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Cosford Container Park First Look – Tteokbokki, Grilled Lobsters & Views Of Changi Airport Runway

Cosford Container Park, a new F&B spot in Changi

It’s no secret that Singaporeans are spoiled by the food options around, especially with the many new cafes & restaurants that open every month. But if you’re looking for somewhere quieter to beat the snaking queues at usual spots, consider popping by the new Cosford Container Park.

What’s Cosford Container Park?

Located down the road from Changi Village, Cosford Container Park is a newly-opened container park with over 13 food vendors serving up food as varied as zichar and donburi. Plus, it’s located right next to Changi Airport’s arrival runway. Think Punggol Container Park or Artbox, but with the view of planes landing every 5 minutes or so.

The best part? It’s a permanent addition – so this might just be your new favourite hangout. 

Cosford Container Park

How do you get to Cosford Container Park?

The limited parking spaces available, coupled with the alcohol served here, make public transport the preferred option to get here. 

You can take a bus from 2 MRT stations, Tampines MRT (bus 29) or Upper Changi MRT (bus 2). Alight at After St. John’s Crescent (bus stop 75009). From there, you can choose to walk 10 minutes to the container park, or get on the park’s free shuttle bus services that run every 10 minutes from 5pm-11pm daily. 

You can also take the shuttle bus that goes to Opposite St. John’s Crescent to leave the container park. From there, it’s a 21-minute bus ride via bus 29 to Tampines MRT; or a 12-minute ride on bus 2 to Upper Changi MRT. 

Chow down on grub like tteokbokki & grilled lobster

Cosford Container Park

If you feel that your tummy’s rumblings are beginning to drown out the planes landing nearby, head over to the main dining area to refuel. Those wanting light bites can consider grabbing boneless chicken (from $10) and tteokbokki ($10) from Eat The Chicken, while savoury tarts (from $4.50) with flavours such as cheese & steak and smoked bacon are available at Tarts Man

Cosford Container Park
There’s also lok lok if you’re feeling peckish.

Since it’s outdoor seating, you’ll need some refreshing drinks to cool yourself down. Plenty of options are available here, from coffee shop staples like Kopi O ($2.40) to treats for sweet tooths like the Oreo Milkshakes ($7.50).

Cosford Container Park
Clockwise from left: Grilled Lobster Cheese Overload, Hot & Spicy Wings, Soy Garlic Boneless Chicken, Tteokbokki, Lok Lok, Butter Chicken, a pint of Kronenbourg beer, Garlic Toastie Naan, Butter Chicken Burger.

Personally, we’d highly recommend the Butter Chicken Platter ($16) from Michelin-starred Hello Butter Chicken. Served with generous portions of garlic naan toasties, the tender chicken chunks complemented the herby sauce very well. Another must-have is the Grilled Lobster Cheese Overload (from $26.90) from The Singapore Blue Lobster, where we found the combination of tangy mozzarella and springy lobster flesh simply worthy of a chef’s kiss.

Cosford Container Park

Those worried about jet engines being the main soundtrack for their IG stories can take heart that there’ll be live bands on stage. We found that the sound system here was powerful enough to drown out even the loudest of planes, while being soft enough to be conducive for intimate HTHTs.

Rooftop bar with views of Changi Airport’s runway

Those wanting to wash down their nosh with a tipple or two can head up to the School of Cambridge

Located on the 2nd floor of the container park, the school-themed bar boasts expansive views of Changi Airport, all while offering a variety of bottled craft beers from international microbreweries. These include Brooklyn Brewery’s full-bodied Brooklyn Defender IPA ($12) and the lighter Worker’s Pale Ale ($12) from 京A Brewing Company. 

If you’re looking for a chill place to knock back a few cold beers after a day at work, away from the CBD, you’ll be glad to know that the bar’s open till 1am daily. Perfect for unwinding under the light of a thousand stars, if you ask us. 

Visit Cosford Container Park on your next day off

Alternatively, the container park also has a whole slew of Instagrammable photos spots to feed your phone with, in case aircraft shots are getting too plane. These range from the huge “Cosford” fluorescent sign stacked atop a shipping container to pretty pastel feature walls.

So whether you’re looking for somewhere chill and easy to have a weekend brunch, or just want somewhere to unwind with some booze after a hard day at work, consider popping by Cosford Container Park the next time you head out east. 

Find out more about Cosford Container Park

Cosford Container Park
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30 Cosford Rd, Singapore 499550
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Photography by Brad Lee.
Originally published on 29th January 2024.