back to the theme. 

Feel free to play around with the concept and use either Singaporean prints, sights, or even design something that will fit like a glove in HDBs that nobody else has thought of. Each participant is allowed to submit up to 3 entries each!

Bob Vanity Mirror - Nigel Geh

Winner of D’Star Design Awards 2015 – Bob Mirror by Nigel Geh Source

If you’re not sure you have what it takes, take a leaf out of the book of D’Star Design Award 2015’s winner Nigel Geh. An innovative student majoring in industrial design in university, he came out tops amongst many hopefuls, clinching the grand prize with his Bob Mirror

Bob Vanity Mirror Singapore Design

BOB Vanity Mirror, showcased at Furniture China 2016 show in Shanghai. The mirror was designed with the modern man and the decreasing sizes of metropolitan city housing in mind. Source

Nigel’s brainchild is a stylish and compact mirror that’s not just a must-have in every bachelor pad, but also perfect for those who like primping on the way out. If you’ve friends complaining that their “BTO no space”, send them in the direction of the Jottergoods store to get this nifty dresser that fits right by the doorway.  

Nigel Geh X Star Furniture Group


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Nigel Geh, tap on this unique opportunity offered by design-centric manufacturer and retailer, Star Furniture Group, and watch your designs turn from prototypes to launchable products ready for the market! 

Check out their Facebook page for more information about the D’Star Design Awards and get inspiration from past entries. Better get cracking , it might be you flying to Milan come 2018.  

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This post was brought to you by Star Furniture Group.