Chinese New Year wholesale food shopping

Images adapted from: Fassler Gourmet, @tigerbrewerytour, & HOSEN Singapore Facebook

Scrumptious reunion dinners and house visits chock full of addictive snacks are part and parcel of Chinese New Year celebrations.

To make sure you stock up on yummy essentials without breaking the ang pow money bank, we’ve sussed out 10 affordable places for CNY food supplies with bargains aplenty.

1. Hosen Group – canned fruits and abalone

Image credit: HOSEN Singapore Facebook

Abalone is a staple of CNY cuisine, an edible symbol for prosperity and abundance if you will. Considered quite the luxury item, avoid burning a hole in your pocket by getting your abalone wholesale from Hosen Group.

Their annual warehouse sale takes place on 9th Jan – 1st Feb 2019, where you’ll be able to score deals on canned goods – like mushrooms, and an assortment of fruits in syrup – at a fraction of their regular price.

Address: 267 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128439
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9AM – 6PM | Sat & Sun 8AM – 6PM
Telephone: 6595 9222


2. Fassler Gourmet – party platters

Image credit: Fassler Gourmet

If you’re strapped for time, settle all the guests’ refreshments in one fell swoop with a party platter. Fassler’s Gourmet is a whizz at this, offering platters in a wide range that’s sure to nail everyone’s varied tastes and preferences.

The best part is that they’re all visually stunning – like the Ocean Treasure Platter ($95/1kg tray) – meaning the snack arrangement on the dining table will double up as a centrepiece to up the #aesthetics of your home in general.

Address: 46 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738459
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8.30AM – 5.30PM | Sat 8AM – 1PM | Closed on Sun
Telephone: 6257 5257


3. Tiger Beer – huat in your local neighbourhood

Image credit: here

No gathering is complete without a round of drinks, and you won’t find any beer fresher than the one brewed right on our sunny shores. Tiger Beer is our local pride and they’re here to celebrate with prosperous deals.

Celebrating with prosperity also means winning cash and prizes when you shop on goodies. Over 3 weekends (11th – 13th, & 18th – 20th Jan & 25th Jan), Tiger beer will be visiting your nearby supermarket for a series of roadshows where you can clinch up to $280,000 worth of prizes. Huat ah! 

For those prone to FOMO, keep a lookout on Tiger Beer’s Facebook and Instagram for exclusive Huat Deals published every Monday and Thursday till the end of the month.

Tip: Planning on snapping up a few crates in preparation for the festivities, from the comfort of your own home? Do so on FairPrice online from 1st – 20th Jan 2019. Spend $328 on Tiger, Tiger Black or Tiger White on a single receipt and you’ll get a swanky limited edition Tiger Mahjong set.

4. Melvados – pastries and desserts

Image credit:

Melvados doles out desserts that are more Westernised, perfect to keep that ang moh pai relative of yours placated if they’re not into pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit.

Known for their tray cakes, the baked goodies come pre-sliced in finger-friendly portions that make for ideal party sharing food. We recommend the decadent Speculoos Cheesecake ($30 for 10 slices) which will have your guests reaching out for seconds. And thirds.

Address: 370 Alexandra Road, #B1-13 Anchorpoint, Singapore 159953
Click here for a full list of outlets
Opening hours: 10.30AM – 9PM daily
Telephone: 63394953


5. Tai Sun – nuts and packaged snacks

Tai Sun is instantly recognisable as the snack brand that brings us addictive packaged snacks like nuts and potato chips. The good news is, their factory outlet is open to the public one month before festive periods like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.

Swing by for a snack shopping spree at dirt cheap prices compared to external retailers. We’re talking cashews, roasted almonds, assorted fruits & nuts, and more. All with dollars slashed off their supermarket counterpart prices!

Address: 255 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128433
Opening hours: 9.30AM – 5.30PM daily
Telephone: 6779 6611


6. Toa Payoh East Night Market – wholesale vegetables

Veggies are essential in any good reunion dinner dish. Plus, it’s good to load up on vitamins and minerals to avoid falling sick from all that snacking, so we’ve unearthed quite a hidden gem for grocery shopping.

Toa Payoh East Night Market resides on a nondescript car park that transforms into a wholesale retail fair from 11PM into the wee hours of morning. Pick up fresh produce at competitive rates, all while soaking in the atmosphere of a bustling market crowd amidst the crisp night air.

Address: Blk 25 Toa Payoh East
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11PM – 5AM | Closed on Sun

7. Song Fish Dealer – fresh local and international seafood

Image credit: Song Fish Dealer Facebook

Yu” in Chinese means both “prosperity” and “fish”. So by that logic, large quantities of fish and other seafood should be consumed to ensure maximum huat throughout the new year.

Song Fish Dealer is a trusted supplier of fresh local as well as international seafood, working together with top hotels and fine dining restaurants in the region. Boston Lobsters go for $17/piece, and you can get huge juicy Grey Prawns for $10 per 500g.

Address: 19 Fisher Port Road, Singapore 619736
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 8AM – 5PM | Sun 8AM – 12PM
Telephone: 6777 3939


8. Victoria Wholesale Centre – Chinese delicacies

Image credit: @camarozetri

For all your hotpot needs and the essential ingredients for ah ma’s nourishing tonic soup, look no further than Victoria Wholesale Centre.

They peddle premium Chinese delicacies that are difficult to procure elsewhere, such as dried Asian herbs, rare mushrooms and exotic seafood. Their no-frills store means they’re able to keep their offerings affordable.

Address: 101 Kallang Avenue, Singapore 339508
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 9AM – 6PM | Closed on Sun
Telephone: 6341 7328


9. QB Food Trading – meat and cheeses

Image credit: QB Food Trading Facebook

Meat and cheese lovers, rejoice. QB Food Trading is home to fresh, premium supplies that are sure to satiate your carnivorous cravings. Prices start at $16.75/500g for an Aussie Beef Loin cut. If you’re feeling a tad fancy, opt for the Danish Blue Cheese ($5.30/250g) – great with crackers as a classy appetiser.

They also have a wide array of sausages and meatballs, vital accompaniments to the annual steamboat reunion dinner.

Address: 8 Chin Bee Crescent, Jurong, Singapore 619893
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9AM – 6PM | Sat 9AM – 1PM | Closed on Sun
Telephone: 6261 6410


10. Ben Foods – dairy, sauces and frozen food

Image credit: Ben Foods

Consider Ben Foods the destination to tie up all loose ends of your CNY food shopping mission. They sell a vast selection of dairy products, canned sauces and frozen food that will make or break whatever treats you’re whipping up for the festivities.

Although they’re found at a rather ulu location, many have raved about how the journey is well worth it due to the attractive wholesale prices.

Address:1 Fishery Port Road, Singapore 619729
Opening hours: Wed – Fri 3PM – 5PM | Sat 10AM – 12PM | Closed on Mon, Tue & Sun
Telephone: 6267 4385


Essential Chinese New Year food and drinks

Chinese New Year is an annual affair that everyone looks forward to. Collecting angbaos, hanging out with relatives and friends you haven’t seen in ages, and just having a smashing time all around.

Image credit: Tiger Beer Huat Countdown

Indulging in good food and refreshing drinks is key to having a memorable celebration, and Tiger Beer has got you covered for this year’s festivities.

Click here to find out more about Tiger Beer’s Huat Countdown

This post was brought to you by Tiger Beer.

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