An experience by the beach


Guys, I think I’ve found something better than live music, great company and the duck pizza at Timbre. It’s live music, great company and duck pizza better than Timbre’s, on the beach. I went down to Coastes (pronounced as coasts) at Sentosa last Friday for their event – “Jazz By The Beach” by The Jeremy Monteiro & Stephen Francis Connections, and went home with a lot more than just musical satisfaction. 

Like they said, you’d find love when you least expect it, and true enough, I fell in love with the food at Coastes despite going there for Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore’s  “King of Swing”. A night on the beach with good food, jazzy live music, sea breeze, and feet in the sand – this brings “chill” to a whole new level. 


The Food 


1. Garlic Prawns ($18)



We started off the night with some Garlic Prawns to snack on while enjoying the live jazz. Garlic isn’t really my thing so thankfully, the garlic taste was not overpowering and the sweetness of the prawns along with the tangy sauce stood out. The prawns were buttered in moderation as well, and did not result in a jelat feeling after. 

Paired well with slices of crispy baguette, the contrasting texture of the chewy prawns were extremely addictive and we demolished them within minutes. The portion was sufficient for 2, and the chunks of prawns left everyone satisfied. 


2. Duck and Arugula Pizza ($22)


This is the legendary Duck Pizza I’ve been raving about to all my friends – yes, it’s better than Timbre’s. One downside though – the pizza was topped with too much Argula (rocket salad) for my liking. But everything else was perfect. 

Sprinkled on top, the enoki mushrooms gave the pizza a unique flavour which got me hooked instantly. Harmonising well together, the combination of mushroom and duck flavours also made the pizza stand out from the other duck pizzas I’ve tried. 

Pictures can be deceiving – generous chunks of tender roasted duck were hidden under the rocket vegetables. Sweet, savoury and like I said, legendary. The menu also stated that “Asian sauce” was used, so I, an Asian, simply had to try it. Glad I did!


3. BBQ Ribs ($18 for half slab, $30 for full slab)


Forget about using forks and knifes – ribs taste better when eaten with your hands. #Truestory. Coated and seasoned well with BBQ sauce, these ribs were very tasty and worth getting my hands dirty for. Don’t worry about looking unglamorous  trying to get a bite – the meat is so soft, you can chew it off the bone with ease. 

The potato wedges were decent, like any other kind you’d find in cafes. Crispy on the outside with soft potato insides, they also served as a break from the strong flavours of the ribs. 



Another thing I love about this place is their online menu which allows you to order through an app on your phone. Download the “C Side Menu & Rewards” app before you arrive, so you can skip the queue and order food from at the comfort of your table.

After selecting your dishes, tap your phone on the number printed on the table, and your table number will be sent to the kitchen along with your order. How cool is that? 

Check out the rest of their menu here, or download the C Side Menu & Rewards app!


The Music


Don’t worry, the food didn’t steal away the limelight from the music. Well, not all of it. 

Live music is totally different from music on Youtube – any concert goer would tell you that. And this live performance by The Jeremy Monteiro & Stephen Francis connections is a cut above everything. Not only do they play amazing Jazz through flute solos and syncopated drum beats, the performance was also complete with dancers!

With a mix of modern songs and old classics, the performers managed to keep a fun vibe throughout the night. And this guy below ? His vocal range is insane, and he hits all the high notes with precision. 

They were so good and entertaining, even the passers-by stopped to enjoy the music too. 


Chiller than Netflix and chill


Located right next to the sea on the beach, this restaurant is the perfect place to eat, frolick in the waters, then eat again. What could be better? I mean, besides not getting that bikini bod. But seriously, the duck pizza is worth every calorie. 

According to the staff, you can also see fireworks every night from your table due to the nearby ongoing show, Wings of Time. Pay for the food, get the fireworks, music and beach free. Next date night settled.

Note: Live bands are not always playing at Coastes, so check their Facebook before visiting! 

Address: Siloso Beach
Opening Hours: Sun –  Thu 9 am – 11 pm | Fri & Sat 9 am – 1 am 
Contact: 6631 8938

This post was brought to you by Coastes.

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